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  1. Haven't had too much time to play using the new rules yet, but I find myself using most of my command points for inspiring presence since typically I lose at least 3~4 eels in a turn and try to avoid losing more. I have considered splitting eels into 1x12 and 1x6 for more staying power with a larger group, but I tend to find even a group of 12 eels don't have enough staying/killing power to deal with a large /elite horde or horde + support hero without charging, retreating, then charging again over 3 turns.
  2. Curious how people are faring against newer battletomes (meta lists) nowadays. My last couple games with Deepkin have been a struggle (still come out with a win, but extremely close games). (Pre- GHB 2019), I was running a 2k list with: Volturnos (General) Soulrenderer Tidecaster 2 x 9 morsarr eels 2 x 10 namarti 2x3 ishlaenn eels Game 1 was against Fyreslayers, which included 1 magmadroth, one runefather, and 3 other support heroes 2x10 vulkite berzerkers 1x30 hearthguard berzerkers 1x5 auric hearthguard Mission was starfall. Turn 1 was mostly just movement, with me taking turn 2 and charging into his magmadroth and runefather (he positioned poorly behind the hearthguard blob). Even though I killed both, there was still a runesmiter or battlesmith nearby, so the hearthguard pretty much decimated the 9 eels in one turn (rr hits into MW is disgusting, especially with 2x melee and 2" reach). Along the outer edges of the battle, my namarti killed 2 vulkites while the vulkites killed all the thralls in one turn, while my second group of eels killed off 10 vulkites (not before losing 3 from the death/counterattack + regular attacks beforehand). I ended up winning mostly with the ishlaenn and remaining thralls holding objectives which landed far from the hearthguard blob. In the end, my 2nd group of morsarr only killed off 4~5 hearthguards on the charge before perishing (Even having only one hero remaining makes the hearthguards impossible to deal with). I think that was one of the more frustrating matches I've faced so far due to the strength of the hearthguards. The support heroes weren't all that easy to kill off either by being near an auric hearthguard unit, and I had to use up most of my alpha charge to barely kill them off. Other match was against a typical DOK lineup. My eels were able to charge into morathi, hag queen, and witch aelves turn 1 (poor positioning on his part, and luckily his prayers all failed), and killed off the hag queen, dealt 3 dmg to morathi, and killed off quite a few witch aelves. Turn 2 my other 9 eels killed off a second hag queen, and started to slog against witch aelves. I was able to kill off a good portion of his army, Despite getting an early advantage, witch aelves were still more point efficient, and I ended up losing more units than DOK did on Turn 2. By Turn 3, my volturnos didn't really have any good targets to buff (besides himself). Running a Volturnos as general list seemed to perform decently, but despite early advantages from pulling off great alphas (at least I thought so), it still feels like an uphill battle. My unit of 9 eels were able to take out key enemy support heroes as well as do decent damage to troops on the charge, but were rarely able to survive 2 rounds of combat for me to retreat them. I've found most of my fights to be over by turn 3 partly because of this, so didn't really have enough surviving units to make too much use of High tide. I'm sure I could have played better strategically and would have probably fared better using tidecaster as general, but overall IDK felt like they didn't pack too great of a punch. (I'm mostly comparing their output to enlightened on discs and evocators, who felt like they had better point efficiency) Thoughts?
  3. From time to time you might be able to find the 2017 khorne battleforce floating around as well, which is a great deal considering the sprues are the original boxed ones rather than the goreblade ones (monopose/no options). Other things to consider down the line is that you can run a BoC Khorne warscroll battalion directly under the khorne faction/allegiance (fun for fluff). Having mixed armies is fine, just note that some buffs target only "mortal" or "daemons" so there's slightly less synergy between the two sides (apart from bloodsecrators and slaughterpriests, which are usually auto-include and can buff all khorne).
