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  1. What's worse intentionally ramping up the power to sell new kits (which they don't partake in as many of the new kits have dreadful rules) or being incompetent and letting rules out of the stable which are bad for the game and the communities it fosters? ( 7th Daemons, 5th Grey Knights, Eldar Scatbike Troops, FEC during their recent reign of terror, Slaanesh in modern AoS, potentially these new Marine snowflake books)
  2. Do we know if the reapers can take any other existing minis outside of Arkhan and Morghasts? Could be new kits with an old hero.
  3. Fantastic. Thanks guys. Ordered enough for all my different forces. Excited to try em out.
  4. I really like those low profile minimag trays. For those who've decided to use these across different armies. What numbers and shapes have you purchased? I'd be using them for Moonclan, squigs, 40k cultists, Genestealers. My first thoughts are mostly the 5 cloud shape with some of the strips. Would that work well in both games?
  5. I don't think this new ability affects a model with the amulet. It ignores the ability Ethereal. Which despite having the word in it's name and bestowing the same effect it does not grant the model that ability.
  6. I started to magnetize them and then just went with rule of cool. He looks way cooler on the pile of Skaven.
  7. What a lovely day. Can't wait to hear more and the short stories is a great bonus.
  8. We come to it once more. I lay my head down to sleep and hope to wake to a Cities of Sigmar pre order preview. Surely it will be this week? (Feel free to make Airplane! References)
  9. It's fun exaggerating. Some consistency would be nice. There is usually some method to their madness. They tease something. Time goes by. They start previewing it. It comes out. Rinse, repeat. For some reason with this specific release they teased it. Added a savage cull of the model lines associated with it. Then spent the summer announcing things and immediately releasing them or putting up previews before the preorder week in Beastgraves case. One could argue the release that most needed communication from the creator has been completely ignored since the culling of the existing minis.
  10. Community post addressing the Bonereapers leak.
  11. It will be a Warcry campaign. It should be a lot of fun. There are no prizes for winning. It's just gonna be about painting and the story. I'm making three warbands loyal to the Lichemaster for it. 1 Legions, 1 Flesh Eater and a converted Vampiric Hunting party (SCE) Thanks for the kind words. That's my home table.
  12. The Lichemaster's return to the Mortal Realms has begun. The first of his Warbands for an upcoming Narrative Campaign is finished.
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