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  1. Reading this thread, I definitely want to try this battle. Where can I find the gargant card? And do I just have to just buy a regular giant from aos?
  2. Hey chaps, just had my first couple of games with the reavers. I had a good close game against the thorns, but got absolutely crushed vs orruks. I was struggling to get glory rolling because I needed upgrades to be able to take them out for glory, but needed glory for those upgrades! What objectives do people tend to use for the reavers?
  3. Received. All good. Thanks very much
  4. I'm interested in the gitz and mollogs. Are they unpainted? Edit :just realised NIB means new in box. So I'll take both warbands off you. I'm in london and can do paypal
  5. Hey guys, just got back into playing sce after splitting the soul wars box I had a 2k army anyway, so it's nice to add some magic. Does anyone use Aventis? I like the model, and nice to have a centre piece that isn't a stardrake. I don't play competitive
  6. Have a look at Darksphere, they have them all: https://www.darksphere.co.uk/c.php?c=1991
  7. Nice, that would be my ideal solution money permitting. I presume the magnetic box has no space for deck, tokens or board and you have to carry those separately?
  8. Brill, thanks, those are some of the warbands I play most regularly
  9. It does look fantastic. I really like the look of magnetic box with custom fit foam just for taking one warband out for a game. So you bought custom fit foam for each warband?
  10. I had seen that but wasn't sure how many warbands would actually fit. Have you tried it with different ones?
  11. I can't decide what to get to carry my warbands around. I want something small, that fits in a backpack and has enough space for all the pieces and up to 2 warbands. I thought the official GW case looked perfect. But I've also read people saying the stormcast cursebreakers dont fit in. Anyone experienced this? Feldherr ones looks amazing. But buying a new custom foam for every warband may end up being expensive. People's favored solutions?
  12. For sale one realm of battle board. It is 6 feet by 4 feet, composed of 6 separate pieces each 1 foot by foot The pieces can be rotated to change the layout, with the hill customisable in a few ways, including with a large hill in the middle or as a valley (see photos) Includes the clips to hold it together and the carry case This cost over £200 new and unpainted. It has been painted to a decent standard to look like a muddy green/brown battlefield with green flock applied It weighs about 20kg, so the only delivery option is courier. If you can pick it up from London, that would be great I'd be looking for £130 Thanks for looking!
  13. For sale one complete Fyreslayers army, which includes some dispossessed allies. There is about 2,500 points of models, so plenty of ways you can play them in a 2,000 point game. All hand painted, with the whole army based in a matching lava effect. The full army list is as follows: Runefather on magmadroth Runsemiter on magmadroth Runesmiter Runemaster Battlesmith Grimwrath Bezerker Runeson with javelin Runeson with waraxe 20 vulkite bezerkers with pickaxes and slingshields (1 karl and 1 hornblower) 20 vulkite bezerkers with double axes (1 karl and 1 hornblower) 15 hearthguard bezerkers (1 karl) 15 auric hearthguard (3 karls) 2 gyrocopters Chosen Axes Runelord with scenic base Fyreslayers battletome 8 movement trays for 5 models each - perfect for using with the vulkite bezerkers 2 KR carry cases with foam inserts to transport the whole army RRP of all of this is about £600. I'd be looking for £900 for the whole lot. I would rather sell it all together, but appreciate that could be a big ask, so I may be willing to break it up I am willing to do a collection if you can get to London and want to avoid postage. I'd also happily give you a game with them if you want to see how they play/inspect up close Thanks for looking!
  14. I love chariots. Some fire chariots would look amazing
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