  4. FLGS plays mostly 1000~1500 points (using 1000 matched play list composition rules): Similar to what others have said, games are done much quicker, and it caters well to my FLGS as the AoS scene is still relatively new here ( we have maybe 10~20 regular AoS players, with around 90% of whom only started in the past 1.5 years or so). Most people here start AoS after becoming attracted to a centerpiece, so want to try and play without finishing too many models (i.e. many of my games are against opponents with 1~2+ behemoths/monsters). To put it in perspective, I live in Asia so most players are experienced figurine modelers coming into AoS (most who used to build Gunpla or other figurines), so buy into the game mostly since they find a big piece they want to make (i.e. GUO, Nagash, etc.). Sometimes it becomes a chore to play monster-bash games, but there's a good enough variety that it keeps thing interesting. Personally I enjoy building different armies, so only having to prepare 1000~1500 points for different factions is a sweet spot (I can have a good variety of units, make semi-hordes, and not burnout). This is probably a slightly different take than most FLGS, but so far its been great! On another note, I play a good number of 500 point games against newbies or people who are still building they're armies up as well (just for a quick weeknight 30~1hr game). Usually only requiring one hero, one battleline, and whatever else fits.
  5. I think aside from the price tag, DOK are a strong army overall. The units have some of the best synergies with buffs and ability mechanics, which leads to them placing high in tournaments consistently. Although this is all just speculation, but most expect them to be nerfed in the upcoming 2019 (again this is speculated, no confirmations). Its unlikely where DoK get the Kharadron Overlord treatment, where they were king and then became how they are now, but its something to be mindful of. If you are not in a hurry, I would recommend just getting a smaller army (maybe up to 1,000 points) and waiting a few months before fully committing. It is less likely for the newer armies/tomes to experience a drastic change, so I'd recommend any of the more recent tomes (Flesh Eater Courts, Skaven, Gloomspite Gitz, Beasts of Chaos, SCE (maybe), NH), would probably be less likely to face upcoming changes. Most armies that were released in AoS haven't gotten new units since (apart from SCE I guess), so I wouldn't expect DoK to get any new units anytime soon. At the end of the day, you'll be looking at months of work to be put forth into an army, and it's quite easy to become fatigued if you don't like the aesthetics/feel of the army. As such, I'd recommend planning accordingly (i.e. watch a few battle reports on youtube. Although most battle reports don't field competitive lists, they are great at showing a wide breadth of units from a faction.) Also, I'd check with your FLGS or friends on what type of competitiveness you'd be playing at (my FLGS is mostly casual players, so we tend to field armies similar to most youtube batreps as opposed to tourney lists). This can make quite a big difference in the longterm play experience imo.
  6. Since you've specified units! I've only started playing/collecting since last year, but have khorne/IDK/SCE/BoC/Ironjawz/Gloomspite/NH armies. So far my favorite units have been the following (mostly new models, sorry!): IDK: Namarti Thralls: these sculpts are pretty amazing imo, and their poses are awesome (around half of them also have a double handed polearm vs. a 2h sword choice). They were a pain to build due to how small the pieces are, but I'm pretty impressed with how nice and dynamic they look once assembled. (Having both female and male models also help break monotony, and they are each posed differently) Khorne: Flesh Hounds/Karanak: these are what made me eventually expand into Khorne after the Wrath/Rapture set came out. Once again, very detailed pieces with dynamic poses (this is probably a trend for me XD). Models are designed well so that the gaps are minimal or are less noticeable (a major issue I've found with older models, in particular BoC). SCE: Evocators: each evocator with staff is distinct and unique (staffs are all different!) and one of the few models with a dragon thingy in its hand! Having both females and males with different poses helps make each feel more interesting. Gloomspite: Rockgut trolls: Just... so..many...options! with 7~8 faces to choose from, multiple arms (though the seams are very visible and a pain to deal with). (close second, tie between dankhold troggoth (mainly because it comes with 7 or 8 minisquigs of different shapes/forms) and squigs (don't like squig seams, and theres only 10 faces for 10 squigs (was hoping for more)). Ironjawz: brutes by far were the more interesting (ardboyz and gore gruntas were a pain to assemble, and there weren't many options). TBH haven't been a fan of BoC kits (tzaangor enlightened were ok, but everything else felt like a nightmare, especially bestigors), and nighthaunts units were so-so imo (heroes were pretty nice, but in general, the models are way too fragile for my liking. Chainrasps and Grimghast sculpts are pretty fun to look at, but weren't really all that interesting to assemble). (Take my criticism of NH with a grain of salt, since I started with 1 soul wars half and 2 tempest halves.. by the time i was doing the exact same sprues for 4x chainghasts and 3x for grimghasts, it was such a pain to slog through... )
