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Double ruler of the night



So I have a question about the attendants at court battalion combining with the ruler of the night command trait in the generals hand book.  

The battalion lets you use two command abilities in the hero phase and also states you can use the same one twice, so can I use ruler of the night twice and and add +2 to the deathless minions roll? 

I don't really see why I can't but it just seems really good and haven't heard anyone talk about it!.

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On 8/23/2016 at 7:56 AM, rokapoke said:

Also, I thought that Inspiring Presence was the only command ability that could be used twice.

There is a command trait that lets you use the command ability Inspiring Presence twice.  Plus some items that do that, too.  Otherwise, no, you can do just one command ability per turn unless something else allows you to do more.

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