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New Khorne Player Question


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I'm new to the hobby and decided to build out a Khorne army to be a secondary army to my SCE army that I've been building.  I mainly went with the rule of cool for this choice.  I knew I wanted a chaos army, Death and Destruction seemed a bit more limited then Chaos choices and its just old school metal with Khorne being the most metal of the Chaos choices.  Anyway, my question, it is ok to have a mixed daemon and mortal army right?  That would still count as a "Khorne" army for all rules such as alliance traits from the new or old books correct?  Sorry if that is a very simple question but I'm very new still and just wanting to make sure I'm not doing something wrong.  I like the idea of a mix of Khorne human warriors and daemons. 

I started with a Start Collecting Bloodbound Goreblade Warband set and was planning on adding a Start Collecting Khorne daemons box next month as the entertainment budget allows.  Thoughts on that combo?  Would that be a good path to get started or should I add the other Khorne mortal starter box?  Actually, in typing this second question I think I answered the first question as the Goreblade box comes with a Khorgorath but its warscroll doesn't seem to specifically say Daemon on it...  Anyway I'm rambling.

Thoughts or hints for a newb would be great.  Thanks all!

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In short, yes you can mix mortal and daemon. They all share the keyword khorne so your army would have khorne alliegience.

in fact you can mix in Slaves to darkness units as well if you give them the khorne key word - this is as simple as saying ‘this is a khorne chariot’ 😀

Both boxes you mention are good starting points, goreblade gives you 4 figures you can’t get anywhere - Mighty Lord, blood secrator, blood stoker and khorgorath. Blood secrator is a key model and will serve you well.

The two infantry units are ok. You will want to get the blood warriors to 10. The reavers come in a gang of 10 but they won’t do a huge amount for you.

Daemon box is good also. I suggest to build the skull cannon as opposed to the throne and use the remaining bloodletter character to be a herald in foot. The two will work together, the blood secrator buffs both sets of models. Plus you can summon the daemons later on via blood tithe.

For follow up the start collecting bloodbound and wrath n rapture will be good purchases.

as will the new tome obviously 😀

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From time to time you might be able to find the 2017 khorne battleforce floating around as well, which is a great deal considering the sprues are the original boxed ones rather than the goreblade ones (monopose/no options). Other things to consider down the line is that you can run a BoC Khorne warscroll battalion directly under the khorne faction/allegiance (fun for fluff). 

Having mixed armies is fine, just note that some buffs target only "mortal" or "daemons" so there's slightly less synergy between the two sides (apart from bloodsecrators and slaughterpriests, which are usually auto-include and can buff all khorne). 


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Thank you both so much.  I love the input and for someone new to the hobby in general and not just Blades of Khorne it is great to have such a helpful community.  This (and 40k) are games I've wanted to play since I was like 10 and now that I'm 40 with some disposable time and income I can actually play so it's nice to not hit a wall of knowledge hoarders.  It's also nice to have a GW shop up the street in Denver to go learn at too.

I actually grabbed the digital version of the new tome from the AoS app.  $20 compared to $40 for physical or $30 for the ePub seems like a decent savings trade-off for only being able to open it in iOS or Android.  I've also been watching some battle reps and such on youtube.  Just to verify, you can/would/could take a mix of mortal and daemon onto the filed while setting up but can leave some daemons in reserve to summon with blood tithe points right?  You wouldn't have to leave all the daemons off in reserve in other words.

Slaughter Priest also seems like a must have and I'm considering the Judgements of Khorne (endless not spells).  I like the models in general and they seem like a novel twist to the game. 

Just plugging the 3 main boxes (Warband, Bloodbound, and Daemons) into the AoS army builder it loos like they are altogether 1400 points. That's not counting the points from the three batallions they could form or taking into account the pitched battle restrictions on battle line units.  Just looking at pure points that seems like a pretty respectable start. 


Woo that is going to be a lot of Khorne red  paint.  I wonder if it comes in gallon sizes... 😉 

Last thanks Praecautus for the comment about including the Slaves to Darkness.  I had been considering them as well.  Again, mainly just from a rule of cool standpoint because their units just have that classic Chaos Knight look. 

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Welcome aboard the khorne train 😀 

I am in a similar boat to you ie 40s and have the time/income

Yes you can start with a mixed mortal and daemon force. The 3 start collecting are a good core force and would be legal. However,  it won’t be world beating as it’s not fully optimised for the fun synergies Khorne can do. However all the units are viable and will serve you well.

Regarding daemons. You can have whichever Khorne Daemons you like in your starting force so long as you pay points for them. For those you summon you pay blood tithe ie they are in addition to your starting force and free from a points perspective. As such one option is to build an army of mortals which gets replaced with daemons as you accrue blood tithe.

In terms of next units to consider

10-20 blood letters - max summon is 20 at once. 20+ get hit buff, 30 get points reduction

5-10 blood hounds, good summon and starting unit

Blood thirster, good summon and starting unit

Daemon prince, cheap beatstick, can’t be summoned 

Herald if you have not built one

War shrine, your mortals in particular will love it

Skullreapers/wrath mongers, our elite mortals - getting spare legs eg blood warrior, means you build both from one box. You could sacrifice the easy build blood warriors and use their legs 

Reavers to 40 is handy

Blood warriors if you like, but you have 15 already

Alter it’s free and good



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There are many more units and options to add. In fact it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I would pick a battalion in the book you like the sound of and build towards it. It’s easy enough to branch into other routes.

If it helps my list up until the new tome was a mortal list based on gorepilgrims that played passive aggressively ie stayed together and armies broke on it while daemons were summoned. The list was

Daemon prince general

3 x priests

Blood secrator

Blood stoker 

2x10 blood warriors

4x10 blood reavers

5 skull reapers




Everythinh had a role

reavers - gran objectives, chaff die for tithe

warriors were the anvil

prince, reapers and khorgorath mobile beatsticks

Prieats burnt the enemy alive 😀 and hand out buffs

warshrine extra prayers and ward to keep the whole lot alive longer 


Tithw would build up, especially from reavers and enemy casualties and then reinforcement daemons summoned in

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Get all the Khorne Start Collecting kits!!! There's 3: Goreblade, Daemons and Bloodbound but also there's another kit that includes Wrathmongers/Skullreapers with a Exalted Deathbringer and some Blood Warriors which you might still find on eBay or local stores, totally worth it. I'd also recommend the Underworld Warbands as they look cool and can be useful (Riptooth can unbind spells and the Bloodreaver unit is almost a free Bloodtithe point). Then expand as you see fit. 


I was lucky enough to get the Gorechosen game which came with 4 Khorne heroes and a White Dwarf mag that included a free Slaughterpriest!

I've since bought enough Khorne and Slaves to Darkness stuff I can easily run a Mortal, Bloodbound or (now) a full Daemon army. But I think Mixing them up is the best way to play Blades of Khorne!

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