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  1. That's not a terrible idea, squeezing in a Leige with Helm instead of the Mason. I need RDP instead of his spellcasting.. I'll play around with the list. And yeah, Pendulum was probably where I was going. Predator is cheaper and unreliable, but can't hurt me. Sun could do serious damage to my infantry. Pendulum at least, keeps going.
  2. So question. For context, this is my list: Arkhan Boneshaper: Key, Reinforced Shields. Soulmason: Empower Weapons. 3*20 Morteks: Swords. 6 Stalkers: Blades. Mortek Batallion Nightmare Predator Bonetithe Shrieker ... If I trade out the Mason for another Shaper and drop the Predator, I've got 50pts. Endless spell wise, what would you take? Sun? Pendulum? I feel like I need something to make Arkhan more dangerous. With the Palisade, I'm tempted to take it to try and protect against shooting. How have you used it to good effect in the past? I feel like people just walk and shoot or unbind it.
  3. The problem with Drain, I've found, is opponents insisting you can't reroll a reroll, when they also have reroll effects. They choose the trigger order in the active turn.
  4. So I had a game vs chaos dwarves on the weekend, my first game since lockdown/fear started ramping up. I'm woefully out of practice. Lol. Turns out blobs of 30+ dudes shooting, rerolling hits and dealing mortal wounds on 6+ hit is really good against us. His elemental guys bounced, killed 4 with a catapult turn 1. I kind of just didn't have the bodies to deal with the shooting and I couldn't roll high enough to stop any magic. Then double turn pushed the game from on the edge to his favour. Crawler got one shot and spent the game tied up and I didn't have the units to extricate it and move forward. ... I think I need Arkhan for his mobility, his recursion and ability to shut down enemy magic. Leige Kavalos looks good on paper, but he didn't really kill anything. Catapult needs support/protection, which I don't have the bodies for. My list is going to revert, but I might try some cavalry.
  5. Fair call. What IS the current meta? I thought the world was pretty much shut down.
  6. I'd been playing a lot of Arkhan, but I thinking I'm gonna drop him from my list. I keep getting screwed by Protection of Nagash forced teleports, he's mediocre in combat and our spells aren't killy enough.. and you can't really afford to take more endless spells due to the way the army is pointed. I will, no doubt, miss his mass regeneration of units and ability to shut down enemy spellcasting. I find I'm not getting enough out of Arkhan. Maybe I'm just playing him wrong. Adding the Leige gives me access to his +1 attack command trait and he's pretty decent in combat. Adding a Crawler, well, I haven't tried the Crawler yet. I'm gonna run a single one and use it to try to snipe out characters and generally be a pain in the butt. I can give it extra attacks, rerolls and a bonus to hit rolls as well. Leige for +1 attack, Mason for reroll 1s, Shrieker for +1 to hit. (I'll double check it's not melee only.) Remove Arkhan and Nightmare Predator, add Leige Kavalos and a Crawler. I'm pretty happy with this list, I'm gonna give the changes a shot on Sunday. ... Allegiance: Ossiarch Bonereapers - Legion: Petrifex Elite Liege-Kavalos - Trait: Mighty Archaeossian - Artefact: Godbone Armour Mortisan Boneshaper - Item: Artisan's Key - Spell: Arcane Command (or Drain Vitality) Mortisan Soulmason - Spell: Empower Nadirite Weapons 20 x Mortek Guard - Nadirite Blade and Shield 20 x Mortek Guard - Nadirite Blade and Shield 20 x Mortek Guard - Nadirite Blade and Shield 6 x Necropolis Stalkers - Spirit Blades Mortek Crawler Mortek Shield-corps Bone-tithe Shrieker Total: 2000 / 2000 RDP: 5+8D6
  7. Hey remind me. Does Bludgeon (Petrifex) apply to the Hooves/Teeth/Claws of Kavalos? Why/why not?
  8. Yeah, I was thinking of running a single unbuffed one to threaten characters. I mean, a moderate turn of shooting can kill wizards and stuff.
  9. Also, guys. How are you all finding the Mortek Crawler? I haven't played AOS since the pandemic started in Australia and I'm thinking about playing some more now that we're opening up. I left off.. buying and assembling two Crawlers. I've found that OBR has issues keeping and taking objectives due to the lower number of units, being elite. Do you find having the Crawler a hinderance? How many are you running? It seems like a unit you have to buff to get any value out of.
  10. You have to take the trait if you can. However, Katacross can't have the trait.. so ignore the validation error.
  11. Hey, what is considered a competitive list for Seraphon? Just looking for some ideas. There's no events and in thinking about picking them up.
  12. Okay, thanks for the replies. I'll look into what stuff does. The general consensus I've gotten from my local community is that Sylvaneth is terrible and don't even bother. Are they really that dire?
  13. Thanks for that. What glade/item? Also, do you need a Wildwood? I'll have to get a copy of the book.
  14. Hey, My wife and I are playing in a doubles tournament.. later.. when the world stops trying to kill us. I'll be running Bonereapers. She really likes Sylvaneth, but doesn't play AOS. I actually know <0 about the faction. I'm thinking of buying 1000pts worth of stuff and painting it for her to use. I mean, I've probably got the time. The Start Collecting is a Treelord, Branchwych and 16 Dryads (why not 20 ffs?) and like 500pts. If you were going to play 1000pts at a decent competitive level, what would you run? What subfaction?
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