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What's the combo with Gotrek?


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I keep seeing it brought up that Gotrek is great in a list with Morathi-Khaine. I don't play DoK - but I do look to start! I just don't know the play here with Gotrek. I realize that he's great in any Order list, but is there something specific that DoK does that makes him useful, besides winning more?

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You basically have Gotrek, a model that is really hard to kill and throws out a ton of damage, with Morathi-Khaine, a 2 model hero that you cant kill until turn 3 earliest. The shadow queen half is a combat monster and the Morathi-khaine side is solid magic support and can do work in combat

So for around 1095 points..

So you cant heal Morathi-Khaine but you can heal Gotrek. So take a priest (hagqueen) with Heal and Emerald life swarm for extra heals on him.

Rest of the army can be stuff to cap points and support them. Blood Stalkers are popular in this as Morathi has an ability that lets them shoot in the hero phase

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Another thing to note are the heroic actions; being able to do a guaranteed heal each hero phase for 1 or (more likely) D3 wounds means he's usually healing 2D3 wounds per battle round without accounting for prayers or spells. As Morathi can't use Heroic Recovery, you won't really have any competition on who gets to use it, and given how easy it is to get Gotrek to a 3+ save and even stack an extra bonus to ignore low Rend scores (All Out Defence plus Mystic Shield) he quickly becomes a nightmare to effectively handle for many armies. 

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