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Items for sale - UK based

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On 3/16/2019 at 7:33 AM, Darren2607 said:

I'm interested in the gitz and mollogs. Are they unpainted? 


Edit :just realised NIB means new in box. So I'll take both warbands off you. I'm in london and can do paypal

Received. All good. Thanks very much 

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12 minutes ago, Absolution black said:

Didn't think it would be anyone's cup of tea, but worth a shot!

They can go on eBay tomorrow

If I didn't have a terrible backlog already I'd be all over the chaos stuff - I really want to build a demon engine focused army. Sadly I have to pull in my interests otherwise I'd be buried under plastic. Good luck selling - I figure they'll sell pretty easily through ebay. 

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