  7. As long as its for casual, anything goes pretty much. Any number of stabbas are always good as a core unit for gloomspite, but personally I play a 1k troggoth-based army (1x dankhold boss, 2x3 rockgut, 1x3 fellwater, 1x fungoid shaman, then fillers). I enjoyed a troggoth army due to low model count (not likely to win objective matches), but they're pretty tanky and decently strong, (and also low model count!). The stronger units right now include playing around stabbas with buffs (loonboss, snifflers, sporesplatta) and fanatics, as well as boingrot bounderz (decent MW output). Most units are pretty decent (and each play a different role), so there aren't any really BAD purchases per-say right now. (ok, maybe no shootas since their rules are kinda funky as they only get buffs in melee... despite having bows *shrugs*).
  8. I love playing aggro warbands (mainly play Magore, Zarbag, Briar, all with aggro-type builds) so will be interesting going from a large model count to a warband with a small count and focus on one model (Mollog). I'm excited to see how much gameplay will be shaken up with the new relic upgrade (+1 additional glory on kill) as my FLGS has been leaning heavily towards mob-type armies (skaven, briar) in the past couple months. Currently thinking of using cards like cursed artefact/soultrap or similar to increase survivability (1 defense on shields is kinda hard to keep alive with all the cleaves going around, also not many methods to buff shields defense (i.e. acrobatic for evasions)). Also looking more into push cards or instant movement cards as I'm pretty sure sudden growth/deadly fortitude will be must-haves for Mollog. Can't wait to see all the other card releases to come up with a new deck!
  9. Most of the players here at my flgs are pretty new (around 75% of the players or so with <1 year experience to both 40k and AoS, myself included). None of us are using mortal realm rules yet (several still getting used to their own allegiance rules), so would consider ourselves as being pretty "casual". Several of us play on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, and tend to discuss lists if we plan a match for the following week or next time (behemoths Y/N; wizards Y/N). I've played a couple of the battletome battleplans (including the BoC one!), and our store hosts a couple fun events from time to time (had a 3v3 (1k point each) battle once, where at the third round, one player from each side turns "traitor"). For the most part, people here are more model/hobby lovers than wargaming players (personally I'm still big on fairness of rules, so will call out/question stuff if something seems OP/fishy), so in general everyone brings a variety of models (i.e. usually its only 1~2 MSU of each unit for our <1500 games). For the most part we still use matched play rules for army setup, imho, its mostly just communicating with other players on what you want to play (are we duking it out with behemoths today? playing for objectives or just tabling each other? going for massive horde battles?) that makes it more of an enjoyable experience for both parties. Granted, part of it is that several of us have pretty big army collections (I have 4 different armies at 1~2k, several others who play more often may only have 1~2 armies but at 3k or so) so we can plug and play what we need to based on what kind of game we want to play that weekend. (not sure if this answered your comments XD)
  10. Welcome (back) to AOS! I play ironjawz from time to time while a friend plays beastclaw raiders. Both aren't quite top tier as they were one of the earlier AOS books to be written, but both are still pretty strong. Gameplay wise BCR are super elite, super fast, heavy hitters, although with little to no resistance against magics, you may have a tough time as the current meta supports magic. IJ on the other hand, are somewhat more flexible, with decent spellcasting with the Weirdnob and a couple fast units (gore grunta, Maw Krusha). Overall IJ is a pretty slow army, though, and units are quite expensive point-wise. Based off of what has been released so far, trolls/ troggoths point-wise seem in line with most of the other elite destruction units, although this may be considered as being more expensive when compared to other grand alliances. Hopefully the tome will reveal more troggoth synergies!
