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Screaming Bell Summoning and Movement




This is a question that came up in a game last night.

Screaming Bell 12 lets me summon a Verminlord within Peal of Doom and outside 9" of an enemy model. There is no statement about it counting as movement, nor restricting the movement of said Verminlord.

I can't find anything in the rulebook or FAQ preventing it. The Gnawhole for example states that teleporting counts as movement.

So.. can a summoned Verminlord be placed ridiculously far, then take a walk and charge?

Seems a bit good, right?

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I am not seeing anything to say you cannot. Most summoning rules will state if you can move or not. Though also most summoning is doing at the end of the movement phase so this might be a special case where the vermin lord is allowed to do this.

Though this is a 1/36 chance of happening so it’s not something to plan on consistently happening which might be sort of an additional reward for getting the Peal of Doom to work like this.

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