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  1. I love the Idea of a Scarlet Crusade. You could convert a lord exorcist to look like Whitemane, or at least give them the Chapeau! i know how you feel, these guys perfectly capture a lot of my thoughts about the game.
  2. @Ravinsild Every time I listen to this podcast, I'm reminded that I'm a grown adult playing with little toys and painting dolls. LotPM reminds me to not take things too seriously and just enjoy the game for the elaborate yatzee that it is.
  3. I hope that the Terrain feature for the Nighthaunt is just a wire-frame that we have to drape our own bedsheet over.
  4. I am very close to building my first 2000pts Nighthaunt list, and I'm looking for some advice of how to round it out. Here is what I have so far: Allegiance: Nighthaunt LEADERS Lady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief (240) - General - Lore of the Underworlds : Shademist Reikenor the Grimhailer (180) - Lore of the Underworlds : Spectral Tether Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lantern (140) - Lore of the Underworlds : Soul Cage - Infernal Lantern (Artefact) : Beacon of Nagashizzar Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed (140) Spirit Torment (120) Vampire Lord (140) - Flying Horror - Allies UNITS 20 x Chainrasp Horde (160) 30 x Grimghast Reapers (360) 9 x Spirit Hosts (360) TOTAL: 1840/2000 WOUNDS: 112 LEADERS: 6/6 BATTLELINES: 3 (3+) BEHEMOTHS: 0/4 ARTILLERY: 0/4 ARTEFACTS: 1/1 ALLIES: 140/400 As a huge noob, I'm looking for any and all advice. Not only do i need to fill another 160 points, but I'd be find with removing some stuff to add others. I don't know my local meta, so i can tune for that later. Thanks in advance!
  5. Lets be real. They'll come in a batch of 10 and be $50.00 per box.
  6. Hes done, don't do any more work! Stick-skull! The most horrifying beast. I love it this way.
  7. This would be quite interesting, though I imagine the "shade" of it pooling in the recesses would mask details in the model. Typical primers are quite thick paints and have to be applied lightly, while typical shades are very thin. I'm hoping its a big bucket we can just throw all the models in, then huck them over a grate for straining and drying.
  8. One of the reasons i really enjoy Ogors is that each Ogor, in lore, makes their own clothes and armor from stuff they've pillaged. Each of my ogors have pants made from a different cloth. Try to imagine what kind of cloth an Ogor might find after eating a village, then use that as the pattern for the pants. Flags, tablecloths, cloaks, sails, burlap, etc. I'll often make teach leg a different color too, seamed up the butt with those massive seam lines.
  9. What's more likely I think than a re-design of the paint pots is an airbrush that fits the current pots, to incentivize people using citadel paints use the citadel airbrush.
  10. If it is an air-brush, it's going to need to be new-user friendly. That means little to no assembly or moving parts (except for maybe some different nozzle heads, but i wouldn't bet on that). Simply works out of the box, plugged into a wall. Considering that many "experienced" painters buy their paints, brushes, and accessories from competitors that have a strong niche, this new product (just like all of Citadel's products) have to catch the newer, less experienced hobbyists.
  11. That's refreshing. Honestly, the idea of playing a slaanesh army is kind of repulsive as I feel like it draws too much attention towards the "thirsty neckbeard" stereotype. I hope there are fewer nipple piercings and more diverse representations of indulgence.
  12. Scurfturf

    Lady Olynder

  13. I use the foam trays, similar to felherr cases, that came with a GameWorkshop branded carrying case, about 200 dollars CAD from a few years ago. Has more than enough room for 2000 pts. They protect the models real nicely, but you still have to be careful when placing or removing them. The little whispy bits get caught in the foam sometimes.
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