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I am working on a Gloomspite Gitz army (specifically Troggherd). I really like all the mushroom basing bits, but I am looking for more.

Does anyone have any recommendations for mushroom basing bits? 

I saw that Green Stuff World made resin mushrooms, has anyone used those?

Thank you!

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these are nice with smaller models, you can  fit a few on a  25 mm base with a squig from the herds. often mushrooms are way too big to go on their small bases.



then there are also these large ones that are similarly designed like the ones on the loon boss on a giant cave squid model. they are between 11 and 25 mm.



maxmini.eu had some fun mushrooms models, but that company is out of business sadly. maybe you can still find these on ebay or you use them as inspiration to green stuff mushrooms it is not hard, but i am too lazy for that really so I won't split ways with my last set of these.


edit: I just bought these (below) and received them within 24h (via nanostrategie, also based in Germany). sculpts are wonderful, the are also small (like the mushrooms from tabletop-art, but due to the built-in base are not such an easy addition to an otherwise finished base. If you just started the project, they are a great starting point together with a few cork-bits or something.  I will use a mix of everything via the various units anyway ging on from here.



edit 2: also I have ordered these mushrooms… no idea how big they are, but while they look detailed and well sculpted the large bar of resin makes them look more on the smallish side. I assume most are below 15 mm.



edit 3: I'll be happy to do a comparison, if that is helpful to anyone here.

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