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  1. As a gitz player, I find myself fielding palisades and sporesplattas from time to time if I know my friends plan on playing shooting heavy lists to at least protect the core heroes for turn1/2. Another common tactic I use is Hand of Gork for a unit of stabbas, hiding fanatics in them can allow for a easy-er 6" fanatic charge into enemy backlines if they aren't careful with screening, or at least provide additional threats on the board. Apart from that, we tend to setup with 1~2 pieces of citadel woods terrain to prevent line of sight, or have terrain which can block line of sight near the middle (this way shooting armies will still have targets, but you'll still be able to hide a few key targets.
  2. Checked my last year's resolutions and.... Things I did: - Played much more games (at least one game of AoS or 40k every other week, and smaller tabletop games in between). - Have two armies at 2000 points tabletop quality. Things I didn't do: - Paint at least once a week (after batch painting my IDK army for a tourney in June, I think I got burnt out for painting and have mostly only painted non-AoS smaller projects once a month or so). -Decrease backlog (it increased by 1.5x from the previous year, though a large part of this is me finding really good deals on older armies which I liked the aesthetics of) Things that happened last year: - Since I'm relatively new to the whole tabletop scene, I started exploring different game systems (Malifaux, Infinity, Guild Ball, Bushido, Monsterpocalypse, Warmahorde, etc.). I've been rotating between working on AoS and other systems, so AoS progress has been slow. Last year I assembled approximately 15,000 points of models for GW stuff (including 40k), and painted around 5000 points to tabletop quality (idoneth and CSM armies) , which I think is not bad all things considered. - Campaign! I'm a semi-competitive player by nature, but love RPG's, so finally got a couple of friends to start a Warcry campaign. It's been a blast and I think its a great way to spend a weeknight (I've tried arranging smaller AoS or 40k games on weeknights, but usually it takes too long.) This Year's Resolutions: - Paint more often! (Now that I have a hood, its much easier for me to prime/base, so I've been doing so every other weekend) - Fill out current armies to 2000 points (Currently have 4 factions at 2k+, 6 at 1k or so), before jumping into new factions. - Try to get more AoS-related campaigns going. Hopefully I can get more people here to try and start a PtG or similar system going, since I find these smaller campaign styled games with narratives to be good for weeknights.
  3. It's been a whirlwind of a year since I began my venture into AoS. A bit of a background, I grew up in China for most of my younger years, and was more of a console/computer gamer (loved fantasy RPGs), so never heard of wargaming or RPG's till much later. Sadly, I didn't come into contact into wargaming while in the US (7 year), and it wasn't until I moved back to Asia that I'd started getting into hobby modeling. A little over a year ago, I started glimpsing pictures of Age of Sigmar armies (I had only assumed they were themed models at this point) in some of the hobby modeler's blogs I frequented, and thought it would be a cool little project. I began looking into AoS, and then realized they were the same themes as Total War: Warhammer, which was neat. I then realized they had rules and could be played as a tabletop game, although there weren't any local retailers (at least not listed on GW's site). After a trip back to US where I picked up some Ironjawz (and CABBAGE)! as well as the tempest souls painting box, I was contentthat at least I could play by myself with some models. After some more net searches, I realized that there was in fact a local store that sold GW stuffs, and I've pretty much been hooked since (in the past year I've assembled around 5 armies up to 2,000+ points, though only one is fully painted, and two others at tabletop). The AoS community here has been great (only a handful played WHFB, while the most of us just started in the last two years), and it's been a blast playing some of the other GW games as well (I play necromunda, blood bowl, underworlds, and occasionally 40k).
  4. Progress update! (Been playing a bit too much monster hunter since it came out, so progress has been slow). Ended up getting everything battleready for local tourney, used wood glue to glue the infantry to bases, so will be removing them (hopefully doesn't peel off paint), to do more basing work as well as more detailed colors. Currently looks like I won't get them all completed to standard by the end of the month, but it's coming together! (Pic of army before battle! Sorry for potato pic, will try to upload better one later) (Not sure why this pic keeps rotating, but pic of army in action! funnily enough, reavers did the most damage to morathi)
  5. Getting ready for the local annual AoS tourney this month (deadline sept 21st!) I have had a bit of a head start, but aiming to finish my Idoneth Deepkin army before the tourney, or at least as much as I can! Army consists of: 2x 10 namarti thralls 2x10 namarti reavers 2 x9 akhelian morsarr guards 1 x tidecaster 1x soulscryer 1x soulrender 2 x gloomtide shipwrecks Extras (in case I want to switch lists): 2 x 3 ishlaenn guards 1 x 20 eternal guards (models arriving this week) 1 x akhelian king Army WIP (finished assembling and priming a couple weeks ago, finished airbrushing my morsarr and namarti skin last night).
