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Sheffield Slaughter 22/23 Feb 2020 AoS

Pete Scholey

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Slaughter entries

Andy Hughes

Liam Alford

Steve wren.

Adam Sinclair

Colin Mather

Keith ball

Paul Haley

Nigel barham

Adam hazelwood

Simon Partridge 

Sam Watson

Max Barton

Christian Moore

Tom fretwell

Matt Robertson

lee kay

Mark Wildman

Simon eccles

Cheri Robertson

Ben Bailey

Jamie white

Alex Bruce.

Miles Hewitt

Reece west

James Powell

James Hobbs

James boots

Jj cropley

Tom bell

Jon green

Johnnie statham

John dale

Joe Purcell

Liam Jordan

Wayne Kemp

Dan Heelan

Paul marshalsay

Gabe huddlestone

Tony moore 

Dan Bradshaw

Nick Thompson

Pete humpage

Gareth parfitt

Tom bridges

Nigel bartlet

Jamie muscroft.

Scott Harman

Stuart hodges

Tim fisher

James tinsdale

Gene Coates

Vitto manetti

Jp Stevens

Tom Waller

Seb Donley

Thomas lawler 

Andy Davies

Ian Howarth. 

David noonan.  

Declan waters

sophie smith

Stuart millar

Will Spencer

Tom Roberts 

Tom blaxall

James Hughes

John Serrano Martin. 

Charles Neville

Lee bromley

Joshua mchale

Tom Healy

Andy Thompson. 

Ben van buul. 

Ben price

declan mckitrick

Chris green

Mike Thomas

Tim unwin.


Mike Stewart

Mick Pearce

Martin Clarke

craig carlton

matthew marlow

james allen

joey ;ogan

andy dunn

richard arnold

tom parry

james williams

eric hoerger

matthew walker

dan jones








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On 11/20/2019 at 4:26 PM, Pete Scholey said:

gents  as with all these things,,sometimes we miss mails and stuff.. I let down badly the imps lads who had sent their money i but i had missed it  so ifairness to all I have placed them at the top of the reserve list . apologies to all concerned

can I get added onto the reserve list please?

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