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Folding Tables UK 2019


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Those who use folding tables to play on, what brand are you using and where did you get it? I need a playing surface that can fold down and be hidden away when not in use for the sake of my partner who does not care for the idea of a gigantic table taking up most of our living room!

The current plan is to get 2 folding tables that can be used for dinnerparties/board games individually or pushed together to play warhammer on. I'm struggling to find tables in a good size for that though... The best I've been able to find would be two 6' x 2.5' tables or 6' x 5' when pushed together and I worry that might be annoying to reach over. Although it's nice that each player will have a little 6 inch gap for dice/tape/warscrolls etc. I've also looked into 6x4 tables from places like Urbanmatz, but boy... the cost and shipping charge is ruthless!

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