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  1. I've used Really Useful boxes for several years. After seeing how much damage people's models take from foam boxes I honestly can't imagine another way to transport my army than magnetizing. 4L A4 will fit your wardens, loreseeker, cathallar and sentinels (the Sentinel unit champion is too tall however). I'm afraid I don't have any bladelords or stoneguard so I can't say for sure that they would fit, but it looks like they would except for the bladelord banner bearer. These will fit a Sanctum of Amyntok, but Twinstones and Rune of Petrification are too tall. 9L A4 is a great size. It will handily fit 90% of your army. Dawnriders, Windchargers, Eltharion, Windmage, Stonemage, Bannerblade, Lord Regent/Lyrior, Endless spells and Ellania + Ellathor. However, I think it would be a bit too short for a Spirit of the mountain/avalenor. I have a Sevireth kit, but haven't built it yet, so I'm afraid I can't say for sure if it would fit. I also use a 19L A4. This is tall enough for both Teclis and the Shrine Luminor and will fit both models at the same time. If you aren't taking Teclis, there would be enough room for 2-3 spirits of wind or mountain and the Shrine at the same time. I put my shrine on a base and measure from the model instead of the base for ranges just so it would be easier to magnetize and so it would share basing with the rest of my army. Hopefully someone else could help with measurements for Avalenor and Sevireth.
  2. Worth noting that several other models that should clearly be unique aren't in the same document (like the new father/daughter witch hunter duo) so I wouldn't get too excited about the Loreseeker being able to take artefacts and command traits until the FAQ drops.
  3. Erasure is the stupidest spell in the game imo. One of the printed versions has a typo that says it does d3 normal wounds instead of mortal wounds, and d6 mortal wounds if marked. That at least made sense because you would save up against units with a mortal wound save. But after the FAQ it was corrected to mortal wounds on both sides. I agree, I can't see much point in marking over simply doing 2d3 mortal wounds over time except in extremely niche situations. But even in those situations doing a guaranteed D3 over the potential for a d6 is probably better. Say your target has a mortal wound save this turn, and you think they won't have it next turn. Then it might be worth it, if you are also confident that the target will still be in range, you will be able to pass your second casting roll and your damage roll is at least average. But even then: do you have no other spells worth casting this round, or no other targets for erasure? An FAQ I'd like to see in the future is that the marked condition stays even after being hit with the second casting. That way it becomes a decent spell for whittling down big, high wound targets over several rounds.
  4. Yeah, you use the same attack profile. It just adds the extra effect for one volley of attacks.
  5. Finished my Shrine Luminor last night. Feels good to have the two huge models in my army done. After this and Teclis, I'm going to treat myself to a nice, straightforward Loreseeker 😅
  6. Yes, but its in a new mod so you need to search the workshop again 👍
  7. I'm building towards a Non-Teclis Vanari army eventually. I love their rules and their cohesive design. The Lord Regent opens up so many possibilities IMO, saving spellcasts for other units you can potentially get some crazy buffs up.
  8. I finished Teclis yesterday, all ready for his reinforcements. I love this model, but it will be a relief to do some more battleline 😂 I have an extra long weekend booked for next week to get really stuck in on the new models. I can't wait to pain the Shrine Luminor!
  9. I think the Loreseeker is Unique because although not a named character, Loreseekers are solitary and far ranging so from a narrative perspective there shouldn't be more than one near the same battlefield at any given time. It would be good if they FAQ this just to clear it up for sure so that new players don't keep getting confused about it.
  10. Neither does, say, a Cathallar though. Inspiring presence is drawn from the core rules, not their warscroll or alliegence abilities.
  11. Regarding this rule from the new Shrine Luminor, who is actually "using" the command ability for things like Inspiring Presence and On the Double? So for example, lets say I want to use inspiring presence on a unit of wardens and they are in range of a hero garrisoned within the Shrine. Are the Wardens the one's "using" the command ability making it cost 1CP, or is it the hero in the shrine using it ON them, meaning it costs me nothing? I would assume the latter, but I wanted to be sure.
  12. I didn't mean in this thread, but i have seen negativity about in group chats/Twitter. Maybe I shouldn't expect better from nerds on the internet, but I don't see how you could read the previews from this week and be anything but pleased.
  13. I'm really surprised at how much negativity I'm seeing about the new LRL rules from LRL players. Fair enough if you're a beasts of chaos player seeing our rules previews and getting a bit salty, but why are we getting upset? 😕 Who sees that we're going to have access to shooting cavalry that can retreat 6 inches in the combat phase with fly and says "I am disappointed"? And it's not from people who think we're going to be a little too good for the balance of the game, it's from people who expected better. I truly don't understand. Some people are just addicted to whinging.
