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Hi, can someone help me out with some Nurgle thoughts?


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Hi everyone, new guy here! 

I decided to start my Nurgle army, since i have some minis, like an Harbinger of Decay (FW kazyk), some warrior that i am repainting, a robringers sorcerer and other stuffs like that. although i am a student, and don't have the money to change idea during the building of the major part of my army, as you can understand, so i try to build a list that satisfies me in terms of models, aestethically and in play (winning sometimes would be nice).

I definitely want to keep what i have in (not all, ofc, depends on the list)

So, let's get to the 2 list i have thought of!

List 1

Mortal Nurgle 2000 points


The Glottkin, Lord of War                                                                                                                  480

Chaos Sorcerer Lord, Mark of Nurgle                                                                                               140

Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount                                                                                                      140


20 Chaos Warriors, Mark of Nurgle, Great Weapons                                                                      360

5 Putrid Blightkings                                                                                                                           180

5 Putrid Blightkings                                                                                                                           180

5 Putrid Blightkings                                                                                                                           180


3 Gorebeast Chariots, Mark of Nurgle, Great Weapons                                                                 300

                                                                                                                                                                            1960 Points

So what this list has? A pretty solid Deathstar, with 3 Chariots, in Charge, with the buff of the sorcerer and the glottkin, plus the trait of the lord of war or something like that, they can really demolish even the toughest behemoth in one round of combat. putrid and warriors serve as an anvil. however i think this list is too weak, because if someone immediately targets the chariots, i will crumble to dust, since i do very little damage (something with warriors and blightkings, but not as much i think i need to win a game). so that's why i thought of a second list, mixing mortals and daemons, allowing me to take some more pesky units.

Mixed Nurgle 2000 points


The Glottkin                                                                                                                                                480

Harbinger of Decay                                                                                                                                     140


30 Plaguebearers  / a split of 20-10                                                                                                           300

10 Warriors of Chaos, Mark of Nugle, Shields                                                                                            180


Soul Grinder                                                                                                                                                  280

5 Putrid Blightkings                                                                                                                                     180

6 Plague Drones of Nurgle                                                                                                                            440

2000 points

This list i think shows better the really force of Nurgle. Blightkings are there only for the purpose to be a wall to expensive units and healing stuffs while they resist to hard damage dealers, the Drones can be activated by the Harbinger, and they have a really good mix of offense and defence. the plaguebearers are kind of an anvil that does not move along with the buff from the glottkin. the Soul Grinder is the unit i thought of as my hammer. it has a stunning wound count of 16, and he beats pretty hard. Furthermore the glottkin can increase is Claw attack by one, meaning that he will have 1/3 of possibility to do 6 mortal wounds to a hero or monster if he hits with these, otherwise is simply another attack that deals D6 damage. also his rend is pretty good. the warriors are there cause they can dish out more wounds than plaguebearers and have better save, so maybe they can become cool in some games to have.

i was also thinking about the last list of swapping 3 drones and something else for a maggoth lord, allowing me to have 3 behemots around the map and beating around. between the 3 i was thinking about Morbidex Twiceborn, cause he can beat harder than Orghotts (he deals twice the wounds), can generate Nurgling, which are a good meatshield, heals himself and has an aura that stacks with Blightkings one and deals some damage (even tho i hate the nurgle's rot, it is kinda useless). 

What do you think guys? Please help me out, consider that i wanna keep at least : warriors and one between chaos sorcerer and harbinger! they are good units tho ^^

thanks everyone for the time i stole him for my pretty long topic, but i really need help since i want to be sure that my list can win some games (khorne and seraphon will be my main enemies cause my friends play them). ^^ ty again


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You don't gain traits if you're a legendary hero. (Named )

And you have to pay for the nurglings so you'll have to cost them in.

Don't ignore Bloab.  He's decent in combat and his spell is brutally strong if you can activate it enough.

