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  1. Quite possibly Ghaz. The dings and dents along with the cable styling looks very Orkish.
  2. This has not been my experience. Catapults murder any character visible and all unleash their 30 dead gobbos shot early. 20 Morteks put out 61 2+ 4+ -2 rend exploding hits on 6s (5s with spell) If that's pillow fisted I don't know how to describe our faction.
  3. It's the wholly within and short range on the buffs that kill any counter play. Those Catapults kill a support character or snufflers or 30 gobbos a shot.
  4. Maybe it's just my Gitz not having the ranged output/mortals necessary to properly counteract them. My experience hasn't aligned with what you've put here. The Morteks move 9-14 putting them squarely on mid field objectives. No idea what to "lock them up with" their offense is nuts. 61 2+ 4+ -2 rend attacks that can reroll 1s and explode on 5s make a puddle of most things I've tried.
  5. A well thought out and helpful post. I definitely don't have a comprehensive knowledge of AoS. I know that much of my frustration can probably be placed that my favourite army doesn't feel like it has much to make the OBR player worried at all. All my Squigs, Trolls, Fanatics just bounce off the Guard and get one shotted. My wizards are cowering all game as being visible= death with Sniper Rifle Catapults
  6. Any advice against Bonereapers? Seems like a brutal match up for us. Thought Fanatics might be it but 10 bounced right off those crazy Mortek and got one shotted by the 7 left. Then there were 13 the next turn.
  7. My biggest source of annoyance isn't just their power level (which is very high) It's the comprehensive stacking of special exceptions/crutches. It's just irritating that it feels like I'm playing one game and they ignore most/all the restrictions I'm following. I get 1 CP a turn with a couple of my armies being able to get 1-3 extra sometimes. They get 5-11 a round (and are immune to the negative effects armies have against CP because of course they are) They also generate them at the start of a round so are fully able to buff anything needed in case they are alpha'd They're Endless Spells completely negate the double edge sword mechanic most others have to consider because of course they do. I have to keep my units supported with heroes close by to use command abilities on them. Every Champion in theirs fills the same role. Positioning is for the weak. Their terrain piece gets complete freedom to dominate the table with long range debilitating debuffs while mine can struggle to be placed/clog up small deployment zones etc Army wide Battleshock immunity because an army ignoring an entire core mechanic while already being incredibly tough to do damage to is fun. (Even more egregious as making them save some RDP for an IP equivalent would help with the next point) Their "Battleline" unit is insane. 3+ rerolling saves in melee all the time. And when needed whichever unit of 20 needs to can pump out 61 2+ to hit rend -2 attacks that explode on 6s (can be 5s) These guys do it all. Most armies elite units envy the comprehensive ability of these guys. As a new player it's just a lot. If I'm not playing shooting/mortal spam it just feels like a wasted evening as my army bounces off and crumbles.
  8. With the Marines/CSM/Sisters and now S2D is it possible Start Collecting sets are going to become self contained sculpts instead of discount bundles of existing kits?
  9. Those are very cool.
  10. Does anyone make Bad Moon dice? If not who would you recommend for getting some custom ones done up?
  11. New use for the whirling nutters: Mortek Guard can't activate their crazy rerolling saves ability before the shroom addled gobbos smash em (in our turn)
  12. Probably the best thing about this announcement. There is clearly a strong attachment and nostalgia for the Old World and it's characters (both in the community and design team) Now they can both have some space to develop in parallel instead of new and outlandish ways to put them in the new setting.
  13. An Aeronautica type game if the 40k one is doing well would be cool. With their digital approach full factions and a scaled down game would be efficient too.
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