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Josef Bugman in WQ (for fun)


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When it comes to Silver Tower, I go with dwarfs. Old favorites like Grombrindal and Gotrek can be used with Unforged and King rules. 

My other favorite toon is Josef Bugman and I made some home rules for him which I've been using lately. Would gladly hear more ideas. Did not want him to be as resilient as the dwarf lord character or as squishy as a slayer. 


Josef Bugman

M 3
Ag 4+
Save 4+

Ol'Trustworthy 1+ 
3+ hit 
D3 wounds

Bugman's Crossbow 3+
3+ hit (feels too easy still)
1 wound

Unrelenting/swift (dwarf? Swift?)

Bugman's Brew: Before the action roll is made, Josef can drink his famous brew to heal D3 wounds. If he chooses to do so, the potency of the brew is such that Bugman can not concentrate and make a heal wound action that turn. 

Bottoms Up: You can re-roll the score of your lowest action dice once per turn as long as you are holding the drink at the start of your hero phase. 

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13 hours ago, Double Misfire said:

Very nice, what does he get bonus renown by doing?

Sorry I missed that part. 

Josef is also a merchant, so promoting his very own XXXXXXX Brew is still important regardless of how mind twisting the environment around you is. 

Every time JB successfully heals 3 wounds using Bugman's Brew and there's at least one more hero in the room he gets 1 point of renown.


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