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  1. They look great. Maybe they use the hafts of the great weapons to block attacks.
  2. Sounds intriguing. Giving up quite a few buffs to the main man and his army in Host but I could definitely see a Despoilers list with him and Belakor being very powerful.
  3. @JackStreicher Yes. As your piling in makes the units you end up within 3" of eligible to be selected.
  4. @Vitch_EGS I built a similar list but used a maxed out Iron Golems unit as the anvil. The Ravagers trait "Unquestioned Resolve" that hands out free generic CAs is really good with them. Allowing you to move them up 11" turn one and keeping them morale immune when needed too. I also put the Argent armor and Deception on my Slaanesh Sorceror on Manticore. Surprisingly good melee ability.
  5. @flamingwalnut what about an Ork Freebooter fleet using Kharadron ships/rules? The ships could be trukks/battlewagons in 40k.
  6. @Scurvydog I'm using Mantic's Northern Alliance Clansmen. Proper plastic kit at a very reasonable price point.
  7. Karak Cythral continues its expansion
  8. This is what we've done: Each month choose one of the following: A group of 5+ minis (Can be a unit but does not have to be) A Behemoth or other 60mm+ model A 25mm-40mm character (max of one character entry per 6 month season. Though you're free to add them to any other months pledge) Please make a post each month with a photo of the primed or single basecoated miniatures you are pledging with a sheet of paper with your name and the date clearly visible. Then before the end of the month post a picture of the completed miniatures.
  9. That is sadly true far too often when deciding between S2D and God book. They really needed to make the allegiance abilities dynamic and strong to make it an interesting choice. On a separate note what percent of non Wargamers would correctly predict the outcome of this duel?
  10. Been working on the little ball of doom that inspired me to start a City. Gotrek's Alive! This completes the first 6 month round of the painting challenge we started locally.
  11. The Dwarf being the most accurate comparison as the Warrior is on a bit of masonry.
  12. The Mantic Clansmen I'm using as Marauders for those who are interested.
  13. I am building towards an Archaon Sorc on Manticore, 6 Varanguard and 40 Marauders build. Couple questions. Would 80 Marauders and 3 Varanguard be better? Assuming I keep the current breakdown would two units of 3 Varanguard and a blob of 40 marauders be the way to go? Or would 6 Varanguard and two units of 20 Marauders be better. Tempted by being able to launch one Marauder unit and still have a screen and having all 6 Varanguard get reroll saves from the Sorc. Cheers.
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