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  1. I hope the Aelves remained as a single soup faction as i think 5 Aelven factions are too many. That said I do notice lots of redundancy between the old high elves and dark elves units. Some of them got to be transferred to the Tyrion and Malerion factions.
  2. Indeed. It was too prevalent. It was toned down in the earlier armies and later armies tend to get a 6's save vs MW.
  3. I agree there is power creep. In the short term. Usually GW will make some units in a new book very powerful. Then if there's feedback from the community about unbalanced, that unit will be nerfed in the next GHB. Thought I noted for Daughters of Khaine, GW's approach was to give anti horde abilities to newer armies.
  4. Absolutely fine for me. All Seraphon needs imo is updated rules. Their warscrolls are severely underpowered though the allegiance abilities are good. For example the bastiladon has too few wounds. There is a guy on Facebook AoS group that also say Seraphon are coming. When other users told him NDAbreaker got debunked, he insisted the Seraphon are still coming but refused to give details.
  5. Do you move to mostly mortals because you think they are stronger? I am curious as it is an opposite experience among the players in my group. They move to mostly daemons (bloodletters and thirsters). In fact it was a running joke in my group that the 3 Battletome Chaos gods factions mortals are inferior to Daemons. We are not a skilled group though so I acknowledge we could be wrong.
  6. Is the Seminar over? No updates for quite a few hours
  7. I have lots of 2nd handed models that I am supposed to repaint to my color scheme. About 40 infantry and 15 cavalry. And my 2k DoK Army of which 900 more points to go. 2 Lizardmen dino. Some 40k eldar and sisters and half a 3k Warmaster army and 5k epic Eldar army. And my historical Byzantine army. I gave up on painting all of it anymore, basically just focusing on the games that are being played frequently first.
  8. I just inherited a large High Elf army (from an ex player who gave up on them due to their limbo status in AoS). My plan is to purchase base adapters and magnets to convert the minis to rounds and ovals. If GW ever drop the units from AoS completely, I will simply use them for Fantasy which I still play sometimes.
  9. Can I use it in my games (is it part of my army? I rarely buy stuff just to paint/display) Do I own the models already? If so, can its role on the table top be replaced by something that I do not owned. Do I like the models? Is it useful on the tabletop
  10. My contribution to the war effort. Still wip. Ran out of paint while shut in at home. Hopefully can get supplies soon.
  11. I am in a situation like yours. My solution is to buy already made terrain slowly. It took me 2 years to finally get hold of a gaming map and some trees (I play Aelves) within my budget and space limitations.
  12. I am not sure why GW is ok with Greek Aelves but not Egyptian undead. Therefore I take the rumors of the coming Greek sea elves with a pinch of salt.
  13. That happens when you ****** off a woman. 180 degrees turn.
  14. I hope GW can let us have new witch elf units by mixing in SOS kits. Witch elves with dagger and shield anyone?
  15. I feel that the Free Cities have strong allegiance abilities when they first come out but it is no longer such a big issue with the Legions of Nagash. I hope gw will reinstate Firestorm + Allegiance abilities.
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