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Book Character Kitbashing

Remus Prime

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A year or two ago I was very inspired when I read Nagash: The Undying King by @JReynolds and kitbashed Tamra ven-Drak using bits I had around, and was very pleased with the result, even doing some little hand sculpting with her cloak.



It helped me get back into the hobby, and I’ve since then been consuming great amounts of Black Library AoS stories and I really want to make more book characters, especially the string of powerful AoS women. 

A simpler conversion has been Liberator Prime/Knight Questor Calys Eltain from @JReynolds Soul Wars, although it’ll be my headcanon of her taking Elya back to Azyr after the events of the novel, and I’ll be kitbashing a grown up Elya with her feline companions (unsure what she’ll count as since the Excelsior Warpriest is gone...)



Another character I’m fond of is Maleneth Witchblade from the Gotrek series, especially inspired by the art of https://www.artstation.com/artwork/PmBo6n for the disks.  Although my version is a bit more armoured, again with things I had around rather than buying pieces specifically!  She’ll count as an Assassin in game, and the dynamic pose helps with that.  I did some crude sculpting to try and capture the ribbed/hooded nature of her cloak.



The next big project will be Katalya Mourne from Blacktalon: First Mark alongside her arthropod companion Khetto, as soon as I figure out the best way to do him...

I’ll try and keep this thread updated with progress!


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