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  1. I'm going to be starting to collect the Fyreslayers kits for my KO list soon (10 Hearthguard berserkers and a Grimwrath), and I had a question. Anyone know any good way to make lady Fyreslayers? I wanted to try to include a couple. KO have bulky enough gear that I can just get a dorf lady head on there and it basically works. But Fyreslayers don't wear nearly as much so it's a bit trickier. Heroforge is an option but that's like $20+ per model.
  2. @Lightbox those models are GORGEOUS! And the kitbashing too just. So good.
  3. If they gave a buff to our own Navigator's Aetherstorm to affect non-fly units as well, that'd help with this a lot.
  4. Interesting. I was poking around the Games Workshop store site out of boredom and...the KO unit pages are broken. Thundrik's Privateers still works. But the rest aren't even showing up on the Duardin search. Think they're making changes?
  5. Oh don't worry about that. I'll be showing progress once I get started. I wanna finish painting some of my 40k stuff first. And yeah, I'm thinking Mhornar or Thryng possibly for my shipless lists. BTW, what is the name of the deep strike rule for Ziflin? I feel like I can't see it anywhere, but it wouldn't be the first time I was blind.
  6. @Baron Wastelands @Beliman Thanks for the insight. I guess I just really wanted to try out the Gunhauler cause of the kitbash idea I'm going to do. So I might give it a shot anyway just to see how it works. I already have the parts so I may as well. Worst that happens is I lose but still have a cool model for my shelves. *shrugs* Other ideas I have are, take the Ziflin list, replace the Frigate with 6 Skywardens. I know the Riggers are better, but they're too expensive in this case. Or, beef up one company to 20 and have 2 units of 6 riggers. Finally, normal size companies, 2 units of 6 riggers, and throw in a Knight-Incantor. I'll bash up a dorf to look like a steampunk runesmith or something. Then I can throw out Mystic Shields maybe. Maybe it's the ADHD or something but I like having options so I'm not playing with the same list all the time, know what mean? And @ThePie when I was building my Frigate, I kept the crew and 'balloons' separate. Painted them, then assembled once done. Worked wonders. Also when gluing my ship to the stand, I propped it up. Note the paint container holding up the back end. Just some advice for your next boat.
  7. Ok, I've come up with a few lists for judgement. Every list has Khemist as General with the Earbuster and Rising Star. My additional Footnote is always "There's No Trading With Some People". I looked at the other options for these and felt like they were pretty much always the best with my list ideas. Feel free to critique as much as you want. Strike from the Skies Bang Bang Fyre in the Sky Choose Axes, not Boats
  8. Thanks guys! I'll take these notes to heart. I'll keep this Ziflin list in my pocket but might try a couple different lists as well as I slowly build up to 2k. This admiral still has a lot to learn but I'm far from giving up.
  9. Finally had my first proper game today! Guy I was playing with was super nice and helped me out. Also I lost pretty bad! But it's ok. I learned a lot. I don't remember all of the details, but I'll relay them the best I can. I went with the list I described earlier. 10 Arks with Pikes, 10 with Volleys, 6 Riggers, 10 Thunderers with Rifles, Khemist, Frigate. I went up against Ironjaws. 3 objectives distributed evenly across the middle of the table. I had my Skypikes on the left, Riggers, Thunderers and Khemist in the middle, Frigate and Volleyguns on right. First turn or so went ok. He moved really slow so I just shot at his boys a bunch and did some decent damage while claiming objectives. Then he charged in and....well, orcs happened. By the end of turn 5 I had 1 model left and about half the points as my opponent. But I did still learn a bunch of lessons. - My Frigate basically acted as a wall with guns and little more. I should have loaded the Volleyguns into the frigate to claim the right hand objective faster, rather than crawling up the two units together. - I tried to get my Thunderers to support my Skypikes but didn't get them over in time and they got stuck in the middle and the Pikes unit got erased. I should have supported them better. - I totally forgot how to do ANYTHING with command points so I was handicapped on that front. Changes for my next outing - Probably going to drop the frigate from my list, at least for now. I want to try to replace it with a Gunhauler. (I want to kitbash that new Space Marine walker and shove KO bits onto it. Dorf mech yes) - I know it was only one game but...the Skypikes didn't help at all, and rolling a bajillion dice for Volleyguns is fun but not very effective unless maybe I'm shooting at a hero. So I might just have both units run with Skyhooks. - Pick a better Skyport for my playstyle. Ziflin didn't do anything for me. Sure, it was vs Ironjaws and they had no flyers, but still. I also didn't use my boat nearly as well as I could have. Also actually keep all those abilities handy. - Write down my command point abilities so they're easier to access. And, yanno, actually use the damn things - See if I can include any Skywardens in. I'd still love to see those try to work, if only for the anti-charge damage. Once I come up with a new list I'll share it with you guys.
