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Skaven jazzels mod


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I can't speak for anyone else but I think it would look fantastic. I do think you are posed with an interesting conundrum, do you make the Jezzails look high tech and sleek or do you beat them up and go low tech?  I think ether would work extremely well and I really hope you post the results 😁

Also since it appears you play 40k, if you go high tech Skaven maybe you can proxy your Skaven as Ratlings for 40k or Killteam?

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I was going to do both and a kind of more steam punk one and see which I thought looked better and what other people thought. The thing is with the necron immortals you get the deathmarks guns on the spru so as I am making a necron army anyway it's really not a bother to do I was also going to magnatise  so they could be changed 

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