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  1. „If you don't play tournaments, read a lot of battletomes or test/play a lot of armies, why do you still mingle in all these discussions. It is all for a personal agenda?“ Well i got 4 Armys atm, play a game every week (Only against nearly Max. Lists) and still dont think Tzeentch is totaly over the top. (I Play FEC Most of the time) for example FEC where much to strong with the new Codex, but gw just adjustet a few things wich made them less strong, but still solid! and that is exactly what they need to now! Just a little nerf. Look what happens and go on.
  2. Malakithe you just speak right from my heart! But it ist always like this. New stuff wins, everyone screams for a nerf. I think most people did not even know what the new Battletome does before playing against it. Thats why most people dont know what to do against it. ofc it is strong! Ofc they won! But they need a lot of flair to adjust it! Otherwise they kill the hole book!
  3. Hey guys, just a quick question. I bought the aetherwar and want to build the skyfires. But are they worth it? Cause we start a new ptg campaign soon and i want to try something like this. LoC Tzaangor 3 Skyfires 3 Skyfires I think this could work.😊
  4. Well thank you for the realy fast answer.😊 I think i will go this way then.👍
  5. Hey guys, i wann to Start the SCE and got a few questions about a GW Box. https://www.games-workshop.com/de-DE/Stormcast-Eternals-Exorcism-Soulstrike-2019 (Thats the Box i meant) I try to do my SCE Bretonia Style like i saw them on Reddit last week. I mostly play for fun and style, i dont need to win every game, but i dont wanne lose every game either. Now my questions: 1. Is is possible to start a strong Army based on this Box. 2. Are the Evocators on Dracoline a strong unit? Cause i realy like those guys far more then Dracoth and Gryph-Charger. 3. What should i buy next? I planned to buy a Lord-Arcanum on Dracoline, but then? Hope you guys can help me. Thanks anyway.👍
  6. Hopefully they got rend 1 and ist just increased by 1!😕 otherwise they are still ******.....
  7. Just one word: Rend! You do ok damage with them, but the missing rend is the thing making them thrash!🤔
  8. The next Game was fought against Air Dwarfs. He already got some new units (5 Grundstok Thunderers with rifle). I took the first Turn while there was no enemy unit on Board. I got 3 new Flayers, and just saved my aar behind them. He then shocked in all his untis and killed 1 and a half Flayers with all his attacks.... i think he worships the wrong dice god. Roll of for the Second Turn. I win the roll of and cast the aar spell on my Flayers. +3 attacks is realy Fine!:-) long Story Short: After my Turn only his General was left behind with 1 life. Turn 3 the Game ends. It wasnt a great victory cause you needed 5 units to hold 1 marker (of 2) and i only had 8 Modells... nevermind.... i Hope my next dice role is a new unit role..... i realy want to play a terrorgheist next game! 😅 my last role was Vendetta(+1 to Hit roles) for my troup of Flayers. I am going to write again After the next match. btw. I think feeding frenzy is pretty in unbalanced....😕 its getting nerfed 100%!😢
  9. The first match is fought and i hardly won it. We had the mission where only heroes are able to hold the points. With 3 points to hold. He took the first turn and splittet his Army to much. 1 troup of Bounders where on the right flank, the General and his other troup on the left flank. My AAR stood in the mid on his Throne and my Flayers and the Courtier where on the right flank. My flayers ate his 1 troup Bounders like a starter. My AAR got another troup Flayer cause of the range attack against his bounders. His General did only 3 wounds to my AAR in combat. I saved 3 on 5+ and he rolled his dice realy bad 😋 The next round my 3 Flayers with +3 attacks and feeding frenzy did a great job against his General :D His face was priceless. :) On monday we meet to look what we get for the next fights!
  10. It‘s starting today. These are the Lists my Enemys play now: Night Haunt: 1 Spirit Torment 1 Black Coach 2 Chain ghast Gloom gits: 1 Loonboss on Mangler squigs 2x 5 boingrot bounders Air dwarfs (yes thats my Name for them): 1 arkanaut admiral 1 arkanaut ironclad stormcast: 1 Lord arcanum on gryph charger 1 Knight incantor evocaters( dont know how many) castigators (either) Iron jaws: 1 megaboss 3x (x) ardboys 1x (x) goregruntas (dont know how many either) thats it guys. My First game will be against the glooms. I think my flayer will shine in the shooting phase, and i will get another 3 with my aar! Seems to be awesome.
  11. Oh, thanks for the fast answer. You are right, i had 4 drops in mind! Well what would you chose then? The TG Party of the Flayers? I think the TG got more impact, but with the Flayers i got more objective controle!
  12. Hey guys, something changed in the setup! Instead of the Blades of Khorne we vor Beastclaw Raiders now.... I Never played against them! What do i need to do, whats nessecary to look at? Ah and I Hand an idear for a third and last List: Archregent 10 Ghouls 10 Ghouls 1 Ghast 1 Ghast That would be hard to kill and i got 3 Champs for some missions to hold points. Ah btw i saw many mistakes the post above.... i mostly post with my Smartphone.... and the autocorrect always f**** my texts up!😕
  13. Danke erstmal für die Antworten. Wir werden die Kampagne aber länger spielen. Heißt bis ca. 20 Ruhmpunkte! Deshalb würde ich gerne den Archregent nehmen, weil der Zauber einfach zu stark ist!👍 Wie wäre es am Anfang mit dieser Liste: 1 Archregent 1 Royal Terrorgheist English: Thank you for your comments. The campaign will ne played to at Kraft 20 glory points. That‘s the reason i want to play the Archregent. His spell is to ***** strong. What about the following list: 1 Archregent 1 Royal Terrorgheist
  14. Hey FEC-Players out there, first of all my English is not that good and I hope you wont be angry if I do some mistakes ;) I am new to this Forum and I wanted to Report about our Path to Glory Campaign starting next Week. Therefore I started my new Army: The Flesh-eater Courts. We are four guys starting the Campaign with following armys: Blades of Khorne, Gloomspite Gitz, Beasts of Chaos (or) Stormcast Eternals and me with FEC. Now i want to optimize my starting list with the your Help. My first thought was something like that: 1 Abhorrant Archregent 1 Crypt Infernal Courtier 3 Crypt Flayers With that list I got some serious output for the first game and the Archregent Spell for the Campaign. I try to send a Battlereport for every Battle made. :) Thanks for your Help
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