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  1. Yea this was under 2nd edition. I charged him and completely whiffed (other than a single impact mortal wound). But fortunately he only did moderate damage back because of the excellent Living city Ironoak Skin spell and a mystic shield. However on his turn he got a spell off for +2 attacks and he had rerolls on the Maw attack and managed to reroll into three 6's. That was just straight up 18 mortal wounds lol. I'm not so upset that a mounted terrorgeist killed her. Thats to be expected. I am more upset that she missed with her spear and then her 4 beetle attacks failed do to a sin
  2. All sarcasm aside, can you post up some bat rep summaries of your recent/upcoming games? I am playing a lot of games every week in a pretty tough meta and I am just not seeing wins with Sylvaneth (or Living City). I am hungry for Sylvaneth content, especially from people who are having success with the army. Last night a terrorgeist killed my Alarielle in a single round of combat and its got me flustered lol. So I am desperate for resources lol.
  3. So I don't have a problem with the Spite statline or points. Its actually fine. Its the fact that taking a unit of 10 burns a finite resource and a unit of 5 isn't really a functional threat outside of a screen or speedbump. The really frustrating part is that the decision was clearly based on how they are sold, rather than their functionality. For example, Thralls are a very similar unit in terms of role, cost and model yet they are taken in base units of 10. But wait there is more. Under the new coherency rules, a unit of 10 is unlikely to get all of their attacks. If you honeycomb, yo
  4. Yea my groups are arguing it both ways. They are arguing that "given" and "known" are two different things. I also point out that in the margins (where clarifications like this are placed) actually say "taking a spell lore enhancement allows every WIZARD to know 1 spell from a spell lore. I feel like the underlining intent is pretty clear lol.
  5. Oh absolutely. And its definitely a good thing externally. But I hate it when a unit just gets made useless internally There is no reason to ever take spites anymore unless you just don't have the extra 10pts for Tree Revs.
  6. So something that hit the army in a really personal way is Spite revs staying at 5 model squads. This effectively kills the unit. Its now a max squad size of 15 and is a big waste of reinforcement points that are just better spent on Hunters or Dryads. Also, Tree Revenants points staying the same is another nail in their coffin. Kinda wish I didn't own 50 lol of them lol. Durthu and Drycha looking good though. May try to take both. I think RAW, Unique characters don't get allegiance spells anymore though. Hopefully thats gets clarified.
  7. Correct, but he is A) extremely overcosted for what he does and B) a constantly out of stock FW model thus making many of us believe he is perpetually in danger of being dumped to Legends. I'm hoping he sticks around with a healthy points drop, but i wouldn't recommend anyone buy the model anytime soon lol.
  8. So i have read through the rules real quick. Here are some tid bits that haven't been covered here yet. 1) First turn is a roll off. Tie goes to whoever finished dropping first. So you no longer know if you will have first turn while deploying. 2) Engagement range is still 3" and Redeploy doesn't work if your are outside 9". Our deepstrikes will still be quite useful. 3) Command abilities are once per phase and once per unit. This makes Unleash Hell a bit easier to swallow. Since you won't be hit with it multiple times in the same phase. 4) Flyers cannot land on buildings t
  9. I don't necessarily disagree, but the current system wasn't working, or at least it wasn't working fairly. And TBH, those detachments are pretty flexible. My existing armies could easily fit into these battallions and as a NH and Sylvaneth player I appreciate finally having access to an affordable 1 drop list. This is definitely going to ruffle the feathers of armies who are use to having powerful low-drop battalions at their disposal, but this is a huge buff for lower performing codexes. It may limit list building to some degree, but I would prefer GW err on the side of balance ove
  10. So if we look to 40K, every unit in your army must be a in a detachment. So thats probably going to hold true for battalions. It helps to regulate, for better or worse, wacky or spammy army lists. In most cases a player would put the majority of their army in a Battle Regiment or Vanguard, and then add additional supplemental units in one of the other more specialized battallions. Its essentially putting a "leader" tax on spamming monsters and artillery. It actually is a really good system for curbing lists into a somewhat realistic form, but unfortunately many of the "batteline u
  11. The critical issue with the Grimghast Reapers is the same as the Harridans. They are just too expensive. Reapers were hiked because of LoN abuse, but remain at the cost even after LoN is gone. Also Harridans price increase was mind boggling. They essentially traded double damage 6's to wound for exploding 6's (a lateral change for the most part) but got a 29% point hike. They weren't exactly A tier at 14pts. So at 18pts they are competitively DoA (no pun intended) Also the rumor thread indicates that armies will only be able to expand 4 units beyond starting size. If true this absolu
  12. You may be right, it was definitely vague. But inspiring presence is functionally the same in both games, and so it would be strange to see them nerf it into the ground in 40k but leave it largely intact in AoS. Not only is it once per battle in 40k, its also 2CP. And it was a lot less powerful in 40k since squads are generally smaller. But GW is far from consistent in its rules writing. So who knows lol.
  13. @PopisdeadSomebody in the rumor thread pointed out that the new Stormcast warscrolls are fairly visible in the twitch stream, and they did in fact have melee ranges on their weapon profiles. So I guess that idea is toast. However todays preview revealed a "Grand Strategy" which is functionally a secondary objectives. Thats pretty huge, since it effectively swings a big portion of the game away from armies just belly flopping at objectives. And this particular one is super useful for Tree Revs or Dryads.
  14. Yea I think we will adopt the 40k bravery method, and today's preview mentioned that "Inspiring Presence can only benefit one unit:" which I interpret to be mean "one unit per game" similar to 40k. So maybe bravery will matter again. But with so much immunity out there its hard to say. With the unit coherency rules the way they are, we could see range go away in favor of "ranks". The coherency rule just doesn't work well with pile ins, unless a "consolidation" move is added. Cavalry are going to have a really rough time of it, since their bases are huge and their ranges are usually quit
  15. Tourney update! List was: Olynder, KoS, ST, 30 Hexwraith, 20 bladeghasts, Coach, 10 chain rasps, dolorous guard and emerald host. Note: tourney used realm rules but did not announce all battleplans ahead of time. I will keep this short, so this isn't too long of a novel. Game 1. Scorched Earth. vs Lumineth I out dropped him and cursed his battle cattle. He goes first and plinks off some models with balistas and sentinels. Very mild turn for LRL so I push up hard and send the coach into his battle cattle to try and shut off his -2 to hit aura. Coach rolled Wave of terror,
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