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  1. Fair. But i'm not sure a point hike is enough for Sentinels. I played a tournament practice game vs lumineth recently were 30 sentinels wiped a unit of 6 Kurnoth Hunters in a single shooting phase. The reliability and range of their output is absolute insanity. And when you put it in the context of an army that can debuff bravery and 2x CP cost, it just exacerbates their impact.
  2. Excellent question. Honestly it makes no sense to me. I just know they usually cast in resin and are often of such dubious quality that its hard to distinguish between true FW and recasts. To the point that many people require a proof of purchase. My advice to new players is just steer clear of their stuff, unless you buy it used at a discount. They are extremely expensive and tend to get dropped from matched play seemingly at random.
  3. So basically like Sisters of the Watch? We are approaching a point of imbalance in the game where the community needs to get involved. Kroak, Sentinels, Hearthguard, Fly High, Flamers, Snake Ladies and Eels need immediate action. 20% temporary point hike on the named units until a FAQ hits. We did it before with Swedish comp and we can do it again if necessary.
  4. I effectively did just that. The issue was that Neferata has a -1 to hit Aura. Putting 9 Scythes and Durthu at -1 to hit is absolutely brutal. He also put 3 mortals on Durthu with a spell so he definitely knew how to mitigate durthu's output. Combine that with some mediocre rolling and you end up with zero damage output lol. So berzerkers are already S tier infantry in my book. Their movement is supposed to be their biggest (and only) weakness. But when you give them the ability to deepstrike and trigger ASF, it completely negates that weakness and just makes them essentially unstoppable unless you have a ton of shooting. This just pushes me back to taking some allied shooting. (or just fielding Sylvaneth in Cities so I can take a Hurricanum).
  5. Tournament update! I took durthu and 21 Kurnoth Hunters to a 2-game friendly tourney. We were covid-capped at 10 people. Here is a quick summary of my two games. Vs Legion of Blood. (Blades Edge) A cool army with a Vampire lord on dragon, Neferatta, and a bunch of blood knights. His bloodknights and Zombie dragon wrecked everything they touched. Frustratingly Durthu and Scythes managed to whiff multiple times in combats that should have been easy. The greatsword hunters carried the team, and my squads of 5 spites punched above their weight in a few fights. I also lost every priority roll which didn't help. The game came down to a fight over a single objective, where a 5+ save roll on my last hunter decided control of the objective. Sadly I failed it and lost 11-12. Great game! Vs Fyreslayers (Forcing the Hand) Because of how the wins/losses fell and my higher VP score, I got paired vs a winner and this list was brutal. 40 Hearthguard berzerkers, and all the characters to support them. I knew this was basically unwinnable, but rather than playing for the tie (like a smart person) I tried to play aggressively , betting everything on Durthu getting his stomp off. Naturally I failed the 4+ and they used their always strike first command ability to easily kill durthu and then wipe out my unit of Scythes. I counter charged with two units of greatswords but failed both charges. A single unit of Hearthguard killed 1400pts of my army. Luckily between my spite screens and some lucky dryad summons, I was able to effectively stall the majority of his army and stay ahead on objectives. However by turn 4 everything was dead and he was able to run onto my objectives unopposed, for a brutal 8 point gain on the bottom of turn 5. So I lost 16-20 Summary Lost twice, but had a blast. I felt like I did about as well as Sylvaneth could do in a tournament full of good players. The first game definitely felt winnable if my dice hadn't failed so hard. But that particular fyreslayer list felt unbeatable, at least not without shooting to snipe out his characters.
  6. Yea I play 6-3-1 on my free forest, and 1-1-1 on my summoned forests. Enforcing 6-3-1 on summoned forests would make them effectively unplaceable on any regulation terrain board after turn 1. I play in a lot of tournaments and everyone is cool with using the warscroll/codex restrictions.
  7. Yea this is a solid idea. The Branchwych is essentially an apothecary. She should have a FNP aura and/or also just provide a d3 wound heal/rez. I would be fine with taking her wizard abilities away to gain this. Alarielle doesn't really do anything that a Keeper of Secrets or mounted terrorgeist doesn't already do better, and for 200+ less points. I would be fine with her dropping her summoning ability altogether along with the relevant discount. She is probably worth 380-420 pts.
