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Targets wounds characteristic



The Mortek Crawler has me confused. The Cursed Stele attack says  it kill if the roll is equal to or greater than the targets "wounds characteristic", and then the designers note says the chance of slaying increases as the targets takes damage. 
So basically the Cursed Stele roll is compared to the "current wounds" of the target. 

I'm confused because I thought "wounds characteristic" meant the number of wounds given in the warscroll (e.g. for abilities such as the stardrakes cavernous jaws). Have I been playing this wrong?

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It gets easier to kill models as the "attacking" model (e.g. the Mortek Crawler) takes damage. This is due to the damage chart where it starts off with a -3 to the 2d6 roll, but, as it takes damage, it increases to a +3 after taking 10 wounds.  So, to kill a 5 wound model with the crawler at full health, it would take a roll of at least an 8. However, if the crawler has taken 10 wounds, it would only take a roll of a 2 (the minimum you can roll on 2 dice). 

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