  11. Sorry for the long post! Just got into miniature wargaming world last August (randomly entered a GW store and fell in love with AoS models, I blame the Cabbage). In the past 5 months I've binged a bit too much (by the end of 2018, had 2000 points of SCE (built, half painted), 1000 points of IJ (built, only maw krusha painted), 1500 points of BoC (assembled, unpainted, these models have been much more difficult for me to clean up/assemble), with a backlog of 1250 point of NH, 1000 points of BoC, 3000 points of IDK (they were 30% off at FLGS due to low demand, and also got one and a half battleforce over x'mas. This was also the faction I most wanted to play, but decided not to start due to no start collecting! kit), and around 1000 points of khorne (doggos!). (Also have chaos chosen and undead BB teams, all underworlds mobs, and T'au KT assembled but only parts painted) Kinda started reflecting on purchases and decided to set a limited budget (now that I have a better understanding of how frequently new stuff comes out). I'm lucky to have a local FLGS with quite a few frequent players (almost always able to find a pickup AoS 1,000+ point game on weekend, and even sometimes on weekdays), as well as for other games (Underworlds, BB, KT), so it's been awesome learning the various tabletop games. AoS is still my favorite by far, especially with all the different armies available and different ways to play each army as well (and love a lot of the designs, especially cabbage!). I think for me its slightly the opposite from most people, where I get too excited to play/try new games/factions/warbands, so I assemble models quickly to play, but haven't been painting nearly as much as I should . I've been building plastic hobby models for several years, so to meet personal minimum quality, I remove all mold lines using knife, sanding down to 600 to make sure at least curves and proper panels show, fixing seams for hero/centerpieces. For the first few months this was fine, although building BoC models took more time than I had expected (minor conversions on bullgors, and doombull took quite some time to fill gaps/pin/green-stuff). Personally, I find it the most difficult to find time to sit down and paint the models. Since it's currently rainy season and it's naturally humid here (yearly average 75%+ humidity, and it rains ~75% of the days right now), finding time to prime models has been a nightmare. Currently planning to purchase an airbrush set to offset this issue, as well as to speed up base-coating. Although only <20% of the players locally field fully-painted armies, one of the reasons I started getting into GW models was for the painting aspect, so one of my major goals is to slowly try to improve painting skills and field a fully painted army. Goals: Most of my goals are currently based on upcoming events (and occasionally switching tasks to prevent burnout). Short term: January (posted on painting contract as well, so will keep this short) : Finish assembling + painting T'au kill team for local commander league (~15 models). Work on BoC army for 1,500 local tourney. Begin assembling IDK Feb.~April: Paint Undead BB team, fully work on fielding IDK army (FLGS most likely to host a tourney with prizes, and I want to use my IDK before (most likely) upcoming nerfs in GHB 2019). Long Term: - I've decided to hold off on purchasing more than 1,000 points for any new army until I finish off at least assembling another one of the backlogged armies (IDK, NH, Khorne) or fully paint an assembled one (SCE, IJ, BoC). (although gloomspite gitz are super tempting). - Other than that, my main goal is to spend at least 1 night a week on painting. (I already spend ~20+ hrs per week on assembling, hopefully I can balance this with more painting time) - As a semi-competitive player, I hope to also work on documenting + analyzing my own AoS games, so will be trying to take more pictures during gaming for battle reports. So far last year has been a great deal of fun getting into tabletop gaming, and looking forward to see what everyone will accomplish this year!
