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  1. When you guys are painting your cauldrons, what sub assemblies do you keep them in to make it easier? Thinking I'll keep the wheels off, all the characters off, and the steps off
  2. For those of you using Sisters of Slaughter, what load out are you doing at different sizes? I want to take advantage of the bucklers, but dropping to two attacks seems like it seriously reduces their offensive effectiveness. Thinking a 30 with dagger and whip and a 10 with buckler and whip in a Slaughter Troupe right now. Has anyone found success with big blocks with the buckler and whip?
  3. @fued a Khorgorath could easily just represent an enslaved beast
  4. @brian.mapp.50 that's hilarious. I'm not taking any assassin's but that would make taking one worth it! Kit him out Beverly Hills ninja style!
  5. 6 storm fiends or 30 storm vermin? Unless they were immune to battleshock I find it hard to imagine 60 unarmored wounds could withstand 60 attacks (if unbuffed) coming at them per round. Even the 6 fiends is somewhat surprising. 24 damage 2 attacks is nothing to snub
  6. Not looking to run the 6 or 3 fiend bomb since thats all but sorted in today's meta. The storm vermin I had were hitting on 2's re rolling, wounding on 3s and doing double damage on 6s with rend 2 and 3 attacks a piece. They were insanely powerful.
  7. I took a variant of the Verminus Clawpack to the tables yesterday and figured I'd give a quick report of what I found. Would love to get feedback and thoughts on the list as well. Below is what I fielded: Verminlord Warbringer Crown of Command Trech Craventail General Skaven Warlord Chaos Talisman Arch Warlock Sayl The Faithless 40 Clanrats Spears 30 Clanrats Spears 10 Clanrats Swords 30 Storm Vermin Warpfire thrower Warpfire thrower Warpfire thrower Verminus Clawpack formation 40 point bid for a triumph For those unfamiliar, the list works like this: Tretch adds a point of rend and double damage on 6s to one of the units. Sayl allows that unit to move 18 inches and fly, while the verminlord casts a spell that allows them to pile in and fight again after they die in the combat phase. The formation allows the warlord to use his command ability, which gives an additional attack. This can result in a unit of clanrats hitting on 4s, wounding on 3s, double damage on 5s with rend 1 and 2 attacks a piece, OR a unit of storm vermin hitting on 3s, wounding on 3s, double damage on 6s, and Game 1 I played against a stormcast Aether Wing Strikeforce and a Stardrake. Very interesting list that basically starts shooting you again any time you kill a unit. It made me think twice about anything I wanted to kill. The scenario was 3 places of power. Turn 1 the star drake with master of defense plopped down on the center objective. I decided to try my luck and threw a fully buffed unit of Storm Vermin at it, and with their pile ins after dying they dragged it down with them. In return the storm vermin got massacred by the gunline, as did a big block of clan rats. The rest of the game was a back and forth of body blows but I ended up taking it on turn 5 with the arch warlock on my far left flank. Once the stardrake and the banner that provides the chariot ability were gone, the army lost its mobility, and got mucked up in the meatgrinder with all the rats. Game 2 I played against the new sky pirate dwarves. I think I caught my opponent off guard as she sent the midsized ship forward carrying 10 standard foottroops and her general. Sayl flew 40 rats forward, surrounded the ship and 1 shotted it, killing nearly 500 points in one go. The lack of chaff or combat units to ward off a pile of bodies seems to be a big problem for the dwarves. So I think this may be a bad matchup for them. Recap The warpfire throwers were tough to get into the game. In my mind, their mortal wound output would be helpful, but in practice they only shot a few times. The short range is difficult. Does anyone have success with these, or do they just end up being dead weight in the verminus clawpack? Curious if I should switch one to a grinder so I can pop the 10 rats up and grab objectives late game. The other question I have is with the Arch Warlock. In concept he seems great. 2 spells, tough, and has a mortal wound cannon. But other options include the skaven banner for battleshock immunity, or the chaos sorcerer lord for futher buffing goodness. A fourth option would be to spend 20 additional points and pick up a nurgle demon prince for an 8 wound 3+ save character. Thoughts on the build? Any thoughts from others who have fielded the verminus clawpack?
  8. Maddok

    War Mammoth!

    I used to field a pair of them actually. I would have one start on the table and summon the second one using the old chaos lords command ability (allows him to summon one unit with the STD keyword). I'd summon it on my opponets back board edge and then sayl the other one up to make a mamoth sandwich. They're quite good vs no rend as they get the 5+ rerollable save. If the opponent has rend though they go down very quick. They put out decent damage but not a ton. 320 is probably a fair price to be honest. the biggest effect they'll have on the table is psychological on your opponent. They do mix very well as a bravery bomb. War mamoth charge + archaon + chaos knights makes a unit have -5 bravery. Easy to pop expensive units that way. I found they tend to do the most damage when they run into the midst of the opposing army then start flailing and doing mortal wounds when it takes damage, then falling over and causing more when it dies. Overall, not bad but not great
  9. Good to see nearby metro areas growing. We've been hosting smaller events in Detroit every few months. Should have one coming up in about 2 months if you want to make the trek for it. Small but solid crew up here (about 20 players). Do you guys have a big enough scene to throw events down there? We'd probably come down for one
  10. Hey everyone, I'm looking for some ideas on how to paint up tile bases so that they're off white. I've found plasticard to use for the tile, then tried a few bone colors but they were a bit too dark. I'm imagining a final edge highlight of white, but what would you lead up to that with? Would you just do a 50/50 blend of something like ushabti bone and white? My other question revolveso around creating the look of magic leaking up through the cracks. Currently I'm thinking of a pink with red gem paint over it, but perhaps someone has a better idea? Thanks!
  11. Think of them as a mobile tarpit. The unit is essentially immune to mortal wounds due to its wound count and mortal wound save, and is quite tough to move. That said unless they have glaives they hit like a pillow. Even with glaives they aren't amazing on the charge. I'd like to see them come down 20 or so points personally
  12. Look at some of the lists at the Masters. Morghasts still get heavy use, with the Harbingers being perfect for summoning due to their ability to make the 9 inch charge on 3 dice, and the archai being perfect heavy unit busters. The death bubble is utterly fantastic, while their other items are pretty strong as well. Blood knights are expensive but hit very hard and grow back, while big blocks of regenerating crypt horrors with inspiring presence and the 5+ death save won't be going anywhere. Dire wolves are a bargain for their price, and great to summon to grab objectives, while spirit hosts make great walls to cast behind.
  13. Actually Gaunt Summoners do it on a 4. So on single wound units they cut them in half. Khorne has a few good counters including skarr bloodwrath and their sheer number of attacks. The Kunnin Rukk produces enough shots to level them as well
  14. Yes by drops I mean deployments. Common lingo here in the States for the tournament scene, should have clarified. Obviously single drop armies are fantastic be it WB or others. I'm just curious where people think the diminishing returns are. Basically, if you can pay points to reduce your number of drops, what number is a magic (ish) number for it to be worth it. 5-6 seems very strong to me, but Id love to get others' take on this
  15. I'd like to get a discussion started around the optimal number of drops, and where the drop off in value is for taking formations to reduce drop count. My curiousity around this started with the new Tzeentch book. With many 3 unit formations for between 20 and 80 points, it seems like a valid tactic to reduce drops by two. With most of my lists though, I come up with about 11 drops with no formations, or about 6 with roughly 140 points of formations. I realize the artifacts can be handy, but in my mind I'm treating that as an added bonus. If an army can spend a hundred or so points to get down to 8 drops, is that worth it? Should that just be spent on troops? Is 6 drops the target number where that becomes worth it? What do you think?
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