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  1. I think maybe his value diminishes a bit without endless spells in the list, but I imagine most Tzeentch players will be including at least 1-2. So he will always have something to do. I don't imagine I would ever use his teleport unless someone leaves a critical objective wide open turn 1. In a Guild of Summoners list he is just too cheap to pass up. With a vortex he can get me a third of the way to a LoC on turn 1!
  2. So is it just me or is the Changeling essentially an auto-include? Even if you completely disregard his teleport, you still get 2 guaranteed casts for 120pts on top of a fantastic debuff. As a Demon character he also gets the Locus. So if you camp him near some horrors he can essentially guarantee your horrors are -2 to hit right?
  3. This has come up a few times before so I will summarize my previous posts Ahkelia Morrsarr - Fast, hit hard, and resilient. Helps to put pressure on your opponent/objectives early on without the need for teleports. Wildwood Rangers - Reliable anti-monster unit. A unit of 20 is conveniently priced between 3 and 6 Kurnoth Hunters and can fulfill the same role. Celestar Ballista - Efficient (both $ and points) way to have a meaningful shooting phase. Sisters of the Watch - Effective shooting phase Characters - Waywatchers, Lord Relictors, Knight Azyros, Knight Incantors, and Tidecasters. All are reasonably costed and contribute something that Sylvaneth lack.
  4. I actually really like Host Arcanum. A free unit of Screamers is also cool! But didn't one of the youtube reviewers mention that 2d6 rolls now require two destiny dice? Is that how destiny dice work now? If thats the case, then my Destiny dice will go quick. I use most of mine on charges and casts
  5. I would recommend a Lord of Change/Kairos and a box of Kairic Acolytes. That will give you a 1000+ pt army easily and fill up your battleline, at least for 1000pts games. If you hate painting the same models over and over then avoid Pink Horror altogether.
  6. Can someone clarify Skyshoal Covens battalion for me? Does "normal move" include retreats, charges, and runs? Seems like it could be crazy powerful if so. Thats 4 units potentially generating D3 mortals per turn (twice if they charge!). Edit: I just found the FAQ. Only moves made in the movement phase are considered normal. Charges and Pile-ins are considered something separate. That makes sense. Still seems like a pretty decent battalion though.
  7. I just want them to be cheap, and have the ability to cast allegiance and endless spells. I am not too optimistic on their shooting capability. For the most part GW errs on the side of caution for shooting. Historically each cast in Tzeentch armies have been ~90 points, so I find myself running out of points quickly even with just 4 or so casts. So if I can fill battle line and also score meaningful casts then I will be happy.
  8. So far the changes are all looking great. The changes to acolytes is *really* interesting, especially if they get access to allegiance spells. Also the Locus effectively makes all Daemon characters -1 to hit in melee. Thats a huge buff for LoC. Pink Horrors could really become insane if they manage to get -1 to hit.
  9. Exactly. They essentially just pulled an allegiance/general buff out of the army and put it on something you have to buy. Khorne may have been a bad example since they do have some strange tendencies to build brass stuff. Deepkin, Gloomspite, Ogors, and Slaanesh are more obvious offenders when it comes to spontaneous terrain generation.
  10. So I could write a novel on why the Wyldwoods are a problem mechanically, but at least the terrain fits in with the fluff of the army. However most of the other faction terrain just feel like they were tacked on as a cash grab. I can see Alarielle summoning a woods on a battlefield, but are Slaanesh followers gonna haul around a mirror the size of a building? Do Khornates take the time to construct an altar when battle is imminent? They really only benefit their faction under a specific set of circumstances and are more often than not forgotten about/disregarded early on in games. I feel like Tzeentch terrain would have been similar. I imagine we would have got a $50 giant bird statue that lets you reroll 1's to cast while wholly within 6 inches" or something similar. I wish the time/money/talent had went into creating more units.
  11. So my main army is Sylvaneth, and let me tell you that faction terrain is overrated. Its expensive, generally doesn't contribute much, and is a pain to transport. Also, tournaments tend to overcrowd tables with terrain making it exceedingly difficult to place it anywhere meaningful. One of my biggest issues with AOS nowadays is the entourage of models you have to carry with you for competitive play. You have to carry endless spells, models to summon, and faction terrain (sometimes in multiples!). All of which have the potential to never see play.
  12. Yea the frustrating part about Alarielle is that I am pretty sure her base issues with Living City and Gladewyrm weren't intentional. Six inches was probably just slapped on those rules arbitrarily. Luckily the Spiteswarm Hive is 8 inches. Looks like a fun list but I always advise against double TLAs. A big part of their cost is the command ability and the free forest, and you can't duplicate those. I would recommend you swap out a TLA and an endless spell for Durthu. I don't think you will miss one cast.
  13. Wow I did not know either of those things! That is pretty significant correlation. Good on the ITC guys for standing up to the IH insanity and good on GW for responding quickly. If only the same thing had occurred for Slaanesh!
  14. Haha thats awesome. Yea the Gladewyrm goes from meh to crazy good if you can get it within range of multiple units. The sad part is that it can't actually heal Alarielle because her base is too big 😭
  15. Personally, I really like the Gladewyrm mode, so anytime I have the points leftover I put it in. However I have had mixed results with it in my games. It competes directly with Quicksilver swords, and the swords are great in a meta that is full of chaos. The primary benefit, for me at least, is that it can't be turned on you. I can't tell you how many times my own Quicksilver swords or Spellportals have been used against me. I'm like I bought the model, painted it, paid for its points, and casted it, but now its hurting me One good thing about the higher casting cost it that it takes like an 8 to dispel, so most opponents won't bother attempting it unless they have spare casts.
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