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Cheetors Silver Tower


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I have been gradually painting Silver Tower figures in between other things.  The most recently finished models are the two iterations of the Deathrunner.



Blot and Slop worked out well too I think.



Lastly (for now) the Knight Questor.  I found painting my first Stormcast to be a lot more fun than I expected.  So much more fun in fact, that I bought some more...

Im working on Tzaangor, the other two familiars and the Thaumaturge at the moment, so some of those will likely be the next update.

There are more photos and other info about these models on my blog for anyone inclined to take a look.


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Thanks for the encouragement everyone.  I am rather pleased with progress so far.

I'm still very much in the apprentice stage of OSL, I never know if it is going to work or end up looking terrible. But at least occasionally it does work now... for a while there it always ended up a mess.

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