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Mixed Order Duardin


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So for a fun pure theme army I've been considering a mixed Order duardin army combining Dispossessed, Fyreslayers and Overlords.  Obviously this isn't going to be a heavy competitive list, I have Flesh Eaters for that, but I also don't want to get rolled every game.  Does anyone have any ideas on building a list using mostly Duardin (have to sneak in an Incantor for casting I'm sure)?

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Hey mate dwarf lover!

I gonna write a list with only dwarfs,can be better with non dwarf units or with a fyreslayer\kharadron alegiance and not order but this is my idea for good general dwarf list:


Allegiance: Order

Auric Runefather (100)
Auric Runemaster (80)
Auric Runesmiter (120)
- Runic Iron
Battlesmith (120)
Aether-Khemist (160)
Runelord (100)

40 x Arkanaut Company (480)
- 12x Light Skyhooks
20 x Warriors (160)
- Double-handed Duardin Axes & Shields
10 x Warriors (80)
- Double-handed Duardin Axes & Shields

30 x Hearthguard Berzerkers (480)
- Poleaxes

Lords of the Lodge (110)

Total: 1990 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 1
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 133


As general order army,with one of the fyrestorm alegiances(i think only hammerhalls can).

You have 2 command points and 2 relics.


Have many screen with the 30 dwarf warriors

Have a autodelete behemots\hero with the unit of arkanauts and the buff of the khemist

Have a insane sturdy unit almost imposible to kill with the hearthguards with a save of 5 rerolling(due to battlesmith) and special save of 4 due to be close to hero.also have mortal wounds output that this list need and attack twice due to the battallion.

Have a counter for any key spell of the oponent with the runelord and also can buff the unit of 20 warriors to have more rend or the 6 special save

This list have problems getting to objetives due to be very slow,can use the combo of runesmiter with one unit if needed but loose his reroll wounds


I hope be usefull 

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Love that army list. Blunt and to the point and just straight up punchy. I'd agree with trying to squeeze in riggers. Those chainfists, er, saws are brutal.

I'm gonna be keeping an eye on this topic cause dorfs rule, and my planned 2k Kharadron army has allied in Fyreslayers.

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