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  1. Here is the exact ability for the save, although similar wording applies to many abilities in the FEC book. Deathless Courtiers: Roll a dice each time you allocate a wound or mortal wound to a friendly FLESH-EATER COURTS unit wholly within 12" of a friendly FLESH-EATER COURTS HERO. On a 6 that wound or mortal wound is negated.
  2. I know that I wouldn't get 2 saves, I'm wondering if I would get the save if only 15 of 20 were within 12" of 1 hero and the remaining 5 were within 12" another hero. In this case, the each model in the unit is wholly within 12" of a hero, but its not the same hero for every model in the unit
  3. If a rule says "a unit wholly within" range from a source, but there are 2 available sources, can a unit count if they are partially within both? Example: A unit of 20 ghouls has 15 models with 12" of one hero and the remaining 5 models are wholly within 12" of another hero. Do they get their extra 6+ to ignore?
  4. I was attempting to create an army on Azyr for Legion of Nagash and I can't find the Terrorgheist or Zombie Dragon. Is this a bug or were they removed from the Legion of Nagash battletome? I looked through the LoN FAQ and I saw that it updated the rules to match the new Royal Terrorgheist and Royal Zombie Dragon from the Flesh Eater Courts battletome but it doesn't look like they were removed. Could anyone help me out?
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