  6. Thanks for reading and appreciate the frankness, I typically try to write with less bias, but so far this has been one of the more frustrating matchups I've had to play (and probably shouldn't have written the report right afterwards). I hadn't played in a couple months, and my last matchup was also against the same opponent (slightly different lists), and I knew it was going to be an uphill battle. I'd consider us both as competitive players, and believe he made the mistakes in good faith, but it left a sour taste with how strong his army already was ( I still believe that deepkin are very strong despite the point adjustments, but was also surprised fyreslayers didn't get any changes in the recent FAQ). (We are both prepping for our annual local tourney, so emotions kinda ran high as well!)
  7. Batrep: Idoneth Deepkin (me) vs. Fyreslayers Battleplan: Places of Arcane Power Lists: Deepkin: Enclave: Fuethan / Realm: Aqshy Leaders: - Tidecaster n General n Spell: Steeds of Tides n Command Trait: Born from Agony (+2 wounds) - Souscryer n Artifact: Cloud of Midnight - Soulrender n Artifact: Thermalrider Cloak Battleline: - 10 x Namarti Thrall - 10 x Namarti Thrall - 10 x Namarti Reavers - 10 x Namarti Reavers Other Units: - 9 x Akhelian Morsarr Guard - 9 x Akhelian Morsarr Guard Battalions: - Namarti Corps 50 remaining points used for +1 CP (2000/2000 points) Fyreslayers: (Don’t remember the last one of the heroes, they all looked the same to me) Leaders: - Auric Runefather n General n Tyrant Slayer n Warrior Indominate - Auric Runemaster n Prayer : Searing Heat - Auric Runemaster n Prayer: Ember Storm - Battlesmith - Auric Runesmiter n Prayer: Prayer of Ash (?) - Auric Runeson(?) Battlelines: - 10x Vulkite Berzerkers n Handaxes - 10x Vulkite Berzerkers n Handaxes - 30x Hearthguard Berzerkers n Flamestrike Poleaxe Other Units - 5x Auric Hearthguard Battalions: - Lords of the Lodge Magmic Invocations: - Runic Fyrewall - Zharrgron Flame-spitter (Sorry for the unpainted models, at least the eels are colorful? Also forgot my flight-stand bases that day so had bought the bases on-the-spot and just stuck the eels onto them…. I swear the next time I post them they’ll look MUCH better). Deployment: Fyreslayers won priority for deployment, and deployed vulkites to the west side. I deploy my tidecaster near the center. He proceeds to deploy the hearthguards(and the rest of his lords of the lodge) closer to the west edge (I was surprised he didn’t just deploy them straight down the middle), after I deployed a unit of 9 eels to the East. He then proceeded to declare the Runesmiter to ambush, which I followed up by declaring the same with my Soulscryer. He places a unit of vulkite with the runesmiter while I deploy a unit of eels with mine. I have a fewer number of drops, and finish first by deploying my namarti corps. I choose to go first to try and establish a forward position and to try and limit his movement and buffs. (I was low on time from prepping and forgot to take a pic of deployment) Turn 1: Idoneth Deepkin: Hero Phase: I decide to just go for it on Turn 1, and reverse the tides to be able to run + charge or run+ shoot turn 1. My Tidecaster pulls off the prayer on an 9+, preventing the duardin from receiving cover (might as well). I cast steeds of tides on my Soulrenderer and teleport him directly onto the center objective (hindsight, probably not the smartest move since the soulrender already had +4” movement and fly, so could just run up the center). Movement: White eels stood between boats to prepare for Turn 2, in case of deepstriking or to support the frontlines in the next turn. Middle reavers moved up to shoot duardins. South thralls were spread out to prevent deepstriking from behind, while second unit of thralls to the east ran into the woods for cover. At the end of the movement phase, soulscryer enters with second unit of reavers and the blue eels. Soulscryer was prepped to take control of the objective in turn 2, so really needed him to survive, hence the weird donut wall around him. Shooting: Reavers shoot, and I think 1 or 2 vulkanites die (nothing spectacular). Charge: Soulscryer targets a chubby vulcanite which was sticking out of the woods, and charge into the vulcanites which were flanked with a Runeson (I think). Zapped the runeson to death, and eels killed off the unit of vulkanites. Vulkanites return their attacks as they fall in battle, resulting in two dead eels. Battleshock: Nothing much happens, eels passed. Fyreslayers Turn 1: A boatload of buffs were used (quite a bunch failed too) , ones I remember were: - -1 to hit on my blue eels - General popping the -1 to wound 12” aura - +1 to save on hearthguards - (running + charging prayer failed iirc). - Both magmic invocations come out. Movement: Hearthguards didn’t get the run+charge buff, so could only waddle their way up slowly. Auric and the battlesmith run towards the west objective, while the two runemasters and runefather move towards the center. Runesmiter enters the field at the west objective, with the vulcanite berserkers placed near my thralls along the southern edge (see pic!). Shooting: The magmic thing spat fire at my soulrender, dealing 2 mw (I really dislike how despite that it’s fired during the shooting phase, its not technically considered a shooting attack). Charge (this was when I finally remembered to take a pic, sorry): Hearthguards pull off their charge into the blue eels, with a remnant also tagging my reavers. After a round of attacks by the hearthguards, 5 eels were remaining (passed battleshock w/ a 1), and only one reaver died (iirc his hero was too far back to use a CP to attack again or something). End of Turn 1: VP: 1 – 1 Turn 2: Deepkin win roll-off and take turn 2 Turn 2: Deepkin: High Tide! Hero Phase: Prayer doesn’t go off Steeds of Tides goes off, and I teleport my tidecaster to the eastern objective. Movement: Reavers retreat Blue eels retreat to threaten western objective. Southern thralls move up to block vulcanites from routing. Thralls in woods and reavers at north start to move forward. Charge: White eels charge into hearthguards, forming a wall to try and stop them from moving up further. White eels zapped and killed off a number of hearthguards, and all but one eel remains after the end of combat (iirc only 3 survived, another 2 ran from battleshock). Fyreslayers Turn 2: Hero Phase: A bunch of buffs went off, including the run+charge prayer onto the runefather. Movement: Priests and runefather start running up. Vulkanites move back to intercept my blue eels. Shooting: He thought he could fire the magmic thingy at will, but I played against him a couple months back, and checked its rules afterwards so I knew you needed a priest within 6” to activate it. Charge: His runefather charged into the reavers, and vulkanites charged into the blue morsarr eels. Combat: (here is where things got a little dicey w/ rules) Since it was his turn, he activated the ability to let the hearthguards attack first, killing off my eel. Since it was high tide, the rest of my army attacked first, and I piled my reavers such that they were out of 3” from the hearthguards (they were all closer to the runefather, so I just inched them closer to the runefather and farther from the hearthguard). Blue eels kill off several vulkanites. Fyreslayers begin to attack back. Since I wasn’t too sure of the rules, I wasn’t aware that ONLY units who charged that turn OR had an enemy within 3” were eligible for combat, so technically his hearthguards weren’t allowed to attack again. Blue eels end up down to 2 remaining, and my soulrender survives the onslaught with 1 wound remaining. I ended up ahead at 4:3 points at the bottom of Turn 2. Since we both took quite a while, the match was called (mini-event at FLGS, so matches were timed at 2:30 hrs). Had the game gone to 5 rounds, I don’t think I would have been able to win, mostly due to a couple strategical errors. (Should have probably tp’d the soulrender to capture east objective on turn 1, soulrender did little to nothing even with the namarti corp buff, as the namarti pretty much just die within one round of fighting). I don’t think I made any mistakes with timing of the eels, but rolled rather poorly (most of my spear attacks didn’t go through). I had considered letting him go first on Turn 1, allowing me the opportunity to possibly flank from behind to kill off most of his heroes. However, I felt that going first on Turn 1 with the Deepkin would give me better control of the board, and trying to get some attacks in before he could start buffing the hearthguards.
  8. Got quite a few games of warcry in last weekend, though only used IDK in a couple matchups against untamed beasts. My list was: 1 x ishlaenn prince 1x morsarr guard 3x namarti thralls 4x namarti reavers Won both matches mainly due to enemy misplay rather then strength of list. Ishlaenn prince is really strong with S4, and both prince and guard are tough enough to steal/hold objectives. The rest of the units are somewhat lackluster, with T3/8 wounds and S3 attacks just not quite enough to punch through enemies. Thrall's skills seems nice on paper but its much harder to pull off in comparison with iron golem's double skill. Shooting was also nice to have, but my reavers pretty much just held objectives.
