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Gore Vidal and Orson Welles Play Warhammer

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I believe this should be of interest. From the hilarious writer Daniel Lavery, who has recently been getting into AoS and putting out these absolute bangers: https://www.shatnerchatner.com/p/gore-vidal-and-orson-welles-play


ORSON [impatiently]: Anybody can hold an objective with a pair of Giant Cave Squigs and a Bad Moon Rising, just as anybody can make a movie with a pair of scissors and a two-inch lens. A long-playing full shot, that’s something only a man and a director can do. You’ve got to measure for movement from the center of the base, Gore, not from any damn point on the model closest to hand. Anchor the movement to something real. That’s the difference between a battle and a couple of grown men waving figurines about. 

See also the custom warscroll designed for the inimitable Orson Welles, which had me howling.


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