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So, I've been lurking for far too long on this site, thought it was about time I started being a bit more active.

In the past have mostly painted 40k stuff, but the last few years my interest in AoS has grown. In the last few months I have been slowly picking up some Idoneth Deepkin, so they will be shown here sometime soon. I've gamed a little over the years, but my main interest has always been the painting side of the hobby.

For now, I thought I'd start a thread to show some extra pics of my entry for the TGA painting comp. 




Thank you TGA for running this comp!  Generally I'm a very slow painter, but I turned this model round in quick time thanks to having a deadline. I'm eagerly waiting for this months theme to go up, to see if have any models that will be suitable.

Thanks for looking

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So, finished a test mini for my deepkin.



Im pretty happy with how it turned out. I might tweak the colour on the leather boots on the next one but I’m happy with the highlight placement and texture.

For deepkin I have a start collecting box, 10 reavers, king, allopex and eidolon (I’m a bit daunted by painting him).

Been picking bits up cheap on eBay over the last year. I’ve not opened some of them yet, trying to keep focused and not be a hobby butterfly. 

Thanks for looking, C&C very welcome!

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1 hour ago, elfhead said:

Very clean and smooth paintjobs👏🏻. The base might deserve some more attention. 

Thanks man. Yeah, I’ve not really given it much though yet, just thrown some texture on and a light drybrush. I tried a few splodges of green wash to mix it up a bit. Will probably put on some tufts after I’ve varnished.

Open to any suggestions!

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8 hours ago, Tommy said:

Love the (mostly) cold palette! How’d you do the blue metal, shade or glaze?

Thanks! It’s quite simple. All over a white primer.

Step 1, stormhost silver on all armour plates (might need 2 thin coats)
Step 2, Approx 1:1 coat of Talassar blue(contrast paint): contrast medium
Step 3, 1:1 nuln oil: Lahmian medium painted directly very sparingly into the deeper recesses

Step 4, Edge highlight of stormhost silver on edges and top of armour ridges.

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