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Celestant prime usage.


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Definitely not a general. He could be good with a Quicksilver Potion so after going first in your combat phase he'll be charged in retaliation but you'll get to go first anyway. The issue I have with giving him this artefact is that he's only on the board for a short time and his impact is massive, so the artefact could be better served elsewhere. 

By turn 3 he's powered up enough to finish off juicy targets that have been slightly softened. By turn 4 he's almost overkill. 

He's great psychologically because your opponent will be cautious about leaving certain key units undefended or exposed. But he also has a very powerful AOE ability that punishes players for clamming up to avoid in. 

Where possible get him into flanks. If you see a big unit of Gore Gruntaz or Morghasts, flank charge them so fewer models can pile back in against him. 

He's amazing at sweeping battle line units off objectives. 

He's also amazing in the early game in conjunction with a Heraldor for the AOE mortal wound spam. So by keeping him off, you trade less of that for more power later on. If you have an army that deals well with large threats then bring him on early to use the ability. Likewise if you're facing Bloodbound or other armies that rely on 5 would hero's as force multipliers, he's also great in the early game to deal with them with the AOE. 

Drop him in still to get the upper hand on a weak hero in combat and use the AOE to start softening up the next target. 

Also don't feel compelled to keep him alive. If a unit peels of too kill him, you've distracted that unit for a turn or more and can get on with playing the objectives. 

So three functions. 

1) Psychological Impact. Forces opponent to deploy or move carefully and also to disengage other targets to deal with him. 

2) Shock and Awe in the late game to remove problematic heros or monsters or scoring units. 

3) Early Game whittling. Aoe in conjunction with other cheap shooting or Arcane Bolt can dramatically cull low wound heros to help break synergies. 

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6 minutes ago, Dracothjay said:

Thoughts on knight venator?

Very competent, mobile and independent unit. Harasser mainly. Great at whittling down units.

The star fated arrow can be pretty deadly. It also could be the attack I roll a 1 to hit with the most.

I usually take a celestant of some kind as general, lord relictor, mobility (vex or heraldor) hero, battlemage then I want the venator in ahead of most other leaders.

Seems a bit far down but in reality the ones before are just essential (well depending on game size).

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