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Oh didnt know the rule about named hero (good to know!) So i think the first list is even weaker than i expected

Also didn't know about the nurgling, since they are not summoned i thought they shouldn't have to be included in the costs... that makes morbidex less effective for sure

Bloab? I really like the model (is the coolest rider imho) but he is a lv1 wizard on a maggoth... sure rules are cool, but maybe he is more of a support mage than a one-man-army. Also dont really know how can i apply his spell more than twice per turn, cause i got way few damaging auras (even tho is a pretty good spell nonetheless)

Regarding the list? Anything u would change? Any improvements? I am open to all suggestions ^^

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regarding bloab's spell. heres a list i plan to use.

Unit name Minumum Models in unit Cost Number of units Unit cost Models Total
Harbinger of Decay 1 140 1 140 1 1860
Plaguetouched warband 140 0 1720
Blightkings 5 180 4 720 20 1000
Bloab rotspawned 1 260 1 260 1 740
Festus the Leechlord 1 120 1 120 1 620
Chaos warriors 10 180 2 360 20 260
Gorebeast chariot 1 100 2 200 2 60
        0 0 60
Remaining points           60


with the spell going off on a 6 it's more likely to than not to. if it does i'll follow it up with a arcane bolt, ( 1D3) then shooting phase, reasonable chance ( 2d3) charge phase fair chance (3d3) combat phase ( 4d3)  with an additional 50% chance to add -1 to hit on a unit within 7" of bloab the blightkings will be attacked at -2 so 5/6's then the opponents turn. 1/6 chance to cause mortal wound (5D3) combat (6d3)

so for a 6 cast you can easily get 6d3 mortal wounds on a unit. on top of other damage you're dealing to them. on average that's 12 mortal wounds. on top of normal combat damage. with the - to hit i shouldn't suffer too much damage in return. 


while yes he is not a 1man army ( very few things are ) he is a strong enough model to draw aggression and because of the battalion an his ability he should be incredibly tanky. -2 to hit on a 12 wound model, with festus behind him providing heals and potentially a 5+ ward on top of this. yeah hes not going anywhere. 


i've built my list around the battalion, -1 to hit army wide is massive.


using your units you will be probably best use the harbinger as the general, check festus out also, if you can get a balewind vortex it works really well with him, its pretty much rend, an adds the damage aspect we're after. 

for me, due to my high minus to hit and ward save from my general and large unit size should allow me to soak up a few combat phases an really weaken my opponent for my attacks to finish them off. 


with your lists you are relying on your units entirely, id drop glottkin. While good i dont think hes currently worth the 480 points, as it denies you access to the ward spell from the harbinger, the magic items and the general trait. ( you only have the 6+ allegiance trait ) the plaguebearers likely won't last long due to the smaller unit size, if they take 1 wound they'll lose the buff for the large unit. 

the soul grinder is good, ive not used one so cant really help there. ( i dont own the model ) 

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If i drop the Glottkin i will have a lot more points (and money) to spend, but he's really good with plaguebearers and with the soulgrinder for the +1 A.

While you proved me that Bloab is strong, i dont think is optimal for my list, what do you think? I cannot abuse his spell, and since i dont play only mortals, i give away all the battalions based on blightkings, since they are not battleline, resulting in a way weaker aura army in general.

I am ok with dropping the glottkin, can you help me making a new (hoping also good) list? 

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I really don't rate the Bloab combo - it's far too many moving pieces. Plus the limited range means you might get into unbinding range before you can cast it.

The Glottkin is a hard one - he's great against melee/low magic armies like Ironjawz and Bloodbound (provided you keep him away from Wrathbros), since he can then pump up the Plaguebearers to 2 wounds each and give out the attack buff. He doesn't synergise well with Blightkings, since the +1 attack is a much lower buff on them (+33% damage cf. a Bloodsecrator or two doubling and tripling the damage from Bloodletters) and they are far slower than he is. Also taking him means forgoing Dark Avenger or Lord of War, which really buff Blightkings.

