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Trial of Champions


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So sometime after Christmas I will start a Warcry campaign based on the rules in the new Tome of Champions. However in the ToC the rules clearly state that your leader cannot suffer any permanent injuries. Having played lots of Gorkamorka, Blood Bowl and Necromunda I find it a shame that your precious leader can’t die. Whats your thoughts on this in your own campaigns?

What’s not to stop one from houseruling this or might there be some dire conesequences I cannot see?

Sure it might change the game as the risk of loosing a vital warrior should make anyone think twice before acting reckless.

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Your leader can still suffer temporary injuries. 

The basic idea is you shouldn’t have to hide your leader in the back and never use him because your campaign will be over if he dies. As an old Mordheim player, I really appreciate this. I would never use my leader in a combat role, ever, because if you lost him, you were out of the campaign for good. Buying a new leader wouldn’t cut it. 

Importantly for Warcry, you have one safe artifact and a command trait on your leader.  If leaders can die, there isn’t much point to playing campaigns, as you have no model that can safely hold an important artifact and no guarantee that you’ll always have access to a command trait. Your opponents can easily pull ahead simply because their upgraded leaders haven’t died and yours has. 

Run your campaign the way you want! But there are reasons GW finally protected leaders in the game, and IMO it’s a very positive change. 

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I love it very much to be honest. My last game was Bloodmarked and I've made my leader the target. I am already playing Hardcore (ToC rules) and was very happy when my leader was the only one who died.

My entire warband watched in a semi circle as he charged into a bunch of SCE and found a few new holes in him after a bolter volleys but it still felt great. I knew he wasn't going to die and that I didn't have to roll for the wounds for my smaller guys. One would hate to have -1A for a Plains Runner :D 

I think worrying for a leader would make me look for cheesy ways out of the game when now I know I can always have 1 guy who can charge in recklessly and give me the satisfaction of swinging a huge axe. I did lose a destiny level though. 

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