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  1. Fisren

    NEW Stormcast player, help with 1st 1000pt list

    Seems like there's a lot of good advice here already. Only thing I may recommend is Gavriel Sureheart (helps get off charges although you'll have to run Hammers of Sigmar) to replace the Castellant if you are intent on using the list you posted. Pretty much just turns your list into a alpha-striking kill-focused team (which you sorta have to be with few models, low movement, no summoning imho). This list is fun to play against opponents who like bringing monsters/behemoths to 1,000 games (which is my local scene, people aren't friendly here). Not so much against people who play run of the mill armies or are new (dropping gavriel + 2x5 or 1x10 evos with almost guaranteed charges can ruin unexperienced players' days reallll quickly ).
  2. Fisren

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    just did it to practice warhammer math (and to organize all to a single table) and take a look at using both XD, purely from a buff perspective ordinator covers its value at 3 ballistas, and with both heroes at 4 ballistas. ([dmg]/[total points] probably better reflects worth, as [added dmg]/[hero value] is basically treating the hero as a unit who does the extra shooting dmg?)
  3. Hm.. I've only been in this hobby for almost 3 months and so far have a 1,500 point SCE army, 1,000 BoC army (1,000 in boxes), (1,500 nighthaunt in boxes), all underworld warbands and a T'au kill team so I can safely say I'm quite addicted to new stuffs. Overall it's been a blast, mostly picking up stuff based on what games are popular in the FLGS (always easy to find pickup KT/underworlds games in my FLGS). Underworlds release has been super quick, but with the next Troggoth release saying its "in a few months", I feel things will start to mellow off a bit to a decent pace (I'll admit there are quite a few warbands I'll never play, but I feel that at least they make me practice different hobby painting styles/extra models for me to experiment with). To be honest, so far I feel the new releases quality/content wise have been great, so as long as GW is able to maintain good quality, I don't mind the large amount of content (used to be a collector in other hobbies), with the rate of these releases, at least it forces me to think, pick, and choose XD.
  4. Fisren

    Let's Chat Zarbag's Gits

    lol, this warband has been a blast. Snirk has been awesome, usually taking down someone before I park him off in the corner (haven't included any reliable objective/starter hex teleport cards yet). Extreme flank is almost always a must-have to get early glory points, and deploying on boards with two side-by-side hexes helps early setup/movement as well (still havent been able to score mad scurry as squigs keep dying early). Mostly just been testing it against casuals (mix of 2~3 expansions, my main meta deck is Magore and haven't swapped cards from it yet, so equally unoptimized), and been doing pretty well using a kill oriented setup. Have yet to ever inspire the squigs... (they're almost always the first to die since they give easy glory points to the enemy), trying to include berserk axe or other mechanisms to make the herder hurt himself. How's everyone else been doing with them?
  5. Just got into the hobby 2 months ago! Started out with Soul Wars (since good points for price and its a starter-ish box? XD), ended up rounding out SCE to 1500 points to enter local tourney (about half are fully painted, other half are primed..ran out of time due to switching around lists). My nighthaunts models are up to 1000 points (though haven't had time to assemble yet), and... kind of got super excited when beasts of chaos came out (have about 2500 points worth waiting for assembly). Mostly buying what's new/most supported and the models that I like. First time doing miniature painting (used to mostly do Gunpla) and have been taking my time learning (its been sloooowww but rewarding). On the other hand, local FLGS is super into underworlds right now, so I've also been occupied assembling/painting/playing those warbands XD. (and just got sucked into KT as well...) All in all, probably spend 80% of the time assembling and 20% of the time painting in the last couple months to try and get enough models ready to field/play underworld/AoS/KT. I don't mind the tediousness of assembling (always take forever due to trying to magnetize/clear all mold lines, sand down burrs and whatnot). Starting to spend more time into hobbying as there's not much new released so far this month. (I was hoping for a big destruction release but doesn't seem like its happening =[ )
  6. Fisren

