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New-ish to AoS


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Hi All.

New to AoS. Me and my gaming friends; about 4 of us, just got back into 40k about a year ago. Then we learned that WHFB was killed by AoS and rage quit without actually trying the game.


This past month, my friends decided to try AoS and we're hooked. The game just seems to lend itself to more fun-oriented battles than any of the uber-competitive 40k games we'd have.

I picked up Sylvaneth and am loving them.


Anyway, thanks for the great forums and I look forward to many games in the near future of this interesting, ever-evolving game.


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Right? I enjoyed it from the first, but I think the generals handbook added some much needed structure. I've had some of the best games ever the past couple weeks.

so welcome aboard, have fun and enjoy your stay.

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