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Melcavuk makes: Jannik Veilwarden atop Demi-Godbeast


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So this christmas I'm setting to work on possibly my most expensive conversion to date (The Cogfort might come close but I havent totalled its cost recently). For a new addition to my Midnight City I wanted something suitably legendary, something that myths would have been written around to help round out the story of the Midnight Queen. So for starters I've been working on the rider Jannik Veilwarden, a unique Stormcast bearing a relic that Sigmar long since hid deep in the bowels of a Stormvault, liberated in the midsts of a Chaos assault on the vault its Warden now bears the Staff of Subjugation, able to break the will of even a god (or so its legend would have you believe). Jannik is unique in nature even amongst his own kind, though his connection to the Queen of Midnight is buried beneath many layers of history, ill grudges and rumour.





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With an hour or so before work I've managed to add some colour to the lion skin over the models left shoulder and complete the metal work on the left arm. I'm aiming to keep shades of brown for "living" aspects like fur and wings. #Ageofsigmar #Paintingwarhammer




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