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Upcoming Citadel paint claims to ease the pain of grey models?


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So among the crazy reveals in Adepticon, theres a cryptic announcement about an upcoming Citadel product line that will supposedly make it easier to get painted models on the table.

What they heck do they mean by that?


We know that while grey plastic has its charms, the dreaded backlog can feel a bit intimidating at times. Well, worry not – soon, we’ll be adding something huge to our paint range that’s going to make painting your models even simpler.

I mean they already have airbrushes, color primers, heavy pigment base paints, ink washes/shades.

Is there somehow another paint product that no one else in the miniature painting has? Or is there something that citadel is currently missing?


The only thing I can think of is a quick dry paint? I suppose that'll help get some quick painting done assuming it doesn't solidify in its own container.

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17 hours ago, flemingmma said:

Maybe a spray paint and wash in one? something that will prime and shade all in one go? Magic?

This would be quite interesting, though I imagine the "shade" of it pooling in the recesses would mask details in the model. Typical primers are quite thick paints and have to be applied lightly, while typical shades are very thin.

I'm hoping its a big bucket we can just throw all the models in, then huck them over a grate for straining and drying.

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