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Twelve Days of Sigmarisnacht (a Global Narrative)


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Happy Sigmarisnacht Everyone!  Sigmarisnacht is that special time of year when all the good lords and ladies of the mortal realms battle for the divine presents of Sigmar.  Twelve Days of Sigmarisnacht is a holiday themed Global Narrative Event that will be going on from December 1 - 12 this year.  Participation is easy, just play the battleplan below (you'll probably want to be prepared with a gift for your opponent), and report your results at this link.  You can share your pictures and stories in this thread, or at the Sigmarisnacht Facebook page.  Your battles will determine the outcome of this first Sigmarisnacht event and also lay the groundwork for next year's.

Lord-Celestant Coregos stepped out into the icy morning air. The scent of sulfur wafted on the breeze, and he could hear the distinct clash of battle in the arena. In the sky he could see a fresh wave of gifts hurtling down from Azyr. He stepped forward and nearly tripped over the package at his feet. It read (written in something that looked suspiciously like blood) “To: Coregos… From: A Secret Benefactor”. I guess I need to get them a present too, he thought, so he hefted his mighty warhammer and headed to the arena.

…Who is Coregos’ secret benefactor? Will he defeat them in single combat? Play to find out! Your battles will determine what happens next!

Sigmarisnacht 2019.pdf

How does your army celebrate Sigmarisnacht?



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On 12/8/2019 at 3:50 AM, Nacnudllah said:

Happy Sigmarisnacht!  The event ends Thursday, and I’ve just finished painting the model for Lord Celestant Coregos, warden of the Sigmarisnacht Basileum.




Haha that's awesome! Nobodies messing with that rudolf!

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So the results are in from the first year of Sigmarisnacht!  Chaos won the most battles and also gave the most presents.  It seems like Sigmar's armies of Order didn't really have the Sigmarisnacht spirit.  Here's the closing narrative.  Next year I'll be recruiting Narrative Event Organizers to run Sigmarisnacht events (part narrative tourney, part holiday gift swap), so if that's something you might be interested in let me know!

Throughout the mortal realms, an Azyrite Giftstorm filled the sky.  As they hurtled towards the ground, armies gathered, preparing to battle for the honor of bearing Sigmar’s divine presents.  Meanwhile, friends and foes alike gave eachother gifts on the battlefield to fulfill old oaths and ancient traditions.


Sigmarisnacht Madness

In the dead city of Amasya, on the shores of the frozen Lake Baikal, the Court of the Pale Saint clashed with the fey aelf kindred of Pacharama.  After exchanging gifts, they battled over the ruins of Old Densk, going back and forth until finally, the aelf kindred brought down The Pale Saint and his champion Bodrac Sludgechugger.  When their leaders fell, the remainder of the court slunk back into the shadows of the ruin.


A Holiday At Sea

Slogg Sexipants, high Slaughtermaster of the Heartstealer Mawtribe was sailing to a Sigmarisnacht feast across the Soulless Sea on the ogor frigate, Asterion Jr. Suddenly, his beady eyes spied small lights tumbling from the heavens. Recognizing the sight as an Azyrite Giftstorm, he ordered the captain to change course in hopes of snagging a hard to find Tickle-Me-Slambo. Unfortunately, when he arrived the gifts were already being harvested by a flotilla of hastily cobbled together rafts splashed in the colors of the Thousand-Faced Moon Beastherd and laboring under the direction of Mormo the Bray Shaman and Battletoes the Beastlord. At first, respecting that the unruly beastmen had woken up early enough to get to the front of the storm-line first.  Just when it seemed all involved would part amicably, another parcel from Sigmar's giftstorm splashed down into the lagoon. As the steam cleared, the form of the coveted Slambo action figure became apparent. Slogg and Battletoes locked eyes and knew the shoals would taste blood this day.


The Dreaded 13th Day of Sigmarisnacht

Lord-Celestant Coregos turned the Bloodspiral Cane-blade over in his hands.  The craftsmanship was exquisite.  However, he already knew everything he needed to about its provenance.  The Cane-blade had all of the marks of Chaos craft.  He had not been able to find his mysterious benefactor that day at the arena, but had remained vigilant throughout the holiday so he could repay them as any Chaos worshipper deserves.

Sigmar was most wroth.  It seemed that this Sigmarisnacht, followers of the Dark Gods had shown the most giving spirit.  He would give his followers one last chance to prove themselves.  The dreaded 13th day of Sigmarisnacht.  The skies over the Basileum turned blood red.

Sigmarisnacht was over.  Coregos went to begin collecting decorations and examine the state of the Basileum, when what to his wondering eyes should appear but a 13th wave of presents descending from the heavens!  He galloped to the arena astride his mighty dracoth only to discover that forces of Chaos had already descended upon the gifts.

At their front was a mysterious Darkoath Warqueen.  They locked eyes and he knew that the Cane-blade had been from her.  Before he could cross the battlefield, she disappeared into the swirling ash while  a hulking Great Unclean One rushed forward and body slammed him, knocking him to the ground.  As he lost consciousness, he saw his forces overwhelmed by the barbarian horde.

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