  10. Hey guys, it's been a while. I spent so much time trying to get ready to play games that I kinda fell out, and was also painting 40k stuff for a while. But I've hooked up with some local players AND finally noticed the big points changes that KO got in the latest General's Handbook! This is going to change my old plans a touch since my Frigate costs way less. Here's my old 1k list (not including artifacts and stuff) Khemist 10x Arkanauts w/ Skypikes 10x Arkanauts w/ Volleyguns 9x Endrinriggers w/Saws Frigate With the points changes, I now have a free 60 points. So I was thinking about what I could do with this and I decided to lower my Riggers to 6 models and add in 10 Thunderers instead. I still want to use the Frigate for now since I put the work into it. XD I might come up with a different 1k point list to keep the 9 Riggers. Maybe swap out the Frigate for a Gunhauler? Still thinking. Anyway, 10 Thunderers. I haven't assembled them yet and I wanted some advice. Do I go for a unit of 10, or 2 units of 5? I'm going to model them with all the weapons but might swap between that and all rifles depending on how I feel. I don't think I'll have any "counts as" issues. Thanks guys. :)
  11. Thanks, you have now ruined/improved how I see the Magmic Battleforge forever. 😜 Yanno, with the buffs and all the new stuff that Fyreslayers got I am REALLY tempted to make an army of them again. Hopefully the units I ally in will satisfy my need for these crazy bois enough.
  12. @Xil if I may I'd like to put in my two cents for your friend's list. 1) Get rid of the Gunhauler. I love the model too but in a 1k list it is just not worth the points. It can't ferry troops and doesn't have the most reliable damage, and kinda just acts as a not so great meat shield. 2) Right now I'd honestly say go Riggers over Wardens. Their damage is just more reliable and even a group of 3 saws unbuffed is scary. But I've never tried Wardens myself so who knows. 3) Other than that, fill in the gap the Gunhauler left with Dispossessed warriors or more Company models. Or even Thunderers. The list needs more bodies on the field. And help tell your friend to not lose heart! KO can do well with the right build in the right hands. We're in a janky spot right now, but hopefully we'll get a new battletome soon that irons out the army a little.
  13. Found my sheet where I was tracking names and such! It's Barak-Ghal. Gate of Skulls. Whoops already answered
  14. I'd imagine most if not all of the big Sky-Ports are in Chamon. But the battletome shows what looks like storage for aether-gold from across the realms, so having outposts or even straight up small Sky-Ports in other realms makes sense. My own, which I forget the name of, is a small Sky-Port by a realm gate that connects Chamon and Shyish, on the spooky side. It was built originally by Barak-Zon as a military Outpost, but got enough population to start it's own mining operations in Shyish. That's what I'm going with anyway.
  15. Ok so, I completely forgot to post this stuff yesterday. XD; But here's how the little game went. Over all, it was a fun game, and very much a learning experience. Lessons I learned: Here's the rest of the pics. It's on a 40k themed table cause that's what was out on both tables. So it was pretty much Squats vs Space Marines *bricked* And some extra shots I took after with my 1k army.
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