  12. Game overall is pretty balanced imo, warbands with higher model counts (briar queen, sepchural guard) have slightly more flexibility on whether they want to go control (more common) or aggressive (do-able). Like others have mentioned, either starter box would be a good place to start. Nightvault core is good as it has useful universal cards (+1 wound, +1 movement, etc.), and Cursebreakers aren't too shabby either (I'd consider them as semi-aggressive, as typically they play defensive on Turn 1 to cast spells/inspire themselves, before going super aggressive Turn 2). If possible, would recommend trying to split the box if you don't want the Briar Queen half (although might be slightly difficult to split the shared core cards). Shadespire core set is also decent, as both their warbands are now more competitive with the restricted/ban lists. However, since the theme of the current season is "magic" , this set offers fewer benefits in comparison to the Nightvault set should you decide to play one of the newer warbands. If you're looking for something smaller to start with that's still aggressive, Ironskull Boyz (inspires by losing a wound) is a decent pick, as well as Magore's Fiends (inspires by successful attacks). Both are hyper-aggressive (all you want to do is rush at enemies and keep attacking more or less) and can be played semi-effectively from the get-go (i.e. always help to have full set of cards, but these two can do decently with just their boxes). In all honesty, how competitive a deck can be is also highly dependent on how many players you are facing with the full set, as these players will have highly synergistic combos (I usually keep two decks at hand, one against full set players, and one for casuals with maybe 3~4 warbands). In a competitive game, my opponent and I average at least 8~12 glory points per game, whereas when I'm playing with casual warbands, the average is typically around 4~8.
  13. Got extremely lucky with the sacrificing rolls this game (first time trying out allherd). With gavespawn its typically a group of raiders every other turn (useful for contesting objectives, but terrible damage), or bestigor/enlightened on disks (decent fighters) turn 3.
  14. Visited FLGS last night and a friend challenged me to a mini pickup game of 500 points of AoS. (I had my BoC army still at store from last weekend's 1000 event). Matched Play: 500 points Mission: Starfall (played on 2x2 board so edited mission so that objective would drop in center of either board rather than 3 locations). Lists: BoC: Greatfrey: Allherd - 1 x Beastlord (General, Command Trait: Dominator, Artefact: Blade of Desecrator) - 1x 10 Ungor (mace and shields) - 1 x 10 Bestigors - 1 x 3 Bullgors (Greataxes) - 1 x Chaos Spawn Total points: 480 KO: Skyport: Barak-Urbaz, The Market City (Footnote: Where there's war, there's gold) - 1 x Aether-Khemist (General, Command Trait: Khemists Supreme , Artefact: Breath of Morgrim ) - 2 x 10 Arkanaut Company (7x Pistols, 3x Light Skyhook) - 1 x 5 Grundstok Thunderers ( 5x Aethershot Rifle) Total Points: 500 Deployment: KO won deployment, and deployed in a line (left to right) Grundstock, arknaut company #1, aether-khemist, arkanaut company #2 On the opposite side: Herdstone right at center of BoC territory Bullgors, chaos spawn, ungor (near herdstone), Beastlord (on herdstone), Bestigors Round 1: KO finished deploying first and decided to go second. BoC: Gained 3 primordial points sacrificing ungors to the beast gods! For a total of 4 points to start. Bullgors and chaos spawn ran up the left side of the board, staying 22 inches away from Grundstocks (18" shooting + 4" move) Bestigors ran up right side of board to 17" away from enemy (original plan was to stay outside pistol range of 12" shot + 4" move) KO: Aether-khemist buffs both arkanaut company's skyhooks (+1 to attacks) KO army inches forward 4" with their stubby legs Both arkanaut companies shoot skyhooks into bestigors (24" shot range, forgot about those @_@), killing 8 bestigors (remaining 2 run off in battleshock phase). Round 2: To my dismay, objective drops down to the right side of the board (where my