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Valgaast / Mhurghast / Warhammer Horror


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Anyone know what the deal is with Valgaast & Mhurghast in WH Horror stories? 

Every short story in the Invocations anthology references them, Valgaast in 40k ones, Mhurghast in AoS ones.

Normally just as a throwaway mention of some place, something or someone that often inspires fear but is, almost, never the actual main focus of the story and is also seemingly something different each time.

I’ll check when I get home to see if they appear in Maledictions too, though I know Castle Mhurghast is the setting for CL Werner’s Castle of Blood, another WHH short.

I thought it might have been building to something in Invocations and the final story would bring it all together but it just remained a tantalising Easter egg of sorts.

Anyone seen anything about this mentioned anywhere else? Or more references in other stories?

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