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Ended up playing in a mini local tourney (8 people) ; 2 maps: focal point, scorched earth. First was against a tzeentch on Focal Point with 2x 10 acolytes, lord of change, chaos lord on manticore, ogroid thaumaturge, and some other sorcerer who casts 2 spells, and 2 chaos spawns. deployment:I put evocators; 2x ballistas, ordinator in reserve. He finished deploying first so went first on first turn; chaos lord on manticore captured center point while chaos spawns tried to flank/prevent me from deepstriking from the far edge of the table. Some spells were cast (not much happened since everyone was 18"+) My first turn: deepstrike far onto his end and landed 8 wounds on his lord of change. Evocators fail charge, rest of units guard my two points. First turn ends (4 (tzeentch):2(SCE)) Kept praying i'd get a double turn but no such luck. Tzeentch starts 2nd turn, ogroid suceeds in casting fireblast for 6 dmg (destiny dice), almost finishing off one ballista, more spells were cast and ogroid and successfully charges my evocators. (forget what spells were cast, but evocators pretty much die out, ballistas also end up dying). Chaos lord on manticore charge my sequitors + castellant, sequitors gallantly survive w/ castellant buff. At this point I'm pretty much screwed, only good thing is all his units pretty much ran/charged backwards at my deepstrike. Rest of the game: sequitors, castellant, and venator eventually take down the chaos lord, since all his units were so far back dealing with the deepstrike, my units pretty much just held objectives and time clock ran out after 3 rounds (I held center + multiple points after his chaos lord tried to attack the sequitors on a side objective). 2nd game: nurgle with: great unclean one, rotigus, poxbringer, sorcerer, 2 5xputrid blightkings on Scorched Earth. Deployment: same units in reserve. nurgle put one blightking unit on each side, rotigus/great unclean one on center board along both sides, poxbringer behind unclean one. He starts turn 1, units begin moving forward, rotigus successfully casts spell and starts dishing out MW. I decide not to deepstrike turn 1 since he didn't move his units too far up forward, venator whiffs his shots, castellant's gryph-hound starts circling along the edge towards enemy territory. He burns his center objective. (0:1) Nurgle ahead Turn 2: He ends up going first again, moves units up, somehow magic/shoots venator to death. I go second, deepstrike into his backline onto an objective point (just far enough that my evocators outnumbered his blightkings), ballistas all shoot into pox and pox miraculously survives. Evos fail charge On the opposite corner, the rest of my units are on defense (sequitors + castellant + LAoGC waiting for the rotigus/blightkings to attack). I burn my center objective (2:1 SCE ahead) Once again, i bet on getting a double turn to get some damage in ........but Turn 3: Opponent gets initiative, great unclean one manages to charge into my lord ordinator and evocators, blightking charge into evocators. After combat is resolved, Evocators get reduced to one model, ordinator dies, i manage to kill off one blightking and do 3 damage to the unclean one. on the opposite corner, rotigus and blightking charge into my sequitors. sequitors all survive w/ channel shields, castellant buff, and LAoGC revive ability, managing to kill one blightking. On my turn, ballistas try to kill pox again (and fail again), evo does 3 damage to unclean one before dying, On the opposite corner; sequitors pretty much whiff everything against blightkings and rotigus but survive yet again (lose 1). At this point i decide to cut losses and LAoGC rides the wind (7D6 got 28", just enough to fly straight into opponent's objective) and along with gryph charger, outnumber enemies on the far point to steal his objective(enemy parked the sorcerer there). (i probably should have burned my objective to prevent enemy from taking control.. but got kinda caught up with everything). He burns the objective that the evocators previously stole (2:3 Nurgle ahead) Turn 4: He gets initiative (meh i have no luck), Magics my LAoGC to one wound remaining, kills off ballistas, evocators, and takes back control of point. on the far side, rotigus and blightkings finish off my sequitors and lord castellant, capturing my point. He summons some snakelike fat lady who charges into my LAoGC and kills him off, and sorcerer kills off gryph hound, recapturing another objective. During my turn, all I have remaining are a unit of sequitors that i parked for the entire game in the opposite objective from where evocators deepstriked. and... they remain in position. At the beginning of turn 5, basically we calculated that since I had initiative and he couldn't reach my sequitors/couldn't capture the point, I won by points (2+8: 3+4+2) Conclusion: Went 2-0 from points! but since I pretty much only killed one unit (got the manticore!) lost from killing points. Granted I pretty much banked on getting a double turn (and didn't get either!) so wasn't able to use ANY anvil skills. They DID lure the enemy away so I was able to get more objective points, but evocators dying out early/ having only 2 unbinds in my army made it near impossible to avoid damage from Tzeentch/Nurgle spellcasters (who did a ton of MW dmg). Venator was near useless, dying from enemy spells which only required visibility (that was really lame). I guess I probably should have went with Gav instead of Venator to make sure evocator charge was successful? My original plan was to run Astral Templars stormhost since 6/8 players brought 1~2 behemoths (somehow i ended up against 2 w/ 2 monsters/behemoths, just my luck!). At 1250, and with most of my units from Sacrosanct only, I felt there wasn't too many options unless I wanted to commit to a full melee alphastrike lineup (which i was hesitant to do since enemy sorcerers were all fat behemoths that I was unlikely to 1-off). Nurgles were super difficult to deal with due to the 4+ save and 5+ FNP on the daemons (blightkings are fat with 4+ save and 4 wounds each). Not sure if there are any more optimal lineups against these factions (granted I probably played a bit too aggressively, this was my 3rd/4th AoS game in total XD) Balance.pdf
  7. hiya, i'm also new! (just got my first game in last weekend) I'll try to answer the easy questions. 1. Number of models is irrelevant, moreso its about the point values of each unit. Most gaming clubs start standard matched play games at 1,000 points, (some may offer 500 points to just teach newbies, depends on your local club). Point values for each models vary, but you can find the most updated point values in the "General's Handbook 2018". GW also released this "https://www.warhammer-community.com/warscroll-builder/" as a good starting to point to see what units you may want and their point values. 2. You can find some of the lore in the handbook, for IJ specific lore, there's a "Battletome: Ironjawz" which has all the lore, as well as points, allegiance abilities, etc. for the Ironjawz faction. 3. A "Battle Report" is just as it states, people reporting/recording their tabletop game. 4. (not sure about this) 5. (may have to get back to you on that)
  8. Fisren

