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  1. Anyone having success with the basic Squigs? They have been rather underwhelming for me. New list: Boingrot Boss 2x Boingrot 3x Netters 3x Shootas
  2. Eldarain

    Is SCE OP?

    I think Onslaught should be restricted to melee. Too devastating on ranged activations.
  3. Would not be against Onslaught going to melee only as it is making Stormcast Raptors nuts for just investing a double.
  4. Will probably need some kind of FAQ to be sure as there doesn't seem to be anything about how and when you clear activations. And it isn't clear what happens with dead models. The summon ability makes it seem like they keep their damage tokens. But if a model dies round 1 and you raise it round 3 is it's activation cleared or does it remain at the state it died?
  5. I can definitely see it being built around Reanimant.
  6. The Starter box is the only place to get the universal abilities card afaik. The rulebook has them though.
  7. A dramatic retelling is in order for sure.
  8. Played my first game with the Gitz. Our Boingrot Boss is very powerful but pro tip don't let an angry Ironjawz Brute Boss with a Quad ready to go get a hold of him. One shotted him from full health. Played the mission where you have to kill the Dagger to win. We both put one model in the Dagger! On Round 3 the Orc boss got my key Netter to 2 wounds but my Squig hunting pack took down the Ard Boy for the win.
  9. The more I play the more I think you want to out activate your opponent so you can use the Necromancer last to drop a resurrected Seneschal directly into double attack range. The added benefit of bodies to screen out threats to the Necro is nice too.
  10. I use the spider grots from Silver Tower as Netters (webbers?)
  11. In our games so far most turns are just about getting a good Waaagh. I find the basic abilities far better for us than the Warband specific ones other than that. A Brute Boss is terrifying with the generic Quad. One shotted a full health Boingrot boss. Also DinoTitanEdition BoingBoingBoing is super good but it only affects one model within 1" and it forces the Squig to forgo abusing the 2" reach they have.
  12. I chose the Vault over the graveyard because it offers some verticality and is far better about blocking LoS in the other games I'll use it for.
  13. Wondering if there are any pitfalls like this with the Stormvault set. Anyone had a look at the cards yet?
  14. Have they been keeping allegiance abilities/artifacts etc in GHBs for forces they no longer sell? Ie. Is this a year long farewell tour for the culled minis?
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