The Glottkin fares really badly against gunlines and Stormcast. He cannot get a cover save any more so he's really in trouble. The 4+ save and no ward save is a joke.

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So, since i have to play against stormcast/ sylvaneth (my friend has to decide between the two) and bloodbound, what do you suggest?

I agree that glottkin is fairly squishy for his point cost ( a GUO costs half and is fairly tankier, also deals a nice chunk of damage on his own), how would you modify the list without him? I think i need good beaters and there aren't many in the nurgle aspect of chaos, otherwise i dont think i can pass through bb or stormcast.

Would u rather go full mortal, maybe with a maggoth lord and a harbinger as general and a lot of bk or make a mixed list with drones and such?

Also what do you think about bile trolls? I think they are pretty strong, even if i didn't see the cost yet. As a beater i could also pick up tamurkhan, which is far more effective as beater than the glottkin (but he costs more points and money xD)

Also a nurgle daemon prince with a chaos sorcerer buffing him to 2++? Is that bad?

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As a beater i could also pick up tamurkhan, which is far more effective as beater than the glottkin (but he costs more points and money xD)

He's unplayable at that cost - one of the worst pointing decisions in the GH. His command ability is much weaker than the Glottkin's and he doesn't have a spell.

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2 hours ago, Nico said:

Bile Trolls are decent!

I run 9, and they're incredible with their vomits. If you can get a sorceror to give them deamonic power they just rip things apart in combat as well. They're expensive but so worth it for Nurgle, since you lack a real hammer unit in the non-forgeworld stuff.

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ok then i thought up a bit and since i love trolls (even have the throgg model ^^) i think i can make a list with them since u told me that they are pretty tough!


Harbinger of Decay 140

 Chaos Sorcerer Lord of Nurgle 140


10 Warriors of Chaos, shield, mon 180

10 Warriors of Chaos, shield, mon 180

20 Chaos Marauder, Great Weapon, mon 120


6 Bile Trolls 400

5 Putrid Blightkings 180

these are 1.340 points that are in my opinion quite a tough core. i have 3 battlelines, 2 of them resist to mortal wounds, also have trolls as beating unit and blightkings for even more healing/ aura stacking. sorcerer i think is too big there not to put him into.

then i have 660 point to spend into: formations, faster units for objective taking and maybe a nice hammer! but i like the list so far, finally today i discovered points for the tamurkhan horde and i am so happy that trolls are playable! really love the model also^^ do you think that making a conversion from ex-river trolls is possible? they costs way less.

also a third hero to help out troll stupidity could be handful

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ok then  this should be fine ^^


Orghotts Daemonspew     260

Harbinger of Decay        140

Chaos Sorcerer Lord, Mark of Nurgle    140


10 Chaos Warriors, Shields, Mark of Nurgle       180

10 Chaos Warriors, Shields, Mark of Nurgle        180

20  Chaos Marauder, Great Weapons, Mark of Nurgle                                      120


5 Putrid Blightkings      180

3 Bile Trolls  200

6 Bile Trolls  400

2 Chaos Chariots, Mark of Nurgle, Greatblade      160


ok so i threw in orghotts cause i don't wanna pay for the nurglings of morbidex XD, so he is the best choice for this army maggoth lord. (even tho maybe a daemon prince would be more effective for 100 points less. with arcane shield it reaches 2+)

i added 2 chariots for fast objective taking and war machine control and maybe flanking an already weakened unit. 3 trolls are there cause blightkings don't think that sinergies too well with orghotts...  i still maybe think that the dp is stronger than him (also i get lord traits) and 100 more points are quite a bit... 

it is playable in this build? or i shoud change smt?

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A decent size unit of blightkings synergise very well with Orghotts. On a 6+ to hit they do d6 wound rolls, turn that into a 5+ or something an you'll be surprised how many wound rolls you make.

Rerolling all failed ones will dramatically boost the blightkings damage 

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