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Stormcast paladins arm fitting help!


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I need some assembly help on my paladins, try and try as I might I can’t get the arms to actually fit properly. I’ve followed the instructions exactly and if I line up one arm flush to the torso  the other side sticks out. If I push it to fit it just bows out the haft of the axe. Thanks so much for any replies. 

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Hmm that is odd, I build a box 3 days ago ( decimators ) and I just glued both hands together on the weapon "stick" and then glued the whole "hand part" at once on the torso and it fit perfectly.

edit: added images from the protector i just build.



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     @OIF4IDVET Did you use weld glue or CA(superglue)? I’ve had similar incidents when building double handed weapons before and (at least for me) it’s usually a case of one hand or the other being ever so slightly off. Three solutions below for if you used weld glue, CA, and one for using greenstuff which works either way.

     If you used weld glue just apply a tiny amount with your brush right at the joints of both hands and one arm (go ahead and leave one arm attached). The bond will weaken and they can then be toyed with to get them into the proper position. (Note: you need the very thin brush on type of weld glue for this not the precision tube style bottles).

     If you used super glue just take rubbing alcohol (90%+) and drop the weapon and arms in there for a few minutes to weaken the glue bond and separate the parts.

     Third option is to take a tiny amount of green stuff and wedge it into the joint where the torso and arm come together to fill the gap. Generally you won’t need any glue when using this method as the green stuff wedges into the crevices of both sides, but if it is very smooth on both sides you’ll have to take the part back off and glue the green stuff place in once it’s cured (it loses its adhesion when cured). If using this method I’d suggest placing it under the model’s left arm so the large Paladin shoulder-pad helps hide the green-stuff. 

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