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    wish they released this a tad earlier, I've always been a big minotaur/beast-style fan but got started on soul wars XD (already working on SCE and NH and too soon to start a third faction sadly). Hope they're as fun as they look so I can plan out a third army
  9. Little golden men! wohoo (though expecting to switch to the dark nighthaunt side once i'm done fleshing out my SCE)
  10. Fisren

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Hi, still relatively brand new to this game. Aiming to build a 1,000 point army based on the tempest/soul wars boxes (so mostly sacrosanct units (LA on gyphon, 2x 5 sequitors, evocators or castigator, knight-invocator, ballista). Most lists I've come across seem to include one or more endless spell (in particular chronomatic cog for the extra movement if I'm not mistaken). If I don't plan on using endless spells, does this cripple the army/ is it designed to be used with endless spells?
  11. Hi all, Brand new player checking in here. Used to see warhammer stuffs here and there while browsing anime/figurine stores, and finally decided to go visit a GW store during my last visit to the US. Decided to take the plunge and got recommended to pickup a Tempest box. I'm glad to say I had no idea what I was getting myself into (I knew it was a game but had no idea of the depth of it), which has been a ton of fun learning from the local warhammer club (sooooo glad there's actually one here as well!) Still working on my first army (decided to try for an SCE army first, but Ironjawz look like so much fun), and still looking forward to my first battle! A few small question I have is the following: Is there an approximation of how readily AoS content is released? (i.e. quarterly, semi-annually) Mostly trying to schedule/plan how often I'll want to create/change an army. How competitive do older armies stay? (Does GW release new models for older races/factions? or is it usually all in one go and the race/faction gets left alone afterwards?) (couldn't find any release history/schedule of models) Looking forward to meeting/learning/discussing warhammer stuffs with people!
  12. Fisren

    The Painting Contract - September 2018

    Just started getting into Warhammer, picked up a Tempest of Souls box and working on getting the SCE half painted (picking up a soul wars box as well to get a 1,000 point SCE army to begin playing): Immediate goal to paint the following (just finished priming them, though I think I held the primer rattle can too far and ran out before i finished): - 1 knight incantor - 2 evocators -3 castigators -5 sequitors -1 celestar ballista Most likely will also complete assembly and painting of the following: - Lord Arcanum on Gryph-charger - 3 evocators - 5 sequitors (mostly learning to use citadel paints, and using simple bases... still trying to decide if I will use putty/cement to fill seam lines for subsequent/soul wars build) If I survive, then afterwards hopefully will be able to finish the remaining by the end of the month: - 5 castigators -3 sequitors - 1 ballista - 1 invocator - 1 knight (azyros/venator.. undecided, maybe magnetize) - 3 vanguard hurricane w/ raptors (this list scares me)