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  1. I don't think @Bosskelot was saying they are ridiculous, I think he was saying that 40k is overwhelmed with too many factions at the moment, and adding a new one while letting so many others languish is unfair. I don't personally mind in this instance (since squats were so beloved). But he does have a point. At this rate there is no way they will get all of their factions updated before 9th edition hits the 4 year mark.
  2. We have a similar issue with a LRL list dominating our meta. Its mostly just 30 sentinels + teclis though so its not as impossible as your situation. This is a bit of a stretch, but have you considered taking some allied shooting? Nighthaunt has two units with a surprising amount of ranged output. Specifically Olynder and Chainghasts. Olynder is particularly effective vs Lumineth since her scream targets leadership, her vale doesn't have to roll to hit, and her grave sands can only target characters. Its just a matter of getting her close enough since she isn't super fast. She also is a 2 caster and has a respectable melee profile. Chainghasts aren't exactly pro snipers, but they are cheap and also fight pretty decently. A squad of 4 might give you the pressure you need to keep the foxes from doing whatever they want.
  3. The shields wouldn't have mattered at all vs SOB. They no longer work against Monsters or Heroes.
  4. Not sure if you can subscribe separately, but the 40k app by itself use to be $2.99 USD a month while you can get a Warhammer+ sub for $60 USD a year. I know these are tight times, but the free model, gift voucher, and tv series are worth the extra $2 a month, at least to me. I bet the assassin model will sell on ebay for at least $50. Thats my plan anyway. Yea, you should always be able to see a Warscroll. But the special rules and allegiance abilities on the warscrolls would be locked, if they belong to a battletome released after the app launched. So right now literally every rule from every battletome is in the app, other than Orruks and SCE.
  5. So the 40k app let you have access to ALL rules released before the app came out. So as long as you have a warhammer+ sub, you should be able to see all rules for all battletomes other than Orruks and SCE. Typically, with locked battletomes, you could only see the basic warscroll and the names of the special rules. Whats strange about the AOS app is that you can currently see almost all of the SCE and Orruk special rules. Only a few things like artefacts, mount traits, and command traits are locked. This is probably an oversight or a beta perk. I imagine they will get locked again when it gets out of beta.
  6. TBH contrast painted models are the standard for my meta. I won the last two "best painted army" awards at tourneys using entirely contrast painted armies and all of my commissions are primarily contrast. There are a growing number of people who just want their army tabletop quality in 30 days or less, so I cater to them exclusively. Someone can be the best miniature painter in the world but if they never actually finish armies, then the awards will keep going to hacks like me. 🤣
  7. I'm bringing the below list to a tournament on 9-25. Its obviously not super strong but its what I can get painted in time. Artefacts and Command Traits to be decided. Yeller Shields 525- Big Drogg Gate Breaka 180- Breaka Boss on Troggoth 170- Boss on Gnashtooth 105- Swamp Calla 540- 30 Gut Rippaz 240- 6 Bolt Boyz 240- 6 Bolt Boyz Its a two drop list. Plan is to keep the gutrippaz as buffed as possible and threatening opponents objectives while the bolt boyz hang back and shoot what they can. Mega and characters can run around causing havoc. Not much of a plan but its a new army, so who cares. Should be fun! I think 60 wounds of gutrippaz could be quite challenging to get through if properly supported.
  8. I am aware. But I have never met anyone like that in person because they never show up to actual events 🤣 But listen, I'm not downplaying anyone's enjoyment. I value everyone who participates at any level. And at the end of the day, they are supporting FLGS (and ultimately GW) just as much as I am. And thats good. I just personally find the painting combined with playing to be more enriching and challenging than just painting models. And its my opinion that the physical community aspect of the game is crucial to its longevity.
  9. Thats true. And some folks are totally fine with just sharing pics and engaging online. For some the process/results of painting is the goal itself. Nothing wrong with that. Not me though. I enjoy painting, but its a means for me to play games and throw dice and chill with fellow nerds at my FLGS. But I have been around long enough to see multiple game systems die. And one of the worst feelings ever is having a fully painted army and a passion for a game, but no opponents. So I just have a sense of urgency and I convey that to the people I teach. My mantra is "a tabletop quality army is 1000x more appealing than an army that's never finished". But we can probably agree there is a happy medium here. There is a large gap between 3 color minimum and 10 hours spent removing mold lines on a single model lol
  10. I wanted to say something that may be a bit uncomfortable to hear for some: Some painters spend a little too much time hobbying on their armies, while the game moves on around them. I don't think many here do this, but we have several in our community and it just feels like they aren't really contributing anything but instagram pics ya know? For example: We have a local guy who paints at the highest level. His models are stunning. He has been working on an Admech army for years. We also have a guy who speed-painted an Ogor army in 24 hours lol. Guess who runs events and shows up to every thursday night? I will end with an analogy that I still think about. I have two friends that are into racing. One bought an old VW and spent a few weeks fixing it up with friends. He entered it in countless dirt track races. It ended up getting pretty beat up over the years but he made a lot of friends and won a few trophies along the way. One bought a dodge viper, and begin meticulously suping it up for drag racing. It was garage kept and only driven a few days a month. He spent years on it, and its was amazing. He was getting pretty close to finishing it up and getting ready to start racing. Then our local race track closed due to lack of attendance. Just something to keep in mind. If you are gonna put 250 hours into an army, just make sure you put an equal amount of time in the community. Otherwise you won't have an opponent to field it vs
  11. My two cents 1) I always play fully painted, even for the most casual of games. Its just a personal preference and helps me manage my hobby. 2) I make no requests of my opponent. Its your army and you can field it how you please. 3) I am ok with painting requirements for events, but they need to be appropriate. For example, I dont think leagues and single day tourneys should have strict paint requirements, because they are pretty popular for newer players. But GT's absolutely should have them. 4) There is a culture in Warhammer where vets will rag on people who don't get their armies complete timely. In my experience its always good-natured and is never aimed toward new or young players. I am ok with this and a little bit of peer pressure is good in moderation. 5) At the end of the day, the thursday night "regulars" and people who make the effort to attend tourneys/leagues are what keep the hobby going, regardless of painting level. Give me a guy who a shows up weekly/monthly with a WIP army ANYDAY over a "pro painter" who does it just for the 'gram and never plays.
  12. Yea SC are in a rough place, but I'm hoping the new codex straightens that out. Its pretty difficult to sell SC armies on the second hand market right now. They just sit forever. I look at Bow Hunters and see 38pts per shot hitting on 4+ and I just immediately balk. How can such an expensive unit have such a poor shooting statline. I would rather just have 2 celestar ballistas.
  13. Have you played vs Lumineth or Tzeentch yet? Because I assure you Gnarlroot is not anywhere near problematic in terms of power , especially given the wyldwood nerfs. Both of those factions have reliable and consistent auto-denies and potential automatic endless spell dispels. And when they don't have auto-denies available, they usually have very strong natural unbinds. Lumineth even have spell shrugs. SOB and Archaon lists are also resilient vs the Warsong, since the output isn't enough to threaten a Mega and Archaon can shrug half the mortals. So yes, Gnarlroot might be a strong build vs other C and D tier lists. But in any kind of competitive meta its actually at a severe handicap since the Warsong probably won't do anything meaningful after turn 1.
  14. Not really. AOS armies (with the exception of Cities) are pretty limited on unit variety. If i ended up with multiple units from a single faction that i didnt like i would just sell that army and play one of my other armies. I dont mind underperforming units. What i dont like are underperforming units that are financially expensive AND require you to build your army around them. Bow Hunters hit that niche pretty hard.
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