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New Faithful in Southern Connecticut


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I was standing in one of my favorite local game stores looking at their miniatures, as one does.

My eyes kept coming back to Seraphon - I never played Fantasy (only really barely played 40k), and I'd been getting a bit worn out on some other games and the 'compete or else' mentality, so I picked up the Seraphon Start Collecting box, followed quickly by some other AoS models.

Used the BeyondPod app to search for some AoS podcasts and quickly found my way here.

I had a demo game with a player at Nu Brand Games in Brooklyn, which was a lot of fun.  So, I've currently trying to get a scene started at both of my local game stores, Battlegrounds in Norwalk, CT and Gamers Gambit in Danbury, CT.

Right now, I'm struggling to really settle on a faction.  I've always loved the old warhammer models, and while the Sylvaneth look amazing, I'm currently more interested in the more exotic stuff - Chaos Dwarves, Dispossed/old dwarves, old elfs of all kinds, etc.

The new stuff is beautiful (putting together some Stormcast right now for fun), but as you can tell I'm completely torn, but probably going to settle on a couple of reasonably balanced, lower model count (no night goblin hordes for me, yet!) because I know for attracting people to the game, fully painted is important.

All of this to say...

Love the community you (and now hopefully WE) are building here and I look forward to contributing.

If you are in New England and want a demo game or want to schedule a game, send me a PM.  This game is about the people, so the more the merrier.




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Welcome to the TGA community! Be sure to share you photos in the gallery. You face the dilemma many people face.... I myself have 5 factions I'm currently working :P (Slaanesh, Khorne, Warherd, Sylvaneth and Stormcast). You can try and limit yourself to one faction, but it won't take long before you 'have' to buy something else :P

To find players and clubs in your area, check out the following post, here

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