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  1. You can still be -2 to hit. If your enemy doesn't have any +s to hit it will become -1 when they roll dice. It's useful to negate All out Attack, Hurricanum etc.
  2. I saw some made from the SE Vanguard Pallador mounts and Elven Cav riders. Looked great.
  3. Some elements were retained and others jettisoned. A recent campaign book reprinted the entirety of the Chaos Space Marine PA stuff alongside adding the Be'Lakor mixed mortal/daemon subfaction but both those factions are waiting for their 9th book.
  4. If it's the last day of the month it's an Eldarain post. Love this sculpt!
  5. One of my all time favourite sculpts up next.
  6. @Warbossironteef I really like that list. I'd be tempted to swap a necro for a foot vampire for a more reliable +1 attack buff for when one of Mannfred/Radukar's is unlikely to be applied. Any additional thoughts as to battalion usage and if you intend to use the Gravesite/ Legion Ambush with anything?
  7. I think the Venomcrawler works best of those mentioned. My mind always wanders to Norsca so I'd be tempted to bash a Stonehorn and Ironblaster together with Chaos banners etc to season
  8. They look too big for that. But custom Mannfred/Neferata maybe?
  9. @Tizianolol You can apply it twice to the same target (if you want to insure they stay at even/-1 in case they apply All out attack/unique ability) or apply it to another unit in range.
  10. I think the app still has it. Claws are also named wrong too IIRC.
  11. Sigil seems fine to me. Bit odd it turns off when either player doubles but Slaves needs all the offence they can get. I recommended dropping it as you seem interested in getting your triumphs and dropping it might make that more likely (not sure exactly how many points this list is)
  12. @Pyrescribe I like it. I'd consider dropping the sigil as taking the extra triumph you'd like the best chance at using them. Varanguard can't take the generic artifacts but not a big deal as their list is amazing especially Grasping Plate in a world with Unleash Hell.
  13. In a bid to outdo my last day nonsense I started the Daemon this morning.
  14. @TechnoVampire i wouldn't bump the knights to 10 as that coherency change sucks. Will have to be a 2 drop though as you can't fit two monster heroes into a Battle Regiment.
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