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Tzeentch Horrors + Cogs



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13 minutes ago, Gesundheit said:

Hey guys,

If I got Chronomantic cogs within 6“ of a troup of horrors could they cast pink fire twice?

It is clearly said they can’t benefit twice, wich I don’t care about, but could I even cast twice?

Considering that any numbers of horrors can cast that spell more then once per phase, I would have said yes

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14 hours ago, Paul Buckler said:

FAQ specifically answers this question

Q: Can the same Horrors of Tzeentch or Kairic Acolytes unit use the Chronomantic Cogs to cast Channelled Pink Fire or Gestalt Sorcery more than once in the same hero phase?

A: No.

Thank you, I missed that for sure.

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