  9. Haven't had too much time to play using the new rules yet, but I find myself using most of my command points for inspiring presence since typically I lose at least 3~4 eels in a turn and try to avoid losing more. I have considered splitting eels into 1x12 and 1x6 for more staying power with a larger group, but I tend to find even a group of 12 eels don't have enough staying/killing power to deal with a large /elite horde or horde + support hero without charging, retreating, then charging again over 3 turns.
  10. Curious how people are faring against newer battletomes (meta lists) nowadays. My last couple games with Deepkin have been a struggle (still come out with a win, but extremely close games). (Pre- GHB 2019), I was running a 2k list with: Volturnos (General) Soulrenderer Tidecaster 2 x 9 morsarr eels 2 x 10 namarti 2x3 ishlaenn eels Game 1 was against Fyreslayers, which included 1 magmadroth, one runefather, and 3 other support heroes 2x10 vulkite berzerkers 1x30 hearthguard berzerkers 1x5 auric hearthguard Mission was starfall. Turn 1 was mostly just movement, with me taking turn 2 and charging into his magmadroth and runefather (he positioned poorly behind the hearthguard blob). Even though I killed both, there was still a runesmiter or battlesmith nearby, so the hearthguard pretty much decimated the 9 eels in one turn (rr hits into MW is disgusting, especially with 2x melee and 2" reach). Along the outer edges of the battle, my namarti killed 2 vulkites while the vulkites killed all the thralls in one turn, while my second group of eels killed off 10 vulkites (not before losing 3 from the death/counterattack + regular attacks beforehand). I ended up winning mostly with the ishlaenn and remaining thralls holding objectives which landed far from the hearthguard blob. In the end, my 2nd group of morsarr only killed off 4~5 hearthguards on the charge before perishing (Even having only one hero remaining makes the hearthguards impossible to deal with). I think that was one of the more frustrating matches I've faced so far due to the strength of the hearthguards. The support heroes weren't all that easy to kill off either by being near an auric hearthguard unit, and I had to use up most of my alpha charge to barely kill them off. Other match was against a typical DOK lineup. My eels were able to charge into morathi, hag queen, and witch aelves turn 1 (poor positioning on his part, and luckily his prayers all failed), and killed off the hag queen, dealt 3 dmg to morathi, and killed off quite a few witch aelves. Turn 2 my other 9 eels killed off a second hag queen, and started to slog against witch aelves. I was able to kill off a good portion of his army, Despite getting an early advantage, witch aelves were still more point efficient, and I ended up losing more units than DOK did on Turn 2. By Turn 3, my volturnos didn't really have any good targets to buff (besides himself). Running a Volturnos as general list seemed to perform decently, but despite early advantages from pulling off great alphas (at least I thought so), it still feels like an uphill battle. My unit of 9 eels were able to take out key enemy support heroes as well as do decent damage to troops on the charge, but were rarely able to survive 2 rounds of combat for me to retreat them. I've found most of my fights to be over by turn 3 partly because of this, so didn't really have enough surviving units to make too much use of High tide. I'm sure I could have played better strategically and would have probably fared better using tidecaster as general, but overall IDK felt like they didn't pack too great of a punch. (I'm mostly comparing their output to enlightened on discs and evocators, who felt like they had better point efficiency) Thoughts?
  11. From time to time you might be able to find the 2017 khorne battleforce floating around as well, which is a great deal considering the sprues are the original boxed ones rather than the goreblade ones (monopose/no options). Other things to consider down the line is that you can run a BoC Khorne warscroll battalion directly under the khorne faction/allegiance (fun for fluff). Having mixed armies is fine, just note that some buffs target only "mortal" or "daemons" so there's slightly less synergy between the two sides (apart from bloodsecrators and slaughterpriests, which are usually auto-include and can buff all khorne).
  12. FLGS plays mostly 1000~1500 points (using 1000 matched play list composition rules): Similar to what others have said, games are done much quicker, and it caters well to my FLGS as the AoS scene is still relatively new here ( we have maybe 10~20 regular AoS players, with around 90% of whom only started in the past 1.5 years or so). Most people here start AoS after becoming attracted to a centerpiece, so want to try and play without finishing too many models (i.e. many of my games are against opponents with 1~2+ behemoths/monsters). To put it in perspective, I live in Asia so most players are experienced figurine modelers coming into AoS (most who used to build Gunpla or other figurines), so buy into the game mostly since they find a big piece they want to make (i.e. GUO, Nagash, etc.). Sometimes it becomes a chore to play monster-bash games, but there's a good enough variety that it keeps thing interesting. Personally I enjoy building different armies, so only having to prepare 1000~1500 points for different factions is a sweet spot (I can have a good variety of units, make semi-hordes, and not burnout). This is probably a slightly different take than most FLGS, but so far its been great! On another note, I play a good number of 500 point games against newbies or people who are still building they're armies up as well (just for a quick weeknight 30~1hr game). Usually only requiring one hero, one battleline, and whatever else fits.
