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  1. Hi all, For my order armies I have a vision for what I want my bases to look like, but its not quite working out. The concept I had was of land breaking and underneath blue magic/light streaming out, as in the first picture. But the bases just don't quite seem to capture it, as seen in 2nd picture. Does anyone have any ideas for how to make this work better? Also at the last GT I couldnt help but notice that the nicest bases tended to have an additional '3d' element, such as mini trees or resin bases. Any thoughts what could work well here? Regards
  2. Hi all, can I check can you use the slaughter queens orgy of slaughter command ability in the enemy hero phase? I thought you couldn't but I can't see why from the scroll
  3. SireScott

    GT Heat 1 at WHW

    Well on a happy note i got the most kp! Now just need to petition to change aos to only be based on killing things then daughter's can reign supreme. Or i could learn to win missions, be more fun to play against and become a better painter, but that sounds a lot like hard work.
  4. Hi very late I know but are there any spaces/ tickets remaining? Just wanted to see before 'debating' my attendance with my wife.
  5. Hi all, So I've just arrived at blood and glory, place looks packed! Anyone for a practice game for 2k aos? Got Dok army.
  6. Hi all long time AoS player who never seems to play often enough seeking gaming group near burton to play games. I was wondering if there are any groups besides the derby war game group, who I intend to go to sometimes, near burton area? I used to play at warhammer world but don't really want to drive there often till the m1 is sorted. i own a myriad of 8th edition armies along with stormcast and ironjaws, with an intention to start kharadon once I start playing regularly. Also play 40k when orks or tau codex released, and other games workshop games. regards Daniel
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