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Generic movement enhancing Endless Spells


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So I am trying to figure out the usefulness of the Endless Spells that enhance your armies movement. As I play Choas Dwarfs I found the Boatman and the Bridge situational but useful from time to time. I haven't run the cogs yet but am thinking about using them.

Now I want to know your experiences with the generic movement enhancing Endless Spells (Launchon the Soulseeker aka. The Boatman, the Soulscreaming bridge and the Chronomatic cogs, or am I forgetting some?).

Which are you using or have experiences using them? Are they worth the points? In which sitatuation did you find them helpful and in which did they fail your expectations? Just keep happy chatting away :)

Cheers ^_^

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I only have experience with cogs in my Darkling covens army. Best used when your army NEEDS to be in combat to be effective and how they arrive to it (either being charged or charging) is less important. As @Stratigo has pointed out make sure you benefit far more than the majority of your opponents armies before you take them for the movement side of the cogs. 


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Thanks for the help so far :)

What about the bridge and the boat? I know the bridge has been used in skaven lists in combination with stormfiends successfully. Any other positive experiences with them? Would it make sense running both the bridge AND the boat?

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I personally prefer Cogs. Mainly because it has alternative uses outside of movement buffing. There will be many opponents that rush you and potentially make buffing movement moot.

Actually many players take Cogs specifically for its additional spell. The movement buffs are just icing on the cake!

I think the bridge and boat are fine, if a bit steep in the cost department. (both points and cash!)



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