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Anyone been using Executioners?


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Another unit question for you all. As I endlessly toy with Cities list I'm looking at some elf themed ideas but I find Phoenix Guard, Black Guard, and Executioners all seem to serve a similar role in my army. Phoenix Guard are of course, the tanky variant that can also put out some pretty good damage with the Anointed reroll wounds ability. Black Guard are faster with run and charge but cost the same as PG in units of 30 however, they are cheaper at 20 and still a threat.

Executioners though... I'm not sure what their role is. They are cheaper than either though not by much until you hit 30. That said, with no rend and the attack sequence ending on a 6 to hit for the mortal wound they really don't seem that damaging. Especially since they only have a 1 inch attack range compared to the 2 inch of PG and BG and won't be able to take advantage of their unit size as well.

So basically its take PG for big 30 blocks, BG for 20 man scalpel/alpha strike stuff, and take Executioners for ??

I haven't played any of this out on the table (been slowly building up my model collection) yet so its all theory craft. Anyone here like Executioners for something other than looks?

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Executioners have one thing going for them: as a horde, they are cheap. Apart from that, except for some really exotic matchups, black guard are better.

With phoenix guard/black guard its obvious - you either prefer resilience or speed. Both have their use (with phoenix guard being more forgiving to the player. Their toughness just works, while black guards' threat range needs to be conciously applied where it matters) executioners though... they are black guard for situations where you can't afford black guard. Both are used the same - best paired with dragon sorceress, running forward at full speed. It's just the mater of how many points you're willing to invest.

Oh, and it's worth mentioning other options competing for the same niche: If you want them for mortal wound output, greatswords or hammerers do the same thing better, sacrificing mobility for that.  There are also wildwood rangers, but with those, honestly, you're better off with executioners :D

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On 12/18/2019 at 9:18 PM, Forrix said:

haven't played any of this out on the table (been slowly building up my model collection) yet so its all theory craft. Anyone here like Executioners for something other than looks?

For me the hardest thing is I love(d) my old metal executioners. But now the elite mortal dealer has been become horde unit. It’s a shame really narratively because the competitors, great swords and hammerers, both are better fighters according to the rules now.  The loss of doing two mortal wounds is to be expected but the attack sequence ending kills it for me. 

but if you want to include them. They are on small bases so getting 20 in is reasonable. In tempest eye you get a little first turn protection and extra speed. And more importantly access to ‘Aura of Glory’ for +1 attack. Give it run and charge from the same sorceress and you can get even more in. 

to get them to work I would go looking for more +1 attack options but I can’t think of anything more right now. 

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