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  1. Yeah, I figured that's why you had the Robes. I've heard that the Doomwheel's pretty awesome with MMWP/Spark. ... I'm literally in a conversation with a dude on a FB BSS forum to source a NOS Hellpit. I think it's out of production.
  2. Let us know how you go. I'm actually interested to see how you go with that list, especially the Doomwheel. No Bell is kind of weird.
  3. Yeah, maybe I should actually give them a shot myself. I typically favour playing aggressively. 400pts for two is huge though. That's six Stalkers, who I find to be A++ blenders. Do you find they need a babysitter, or would you leave them on an objective alone?
  4. Personally, I think the Crawler is mediocre at best. But, it's one of only two guns we have. I've played against it and wasn't impressed. The problem with the Crawler is that it costs 200pts and has no rend. It needs some buff stacking to get the most out of it. IE; Spirit Guide and an extra attack I mean, sure, it can shred chaff infantry but we already do that. It can target characters, which is great. I find that with being an elite army, I can't assign units to babysit it. It's hard enough keeping forward momentum to take objectives while still keeping hold of your own and preventing fast/teleporting units from snagging them. I own two. One is assembled, the other still in box. My experience is from across the other side of the table. ... I'm such a conversation killer.
  5. So OBR is super common locally. There'sa lot of Mortek spam with Katacross and/or Arkhan. Last tournament I played in was a month ago.. played 3 other OBR players (all wins) and got crushed by pre-new book Tzeentch. So question I have for you: How are you playing into the mirror/Tzeentch and how are you building to counter? I feel like playing into OBR is about making sure you deny Empower Weapons, maximising recursion and getting to objectives and staying there first. Protection of Nagash is such a double edged sword. Teleports you when you don't want to.
  6. Yeah, I picked up a second one (painted sadly) for like $30 AUD ($20ish USD) a while ago. I got a copy of Carrion Empire as a starting point for Skaven. That and a lot of people just threw old copies of Island of Blood at me.
  7. Personally I don't even use eBay because the postage to Australia is always killer. =(
  8. Is that USD? It has to be. How could you have possibly paid $60 USD for a Bombadieer? You could've just got another copy of Carrion Empire and split it up. Also is the Hell Pit out or production? the GW AU website says it's "out of stock online" and they're like $150-300 AUD on eBay.
  9. Oh man. I didn't realise that Skitterleap could be used on the Verminlords. I thought it was Dreaded only due to wounds. That, is actually super cool.. and really easy to exploit.
  10. Anyone actually played with the Hellpit? I'm thinking of picking one to as a meta pick for OBR. Also, any suggestions on how to handle double cabbage Orruks? List-wise and tactically.
  11. Out of curiosity, what would you guys run in a 1000pt doubles event? I'm gonna be playing with my wife next month, she's taking my OBR and I'm gonna play Skaven. Seer on Bell - Master of Magic, Warpgale, maybe Skavenbrew or something. 20 Clanrats 20 Clanrats 40 Monks 2 Warpfire Throwers Geminids Vermintide =1000 I think I'll have my wife run.. Soulreaper - Arcane Command Boneshaper - Empower Blades, Petrifex stuff 20 Mortek 20 Mortek Harvester Shrieker =1000
  12. When I first got the OBR book I read that and was like.. what? He's been defeated like three times on the previous page. Sorry, Katacross. Dying, being killed and imprisoned and then killed and reforged killed.. etc.. and totally counts as being defeated. I guess he ascribes to the Roman ideal.. you're not defeated if you suffer losses and keep sending in armies.
  13. So people in my meta seem to be shitting their pants over the new Tzeentch book after seeing how well they did at LVO/Cancon over the weekend. Last tournament, I went 5-1 and 4/30 (or 40? I forget) and the only game I dropped was to old Tzeentch in a realm where they got to teleport off the side of the board. I haven't played against the new book. So tell me, do you think it's as bad as people in my meta are saying? If so, how are you going to combat the new book monster? Malevolent Maelstrom to mess with casting? Palisade to block LOS for shooting/casting? More casters to dispell? Crawlers to take characters out? Harvesters to blunt the ranged damage?
  14. I forgot to take photos at all. The guy won best painted. It was a Skryre/Skitarri conversion. Here's a photo the TO posted.
  15. Also the OBR mirror will pretty much always hit time.
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