almost-decimated bestigors are at!) KO win initiative (yea... rolled 4x 1's for initiatives throughout this match) and decides to go first. KO Turn: Aether-khemist buffs himself and arkanaut company #2 (right side). Arkanaut Company #2 and Aether-khemist run with their short stubby legs run to capture the objective. Arkanaut Company #1 remains in place, while Grundstuk move up to prepare for shooting. Shooting: Grunstuk shoot into bulls, doing a grand total of 2 dmg, arkanaut company #1 deal 1 dmg to my chaos spawn. KO gain control of the point and gain 2 points. BoC Turn: Hero: Sacrifice 3 more ungors to the gods! (gain 1 (hero phase) + 3 more summon points for a total of 8). Two command points are converted into summon points (10 total) Movement: Bullgors move up towards Grundstuks, readying to charge. Chaos spawn starts heading towards Arkanaut Company #1 to prevent them from assisting to capture points. A unit of ungor raiders are summoned near Arkanaut Company #1 (far side edge), while a unit of bestigors are summoned on right side of the fight (near Arkanaut Company #2). (10 summon points used). Shooting: ungor raiders make 1 shot into the Aether-Khemist! Charge: miraculously, everyone makes their charges (bullgors into grundstuks, chaos spawn and ungor raiders into arkanaut company #1, bestigors into arkanaut company #2) . Close Combat: I chose bestigors to go first (with +1 attacks on charge, rerolling 1s to hit against order, +1 to hit against unit of 10 models), and deleted the arkanaut company #2. KO chose grundstuks to go next, and..... they retreated!!!! (didn't know they could do that, so was a misplay on my part). Chaos spawn attacked next, dealing a grand total of 1 dmg. Arkanaut company splits attacks into chaos spawn and ungor raiders, dealing 2 wounds to chaos spawn (3/5), and 2 wound to ungor raiders. Ungor raiders whiff all their attacks into arkanaut. Battleshock: Just when you don't want to see that magical 6, it appears! resulting in an additional 4 ungor raiders running (2 dead + 6 roll = 8 - 4 battleshock = 4 run). BoC recapture the point and gain 2 points for objective. Round 2 score: BoC 2: KO 2 Round 3: KO objective drops on the right side of the map to my horror. BoC objective drops on the left side of the map (meh). Initiative: (Guess who rolls a 1 again!) KO wins and decides to take the turn. KO Turn: Aether-khemist buffs himself and Arkanaut Company #2, and decides to use the "Where There's War, There's Gold" this turn on arkanaut company #2. Arkanaut Company #2 shoot, killing off the ungor raiders, but only getting one wound off on the chaos spawn (YAY!). Movement Phase: Aether-khemist move towards my bestigors, and triggers Breath of Morgrim, dealing 3 MW. Grundstuks inch towards the edge away from bullgors. Shooting: Arkanaut Company #2 is stuck shooting into chaos spawn (very very dead this time). Aether-khemist and his ungodly 3d6+1 shots (ending up in 15 to my horror), lands 7 wounds on my bestigors and kills them off (those dice...). Grundstuks shoot at bullgors, dealing 3 damage total and killing one off (one at 3/4 wounds remaining). Battleshock: none Victory points: Aether-khemist captures point in KO territory, gaining a total of 3 +2 = 5 points. BOC Turn: Hero: 2 more ungors are sacrificed! (1+2 = 3 total summon points). (I could have used an additional point to summon ungor raiders, but didn't really want another unit of raiders at this point). Movement: bullgors decide to move towards arkanaut company #2 (ignoring grundstuks). Ungors run and make it to capture BoC objective. Charge: Bullgors pull off a 10" charge, making it into the arkanaut company #2. Close Combat: .... and bullgors score mvp by missing ALL attacks. Luckily arkanaut company isn't very good at melee either, dealing 1 wound to the bulls (2/4) remaining. Victory points: BoC only capture one point, for 3 points this round = 5 points total Round 3 end score: BoC 5 : KO 5 Round 4: Initiative roll: for once, BoC go first! (double turn, yay) BoC turn: Hero: beastlord decides to sacrifice himself to the gods, and get smited for an ungodly 3 MW (1+3=4 + 3(from last round) = 7). Movement: ungors run toward the center (6!) to try and help capture points in round 5. Beastlord decides its time to move off the herdstone or everything will be lost!, moving towards aether khemist. 