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  1. Yesterday, I played in the second annual team championship in Perth. 8 teams of 5. Myself and another guy did our team pairings. Three rounds, Blade's Edge, Knife to the Heart, Force the Hand. I played Gloomspite, Eels and Sylvaneth. Got three majors. The Gloomspite guy was fairly new. He made some mistakes and I capitalized. The Eel guy was experienced and it was tough. So tough. I was getting turn 3 wiped. I managed to remove Morteks in a way to deny attacks from a multi-charge.. two Morteks survived. Return. Return. Return. +3 speed. Leave combat and walk 5 guys onto his flag. Holy ****** the Eel damage output. Striking at the start of combat so I don't get rerolls. So rough. The Sylvaneth player I got final round was really good. Out-dropping me, he managed to go in before Katacross got his buff up. Fat unit of big dudes with scythes are murder machines, Alaerele didn't kill as many Morteks as she'd like. I eventually ground him out. Tournament details/lists are here if you're interested. https://downunderpairings.com/Tournament.php?TournamentID=1197&Panel1=Leaderboard&Panel2=Teams
  2. That certainly is a good point. Lol 90pts.. Geminids and Swords?
  3. I don't know how I feel about that with every mission being six objective. I have a painted Arkhan.
  4. Bleeeh. List submissions for the team event is on Sunday. We're doing a practice day/team meeting Sunday morning. 8 teams of 5, 3 rounds. Blade's Edge in Ghyran, Knife to the Heart in Ulgu, Forcing the Hand in Ghur. Team gets two secondaries each, no replications. I'm 99% running.. Praetorians. Katacross, Soulmason (Artificer's Blade, Empower Weapons), 3x20 Morteks, 2 Crawlers, 3 Stalkers. It's probably the most competitive list I can build. I'm not sold on Empower Weapons. Empower Shields seems like a waste with no stacking ward saves. I already have two -1 to hit modifiers, so I probably don't need Drain. I don't think I need more command points, so I don't think I need Arcane Command. Protection of Nagash? lol Anyone got any interesting tech, list thoughts or scenario insights?
  5. So how's Skaven doing competitively at the moment? I've been off putting bolter rounds in things.
  6. Any advice for playing into shooting heavy lists? Any interesting tech?
  7. Yeah, I was going to run Katacross in Mortis, but it means painting him. I'm currently ****** deep in Raven Guard and I have a team tournament next month. This is the list I played last time and really liked.. but I'd have to paint Katacross, 5 Deathriders and a Crawler. I guess I could put something else in instead of the Deathriders, but.. fast mobile unit is good.
  8. What do your guys think of this list? The idea is to try to run Arkhan somewhat aggressive, weaken stufg/threaten characters with the catapults and the Leige can give +1 attack and +1 to hit to units. And Arkhan can explode on 5+. Won't be casting Protection on him, as it's a double edged sword.
  9. Remember me asking questions about Catapults and such? I finally had a game with them. I played Places of Arcane Power vs Seraphon. My list was.. Opponent was somewhat new to AOS, one of my friends. Kroak on a Balewind, 2 Priests, Astrolith Bearer, Chief on Terradon, 2 units of Salamanders, 3 units of Skinks, 5 Terradons. He was the "I can teleport a unit" subfaction. I haven't played this style of list before. I know I'm not breaking new ground here/telling people anything new. Usually I run high magic with Arkhan and multiple other casters. Also Stalkers. Never ran the Deathriders before either. I figured that I needed a fast unit to objective grab/respond quickly as my army is somewhat static, so tried out Deathriders. They were okay. I kind of have like 180-190pts floating depending on what second hero I take. I'm almost tempted to run a Soulreaper as it'd give me 200pts. 200 is that sweet spot where you can take stuff like Harvesters. But anyway, the theory is sound. Game was my first foray outside of Petrifex and it.. kind of worked out? Not running Petrifex means I have RDP for Endless Duty. I even used reroll attacks vs. charging units, but it's not really neccessary. I'm already hitting on 2+ table wide. Not to mention the permanant +1 to hit. Usually I'd have to slam down Shrieker to get that. Coupled with the fact I get two -1 to hit debuffs on the table.. yeah. There was one turn where my ****** puckered up- Skink on Terradon charged Katacross with his insta-death dagger, but I saved both wounds. Phewwww. As for the Crawlers? We played 3 turns and I tabled my opponent. Crawlers did 4 damage to Croak, removed two Skink screens so I could get charges, finished off a unit of Salamanders. I even shot a Skink Priest on the other side of the table, capping an objective on a 2 count. Normally I'd have to pretend that didn't exist. They were a constant threat all game. So.. I might be a convert to Katacross and Crawlers. Squaring off, my opponent is going to have turn 1. Other objective is out of frame to the right. I zone out real teleports (aside from the tip of my rear board) with Catapults. Kroak summons a Balewind. Tosses some mortal wounds at Morteks, things shoot Morteks. He teleports too far forward. Terradons, Priest, Chief come down. Gets 3 points. Opponent makes two mistakes. Captapults remove the skinks and deal 4 to Kroak, Morteks charge the Terradons who explode. Morteks get a speed buff, roll a fat charge and I get six into Kroak. Kroak explodes. Skink screen middle goes down. Opponent is surprised. Cavalry charges Skink screen. I don't make it to the middle by a couple inches (I forgot to give Katacross speed) and right has two heroes. I land -1 debuffs on both units of Salamanders. Catapults remove Priest sitting on top left objective. Morteks, Catapults and Katacross remove the last of the Salamanders. The Deathriders basically just tied a unit of Salamanders up all game and were the only unit to get completely wiped. This was taken after a Chief charged Katacross, hoping to get lucky, and died. When we were done, we talked about the couple errors my opponent made that lost him the game. Namely the two teleports.
  10. But 400pts for maybe critical? I say 400, because from what I've seen they're taken in pairs. 400pts is.. two units of Cav or 6 Stalkers. With change for endless spells.
  11. How do people feel about Crawlers? I've played literally one game with them, then lockdown happened. Looking at them, they're the only way we have to kill wizards across the table, harass heroes, etc. We can't spell assassinate and this is literally one of two guns we have. The problem I feel, is that they need babysitting. You don't have the units to go foward, take and hold, or leave stuff behind to free them up. The only game I played was with one and it just got engaged. I couldn't pull 20 Morteks from the battleline to shake it free. What's your experience? edit: From a list construction standpoint, I feel like you can have guns or magic, but not both.
  12. I think Petrifex probably won't get taken now. It's like what, you're taking it for Bludgeon? Options? Mortis Prators with Katacross, getting the +1 save back and other stuff. Spam Crematorians, because your stuff is going to die anyway now. Stalliarchs with cav, because run/charge. ... Problem is, you need magic defense and taking Katacross doesn't do that.
  13. RIP Petrifex Elite. I have a team tournament in a month. What the hell do I do now?
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