  14. This was actually playing with my Tzeentch before the newest book but yeah. They didn't even seem happy when they won. No pleasing the hardcore gamers I guess!
  15. A pet peeve of mine. I played in an event when I won 1 game and lost 4, and all 4 of the losses I spent the whole game listening to my opponent list all the reasons my army was bent and impossible to win against.
  16. Preview today said that Maggotkin will be getting new warscrolls in the next broken realms book! Personally I hope they don't touch blightkings at all, and we get re-writes for all the Daemons that don't get played like Nurglings, Beasts of Nurgle and the 3 heralds.
  17. A completed unit of wardens. So in love with these models.
  18. As LuminethMage says, there is no downside. I suspect they meant for you to only use one stance at a time, so you would have to choose between Mountain Stance and the Stonemage Stance for example. But there is no rule saying you need to choose one or the other, and it wasn't clarified in the post battletome FAQ. There also just aren't that many stances, so it might be something they had originally intended to be a bigger thing or something that might become more relevant when the new heroes come out.
  19. I like them, I own 2000pts worth and I will be getting more. I never played WHFB, so I don't feel any connection to old elves.
  20. I always try to fit at least 1 unit of 5 dawnriders into my list. The list I'm building to at the moment takes the battalion and 25 dawnriders. Their speed is amazing for threatening objectives that your opponent could otherwise safely walk away from knowing it will take you a couple turns to get to with your slow ass wardens/stoneguard. The games I've played (on TTS only unfortunately) without them I have always felt that I'm missing a unit that can move fast to take advantage of openings. As others have said however, they are an absolute pain to build and paint.
  21. Nurgle might be a bit faster than you give them credit for! I'm playing a list atm with: Blessed Sons Subfaction Blight Cyst Battalion Lord of Blights GUO with Bell Harbinger of Decay Gutrot Spume 20 x Blightkings 10 x Blightkings 5 x Blightkings 5 x Blightkings Blessed Sons lets you give 1 unit the maximum run command ability for free per turn. That means that my unit of 20 Blightkings can go: 4" from Move Characteristic +3" from GUO Bell +6" from run +1" from Blightking Musician +2" from Wheel if I can cast Foul Regenesis That makes a 16" run in the move phase. If at least 1 of your Blightkings is within 7" of a Feculent Gnarlmaw you can then charge with another +1" from the musician. My opponents almost always underestimate just how much ground these fatboys can cover when they want to and 20 Blightkings are a seriously scary threat to just just about everything. The marauders are even faster. They have 6" base move and an ability that lets you change your lowest dice roll for a charge into a 6 and get +1 to run and charge rolls from their drummer, so even if you roll snake eyes you're guaranteed an 8" charge. With all the other move bonuses you can give them from above, they can really rocket around the board.
  22. The flies you get from the start collecting box are considered pretty useless right now, but you can build one into a lord of afflictions and use bits from the other to make a home-made harbinger of decay, both of whom are good support heroes for a mortal army especially the harbinger. I got a chaos knight mount from ebay and added the rider from the blightlord to make mine, others use Varanguard mounts or even plague drones re-posed to look like gross spider creatures. If you aren't confident in your modelling abilities though, buy a harbinger he is a brilliant addition to a blightking heavy force. As for next steps, more Bightkings will always serve you well. They're very cheap (pointswise) and reliably kick out good damage and are hard to kill. If you don't want to go pure blightkings consider some Chaos Marauders who are a very reliable fast moving unit. A great unclean one with the Doomsday Bell is a brilliant support piece and general. He can take the witherstave artefact which is excellent and his large base size makes him a great buffer for things like the Blessed Sons subfaction's free command ability. I'd also build him with the bileblade for +1 to cast and unbind so he can more reliably cast foul regenesis to move the wheel to something good. Finally you will want to pick up at least 2 Feculent Gnarlmaws and some plaguebearers for summoning. You get 1 gnarlmaw for free (essential) and I regularly summon 1 or 2 more throughout games to give myself the always important run-and-charge buff or to just put a big roadblock in the way of something important on my enemy's side. A Poxbringer is also a good investment for summoning because of the battleplans that require a hero to score, so you could consider getting a start collecting daemons box.
  23. I painted up my Cathallar today as a widow who wields her grief like a blade against her enemies. Amazing model, maybe my favourite in the range.
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