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  1. So if using individual blood tithe points, do they benefit from points generated by the other team member ( I have seen it played this way, so you can end up with 2 bloodthirsters arriving at the same time)!
  2. If you play a 2 v 2 match and both the players on the same side use Khorne, do they each benefit from the same blood tithe pool?
  3. I have no problem with some changes to Gristlegore, providing it does not make all FEC unplayable with over the top point changes.
  4. Makes a bit more sense, Feeding frenzy is not an automatic win for FEC I had my first game with FEC last week ( not Gristlegore), I used feeding frenzy on a 40 man unit of Ghouls fighting a Deamon prince of Nurgle with a 3 up save , re rolling 1, I think I got in around 120 attacks , it suffered 4 wounds in the end!
  5. If you have grand court Gristlegore you cannot also have the delusion that gives you 1 free feeding frenzy a turn tel him to look on page 55 of his book, under Grand courts it tells you if you have. Grand court you cannot have a delusion!
  6. Contacted them again, and the answer is basically no parts available and no actual commitment to be able to supply the correct parts
  7. Anyone else been sent the correct part yet?
  8. See my picture on the first page,I included the relevant page from the instructions and the box art
  9. Update Got an answer back today from my email on Saturday asking me for proof of purchase( I had included 2 different pictures of the box and contents), and they will look at getting me a replacement
  10. Same for me, The 2 big sprues are marked 2018, and the2 smaller ones are 2017 and the same as in the ruins set I sent a picture of the contents to GW customer service, showing they do not match the instruction sheet
  11. I think Gors should be max 2 points not 4 (8 points per model /5 = 1.6). So I presume you round up. also when do you round up or down, Bestogors work out to be 2.4 (12/5) however 2 seems too low if Gors are also 2 renown
  12. Picture from my new beasts of chaos book , the grots on the squigs with spears do not look like the squig hoppers on the GW page, does anyone know what kit they are from or are they new?
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