  8. I am not a fan of Forest folk. Units of 10 dryads are a pretty large waste of points. When you add in the cost of the battalion it really starts to add up. I have considered the Household though, but the Branchwych is just so frustratingly bad for the same points as a wraith. 30 Dryads are actually fine for the most part. The issue is that the meta is soul-crushingly hard on spell casters, so verdant blessing is unreliable. So that can leave Dryads anchored to your starter forest, which means they can't really do their job of tanking objectives. And if they leave the forest they go from an anvil to just a nuisance.
  9. Great idea! I also had a friend suggest that Treelords count as a forest for the purpose of teleporting. I thought that was a cool idea too. But yea its super frustrating carrying 5 forests to an event just to have a cluttered table with no room to place them. If they want us to a be a terrain focused army then thats fine or whatever, but they need to make sure we can actually have our terrain on the table.
  10. The item is solid, but the issue is that our spell lore lacks any meaningful spells to capitalize on the item. Is forcing through a D6 heal really going to impact the game enough? Will your caster even be near your heavy hitters when its needed? If we had spells that gave armywide 5++ or gave a unit -1 to hit, etc then you would be on to something But as it stands i would rather just spam rouse to wrath and verdant blessing with the stave 🤷‍♂️
  11. Its been a minute since I played Drycha. How does she get rerolls in the shooting phase? Yea but even then the player will usually have a 5+ FNP as well as the double CP spell up. So he is going to save quite a few of them and he doesn't degrade. The spell that doubles CP is probably one of their strongest abilities. It absolutely shuts down Dreadwood lists.
  12. Yea, it lets you suck a bit more efficiently than the other battalions. I honestly wouldn't bring it all if it weren't for the Spiritsong Stave. The extra cast just proves super crucial for summoning forests. Its particularly useful on turn 1 when I am often out of range of unbinds. I like Drycha as well, but she (like Durthu) is paying a hell of a premium for all of her abilities. I had a rude awakening in my last game after seeing what a 220point Light of Eltharion could do compared to my 300pt characters.
  13. All of our battalions suck. Outcast is just the cheapest form of suck 🤣
  14. So the shark is definitely a good way to spend an extra 110 points, especially for softer books like Sylvaneth or maybe even Cities. It essentially is a way to tie up a scary unit for a turn, since most units rely on pile ins to do damage. However the downside is that the unit will often just kill them on the players next turn since the effect wears off. So its not something I would build around. Its more of a minor tool to have on your belt for relatively minimal investment. They are also good objective grabbers. A similar affect can be derived from a unit of Concussors though. They are 220 points and their pile in deny ability activates in the combat phase, and they are extremely survivable. They could possibly tie up a horde unit indefinitely, or at least force the player to use their first activation to try and deal with them.
  15. The underperfoming subfactions like Oakenbrow, Heartwood, Ironbark and Gnarlroot need to just be rewritten from the ground up. Subfactions should be equally appealing and be closer in power levels to Winterleaf, Dreadwood, and Harvestboon. Some examples would be Oakenbrow unlocking Treelords as battleline and Gnarlroot giving all casters an additional cast and a unique spell. Maybe Heartwood could be +2 to run and charges. Ironbark should be a 6++ FNP and access to any duardin unit as allies. The artefacts/command abilities/traits should then supplement those playstyles. We need functional in game buffs in line with the other factions. This whole "+1 bravery" or "reroll battleshock" sub factions abilities are absolute trash compared to armies like Seraphon (-1 damage) or Khorne/FEC (multiple activations). Treelord Ancient should, at the very least, get a better warscroll spell, a second cast, and +1 attack. A character version of a unit should never be worse than the original unit. Side note, I also think Treelords Impale should be rewritten to where its more meaningful. Maybe make it a flat 3 damage. Hoping for a 6 on a single attack is meaningless 85% of the time.
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