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  1. For sale one realm of battle board. It is 6 feet by 4 feet, composed of 6 separate pieces each 1 foot by foot The pieces can be rotated to change the layout, with the hill customisable in a few ways, including with a large hill in the middle or as a valley (see photos) Includes the clips to hold it together and the carry case This cost over £200 new and unpainted. It has been painted to a decent standard to look like a muddy green/brown battlefield with green flock applied It weighs about 20kg, so the only delivery option is courier. If you can pick it up from London, that would be great I'd be looking for £130 Thanks for looking!
  2. For sale one complete Fyreslayers army, which includes some dispossessed allies. There is about 2,500 points of models, so plenty of ways you can play them in a 2,000 point game. All hand painted, with the whole army based in a matching lava effect. The full army list is as follows: Runefather on magmadroth Runsemiter on magmadroth Runesmiter Runemaster Battlesmith Grimwrath Bezerker Runeson with javelin Runeson with waraxe 20 vulkite bezerkers with pickaxes and slingshields (1 karl and 1 hornblower) 20 vulkite bezerkers with double axes (1 karl and 1 hornblower) 15 hearthguard bezerkers (1 karl) 15 auric hearthguard (3 karls) 2 gyrocopters Chosen Axes Runelord with scenic base Fyreslayers battletome 8 movement trays for 5 models each - perfect for using with the vulkite bezerkers 2 KR carry cases with foam inserts to transport the whole army RRP of all of this is about £600. I'd be looking for £900 for the whole lot. I would rather sell it all together, but appreciate that could be a big ask, so I may be willing to break it up I am willing to do a collection if you can get to London and want to avoid postage. I'd also happily give you a game with them if you want to see how they play/inspect up close Thanks for looking!
  3. Darren2607

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    I love chariots. Some fire chariots would look amazing
  4. Darren2607

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    I'd like to see more ways to dispell spells that fit with the narrative of dwarves hating wizards. The nighthaunt banshees have an ability that if they unbind a spell they get an extra attack. Something like that, representing how much we hate magic would be great A unit with a wounds characteristic of more than 1 and some cavalry would be great. But I'm not sure how to picture that
  5. Darren2607

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    Understand the points you are making, but GW literally issued a new errata for fyreslayers Battletome yesterday and didn't touch the battallion. I think at this point it is fair to assume the warscroll should be interpreted how it's written age_of_sigmar_fyreslayers_errata_en-1.pdf
  6. Darren2607

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    Can the Runesmiter grand ritual of awakening be used at any time, or just in the hero phase? It doesn't specify on the warscroll, but is it covered specifically anywhere else?
  7. Darren2607

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    I agree the hearthguard bezerkers can feel a little underwhelming. They feel like they should be an elite unit but aren't. That said, having some fairly reliable mortal wounds is great, especially if you also have Lords of the lodge battallion which let's them attack twice. Interesting re Grimwrath. I love the model and want him to succeed, but I've always found him a disappointment. As you say, he's also more difficult to justify in bigger games as other heroes synergise with our big blobs whereas he's a lone wolf
  8. Darren2607

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    The shields are strong. Potential for mortal wounds on the charge and +1 save in combat is great. But don't underestimate the dual axes. Rerolling all hits, with how easy it is for us to get reroll wounds can force a lot of saves. I personally take a unit of each
  9. Darren2607

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    I played a couple of games at the weekend. Triumph and treachery against new nighthaunt and seraphon. We're definitely weaker but still have strong units - I still managed to win 1 game. Endless spells are strong, but they can still be used by us even though we don't have a wizard, so it's not completely op. I managed to use one to heal up my magma. Also, the artefact that gives +1 to hit, +1 to wound was Awsome on runedaddy on magma, especially when combined with the command trait to allow him to immediately attack a 2nd time. He became very killy for 260 points I'd also say that as intimidating as the summoning can seem, it doesn't necessarily win objective based games. Seraphon player was able to summon a basildon by turn 3, but it didn't do anything. Overall, I feel like we have some pretty obvious limitations, but can still compete. Might be different at tournament level though
  10. Darren2607

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    Has to be stormcast who at least have a selection of wizards now. Alternatively you can go runelord to try and shut everything down with +2 dispel. I'll probably go that route, as I think it fits more thematically for slayers. And I like the idea of ruining other people's fun and stopping spells they've paid points for!
  11. Darren2607

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    Also just noticed that the command abilities now require a unit to be wholly within a distance of the general. Good luck using the 5" pile in on a unit of vulkites! Does seem thay they have absolutely savaged fyreslayers. Unless a new Battletome is coming, I fear it's going to be a very grim year for us
  12. Darren2607

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    New FAQ. Each of runeson, runeson on magma, Runefather and Runefather on magma, require the model to be general to use the command ability. So, unless I'm mistaken we can't use multiple command abilities like the gw faction focus said we would be able to....
  13. Darren2607

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    Wooo! Looking forward to the new edition this weekend. Interested to know what people are going to do about magic given it's going to be such a big part of aos2. ally in runelord to disspell some bits? Or ally in stormcast wizard and take advantage of endless spells such as lifeswarm which could be very strong for us?
  14. Darren2607

    Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Posted from the Facebook group
  15. Darren2607

    WTB: Archaon and Fyreslayers army

    Runefather on magma Runsemsiter on magma Runemaster Runesmiter Battlesmith Grimwrath bezerker Runeson with javelin Runeson with axes Chosen axes 20 vulkites with picks and shields 20 vulkites with double axes 15 hearthguard bezerkers with flails 15 auric hearthguard 2 gyrocopters Movement trays and Battletome