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Terrain sets Corpsewrack or Stormvault or both


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At the moment I’m thinking about buying both of the expansion terrain sets. Becasue they look good and add some more scenery for our AOS games as well. However both sets appear to be very plain and maybe even boringly flat. But are they?

Which of the expansion sets have you people tried? How was it and how did it affect the game? 

Which expansion set is your favourite?

Not adding new twists to each set is a missed opportunity imo. What do they bring to the game, that makes them worth the while?

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     For me it will be both, and they should be in tomorrow (I’m always jealous of the members who receive their orders on Thursday, my store always gets its deliveries on Saturday). As for the twists I never considered it before but think you’re right; a small set of twists cards (say 12 maybe) to add to the deck would’ve been nice. 

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I think for AoS they're both fine.  For me the deal breaker is the colour choices on the stormvault side of the printed board.  I'm pretty sensitive to clashing colours and their bone and blue-grey means it doesn't quite work with the drab red I painted my other terrain in.  So I'd either have to paint up the stormvault terrain in a totally different scheme or have it not really look right on the stormvault board.  In the end I decided to wait and see what terrain kits they come out with in the future.

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