  13. I think aside from the price tag, DOK are a strong army overall. The units have some of the best synergies with buffs and ability mechanics, which leads to them placing high in tournaments consistently. Although this is all just speculation, but most expect them to be nerfed in the upcoming 2019 (again this is speculated, no confirmations). Its unlikely where DoK get the Kharadron Overlord treatment, where they were king and then became how they are now, but its something to be mindful of. If you are not in a hurry, I would recommend just getting a smaller army (maybe up to 1,000 points) and waiting a few months before fully committing. It is less likely for the newer armies/tomes to experience a drastic change, so I'd recommend any of the more recent tomes (Flesh Eater Courts, Skaven, Gloomspite Gitz, Beasts of Chaos, SCE (maybe), NH), would probably be less likely to face upcoming changes. Most armies that were released in AoS haven't gotten new units since (apart from SCE I guess), so I wouldn't expect DoK to get any new units anytime soon. At the end of the day, you'll be looking at months of work to be put forth into an army, and it's quite easy to become fatigued if you don't like the aesthetics/feel of the army. As such, I'd recommend planning accordingly (i.e. watch a few battle reports on youtube. Although most battle reports don't field competitive lists, they are great at showing a wide breadth of units from a faction.) Also, I'd check with your FLGS or friends on what type of competitiveness you'd be playing at (my FLGS is mostly casual players, so we tend to field armies similar to most youtube batreps as opposed to tourney lists). This can make quite a big difference in the longterm play experience imo.
  14. Since you've specified units! I've only started playing/collecting since last year, but have khorne/IDK/SCE/BoC/Ironjawz/Gloomspite/NH armies. So far my favorite units have been the following (mostly new models, sorry!): IDK: Namarti Thralls: these sculpts are pretty amazing imo, and their poses are awesome (around half of them also have a double handed polearm vs. a 2h sword choice). They were a pain to build due to how small the pieces are, but I'm pretty impressed with how nice and dynamic they look once assembled. (Having both female and male models also help break monotony, and they are each posed differently) Khorne: Flesh Hounds/Karanak: these are what made me eventually expand into Khorne after the Wrath/Rapture set came out. Once again, very detailed pieces with dynamic poses (this is probably a trend for me XD). Models are designed well so that the gaps are minimal or are less noticeable (a major issue I've found with older models, in particular BoC). SCE: Evocators: each evocator with staff is distinct and unique (staffs are all different!) and one of the few models with a dragon thingy in its hand! Having both females and males with different poses helps make each feel more interesting. Gloomspite: Rockgut trolls: Just... so..many...options! with 7~8 faces to choose from, multiple arms (though the seams are very visible and a pain to deal with). (close second, tie between dankhold troggoth (mainly because it comes with 7 or 8 minisquigs of different shapes/forms) and squigs (don't like squig seams, and theres only 10 faces for 10 squigs (was hoping for more)). Ironjawz: brutes by far were the more interesting (ardboyz and gore gruntas were a pain to assemble, and there weren't many options). TBH haven't been a fan of BoC kits (tzaangor enlightened were ok, but everything else felt like a nightmare, especially bestigors), and nighthaunts units were so-so imo (heroes were pretty nice, but in general, the models are way too fragile for my liking. Chainrasps and Grimghast sculpts are pretty fun to look at, but weren't really all that interesting to assemble). (Take my criticism of NH with a grain of salt, since I started with 1 soul wars half and 2 tempest halves.. by the time i was doing the exact same sprues for 4x chainghasts and 3x for grimghasts, it was such a pain to slog through... )
  15. As long as its for casual, anything goes pretty much. Any number of stabbas are always good as a core unit for gloomspite, but personally I play a 1k troggoth-based army (1x dankhold boss, 2x3 rockgut, 1x3 fellwater, 1x fungoid shaman, then fillers). I enjoyed a troggoth army due to low model count (not likely to win objective matches), but they're pretty tanky and decently strong, (and also low model count!). The stronger units right now include playing around stabbas with buffs (loonboss, snifflers, sporesplatta) and fanatics, as well as boingrot bounderz (decent MW output). Most units are pretty decent (and each play a different role), so there aren't any really BAD purchases per-say right now. (ok, maybe no shootas since their rules are kinda funky as they only get buffs in melee... despite having bows *shrugs*).
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