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  1. You have three double casters. One has Master of Magic. (Warpseer, Corruptor, Bell) Is Vortex worth 100pts? At the moment I'm taking.. Geminids, Mirror, Swords and Pendulum. I want to take Vortex, Vermintide, Mirror, Geminids, Pendulum.. no points. Vortex. Win lose or Draw?
  2. I looooved seeing how many Stormfiends were doing well in London. I've been desperately wanting them to be good. I have a gaming store voucher.. might be time to get some more. =D
  3. The Mortarch sure does have a giant bone codpiece.
  4. Yes, Skaven are excellent casters. Almost all of our wizards can cast/dispel twice, we have terrain that buffs casting and a general trait that does same. Starting? Minimum 2*40 Clanrats. Maybe some Plague Monks. Grey Seer, Warpseer, Grey Seer on Bell. You could grab the Skaven half of Carrion Empire or old copies of Island of Blood. It really depends on what direction you want to go in.. Skaven is very diverse. Pestilens bleed mortal wounds and have high volume of attacks. Skryre has a lot of shooting that can kill yourself. Masterclan are great casters. Verminus provide the infantry. Moulder breeds monsters in all shapes and sizes and Eshin skulks around. Sadly you don't really see much Eshin on the table, though.
  5. So Nova was this weekend. Top 3/4 was Slaanesh, by the look of it. How did Skaven go? James O'Brien - 11th Clawlord - Brutal Fury Grey Seer: Skitterleap Grey Seer on Bell: Master of Magic, Death Frenzy, Aetherquarts Brooch Grey Seer on Bell: Warpgale Engineer: MMWP 40 Clanrats: Sword 40 Clanrats: Sword 40 Stormvermin 15 Acolytes Aethervoid Pendulum Geminids Extra command point ... Matt Obringer - 13th (!) Grey Seer on Bell: Supreme Manipulator, Aetherquarts Brooch, Skitterleap Arch Warlock: Warplightning Shield Clawlord on Brood Horror: Shield of Distraction, Verminous Valor Thanqol on Boneripper: Death Frenzy 40 Clanrats: Sword 40 Clanrats: Sword 30 Stormvermin Clawhorde Warplightning Vortex ... John Fuerhelm - 16th Grey Seer on Bell: Master of Magic, Death Frenzy Warbringer Warpseer Priest on Furnace 40 Clanrats: Spear 40 Clanrats: Spear 20 Clanrats: Spear 40 Monks: Blade 40 Monks: Blade ... Nate Trentanelli - 25th Arch Warlock: Deranged Inventor, Vigordust Injector, MMWP Bombadier: MMWP Thanqol: Warpgale 5 Acolytes 5 Acolytes 3 Stormfiends 6 Jezzails 10 Blood Knights (Allied- I didn't think we could ally.) Warplightning Cannon Warplightning Vortex ... Interesting seeing Stormvermin making placings!
  6. Hey so, Let's say you were thinking about buying into Slaanesh. What would be a) your starting list and b) your starting purchases? And of course c) what extra junk would you need for summoning?
  7. I actually don't mind going second; better chance at the first double turn.
  8. I get the feeling people don't like weapon teams? Also I keep hearing Doomwheels are underrated. Agree/disagree? ... I'm currently painting 40 Plague Monks. I actually really like the kit. There's lots of small details and eyes I don't have to paint. Militarum Green, Darkoath Flesh and Wyldwood are like 90% of the model. Kind of annoys me that Warhammer TV came out with a Skaven painting scheme that uses Darkoath skin and Wyldwood for fur a month or so after I did, now my scheme is standard. Booooo.
  9. But anyway. How do you decide how you're splitting your crew? Seems like Blissful One wants to be in the Dagger, like one guy in the Hammer (as it comes on last typically) and the rest in the Shield. What is your thought process on this?
  10. I actually wish I thought of converting flails before I painted my crew. I have so many Plague Monk ones.
  11. So what is everyone's favourite artefact? Suspicious Stone for the Warpseer, Sword of Judgement for the Corruptor, Vigordust Injector for the Arch Warlock and probably Skavenbrew for the Grey Seer? And General trait? I don't see anything other than Verminous Valour, Master of Magic and Deranged Inventor.
  12. I would straight up love a Skaven clan for Warcry. Even if it's just Clan Verminus stuff. Rat Ogre as your big beater. Stormvermin as elite. Clanrats as cheap ******. Gutter Runners as fast guys. Chieftan, Warlock and Assassin as characters. You could even maybe see like, a super low ranking Grey Seers or something. Skaven fit perfectly into this. ... Double: (Any) Scurry Away: This model many leave combat as if it were not engaged. It gains +2 movement for this turn. Double : (Any) Strength in Numbers: If this model deals damage to an enemy with a melee weapon, add +1 damage per Skaven model also engaging this turn. Triple: (Warlock) Warp Lightning: On a double, deal 2D6 damage to any target in range equal to this ability. This model suffers half damage dealt. Or something like that.
  13. Btw, if Skreech is summoned by the Bell, can be pick an aspect for that turn?
  14. Vigordust is for the units, but I haven't really tried it yet. I just thought +1 charge/hit would be useful. Ah, so people are Skitterleaping their Seers, to drop WLV in a good position. I could see that working, eating Warpstone on the Vortex. Do you need LOS to where you drop it? I might try it out. Also would work for objective grabbing. Nice. So what you're saying is that 6 Jezzails isn't enough? I don't think I can scavenge the parts to make more in time.
  15. Looks like I have my first tournament next month.. a team one. Allegiance: SkaventideArch-Warlock (160)- Artefact: Vigordust Injector - Lore of Warpvolt Galvanism: Chain Warp LightningGrey Seer (140)- Lore of Ruin: WarpgaleGrey Seer on Screaming Bell (220)- Lore of Ruin: Death FrenzyVerminlord Warpseer (300)- General- Trait: Master of Magic 40 x Clanrats (200)- Rusty Spear40 x Clanrats (200)- Rusty Spear20 x Clanrats (120)- Rusty Blade40 x Plague Monks (280)- Foetid Blades- 1x Icon of Pestilence- 1x Contagion Banner- 1x Doom Gongs- 1x Bale Chimes6 x Warplock Jezzails (280)Warp Lightning Vortex (100)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 188 Any glaring issues or synergy stuff I'm missing or doing wrong? I don't know how I feel about the Arch Warlock and Vortex.
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