10 bestigors are summoned (again!) to the right edge of the map, 9" away from the khemist. Charge: Decided to attempt bestigor charge first (forgot about command trait allowing charge rerolls if beastlord made it first), and fails to charge. Beastlord, on the other hand, makes a 10" charge. Close Combat: With beastlord down to two wounds and potentially contesting the center point, beastlord goes first, making all 5 attacks! but..... Aether-khemist saves 1, and survives the onslaught. Arkanaut company #2 decide to go next, whiffing everything. Bullgors land 4 wounds onto the arkanauts in retaliation! Aether-khemist only succeeds to deal 1 damage to my Beastlord, hence both generals survive the turn. Battleshock: KO uses a command point to prevent battleshock test, bullgors prevent battleshock (6+ 3 units within 12"). Points: unable to kill off the khemist, BoC only gain 4 points for the previously captured objective in BoC territory. KO turn: Hero: Aether-khemist buffs himself and arkanaut company #2. Movement: Grundstuks move toward their own point. Shooting: Arkanaut Company #2 shoot at bullgors, and succeed to do 2 damage, killing off one bull and putting 1 wound on the last bull. Grundstuks all whiff! Aether-khemist gets another ungodly 15 shots at the Beastlord, landing 6. Yea... that's one super dead Beastlord. Close combat: Arkanaut Company #2 go first, managing to deal 0 wounds to the bullgor. Bullgor swings and a grand total of 1 damage to the company. Points: KO keep the center objective for 4 points. Round 4 points: BoC 9: KO 9 Round 5: Initiative: BoC gain initiative and go first. BoC Turn: Movement: Ungors run and make it into within 3" of the center point, bestigors run and make it into the KO objective point. Combat: My single lonely bullgor champion decides it finally wants to make a splash, landing all three greataxe hits for a total of 9 damage (rend 2, dwarves couldn't save it). Since I've captured all three points, we decide to call it after the combat (yay bullgor!) Conclusion: My friend has been very disappointed in KO after its nerfs, so I tried to come up with a more friendly list (I also had chimera (which i was super tempted to summon), enlightened, ghorgon, bray shaman, etc. at hand. It was also either I play my beasts or I play sacrosanct stormcast (LA on gryph, 2x5 sequitors) which isn't very fun). I misplayed one combat phase (though those grundstuks ended up not doing much damage throughout the game *shrugs*). Skyhooks are super deadly, and aetherkhemist hurt as well (especially with that rend 2). Overall it was a fun mini practice match on a weeknight (he's relatively new to AoS). Note to self: take more pictures @_@. Trying to get beasts painted but have a super long hobby list (Kill team season about to start which includes judging of painting so have to work on that first... as well as blood bowl mini-event, hence why BoC are all black right now. Also can't decide if I want to do a grey-scheme beasts or a blue-scheme beasts army).
  15. New year, new goals Paint: - Finish up my chaos chosen blood bowl team (80% painted already, need to figure out how to cover the holes on the bases to begin terrain) - Finish up giant for more underworlds shennanigans (60% base coated) - Start/finish base coats for core BoC army (20 ungors, 20 bestigors, 6 bullgors, doombull, beastlord, bray shaman, ghorgon, herdstone, chimera, 3 enlightened, 2 chaos spawn) Stretch: - Start base coats for other BoC units ( tzaangor shaman, one eyed beastlord) - Finish assembling remaining BoC army at a minimum (5 centigor, chariot, 10 pestigors, 10 bestigors, 10 ungors, 1 cygor, 1 ghorgon, 10 gors, 3 bullgors, 2 great bray shamans, ) When not painting, will be assembling: - Khorne half of wrath and rapture -Idoneth Deepkin (aim to get ahkelian king/volturnos, 6 eels, 1 turtle assembled) -undead blood bowl team (hm.. looks like I shouldn't get any gloomspite quite just yet)
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