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  1. This is a pretty good point, to be honest. Then again, that was more an exploit fix, of sorts, than an army re-balancing. As of right now, we just can't be sure what they're planning. It could go one way or the other. That said, getting 3 of a given weapon type isn't overly difficult given that you need 3 boxes of Arkanauts for a 2k battleline as it is, so you're gonna get a 3 set of each special weapon. That said I also have to agree with Beliman. Having the 'weapon combos' of the Thunderers for the Arkanauts as well? You're far more likely going to be adding way more Arkanauts than Thunderers in your army, so it'd just add a huge amount of extra rolls. I hope they leave that gimmick to Thunderers alone. I think it's neat, but overdoing it may not be the best.
  2. Alright. I've got an updated 2k list to share for opinions. Arkanaut Admiral - General, Aethersight Loupe, Rising Star Aether Khemist Grimwrath Berserker 1x20 Arkanaut Company - Skyhooks 1x10 Arkanaut Company - Volleyguns 1x10 Arkanaut Company - Skypikes 2x10 Gunstock Thunderers - Rifles (for range) 1x6 Endrinriggers - Saws 1x10 Hearthguard Berserkers - Broadaxe Arkanaut Frigate - Last Word, Cannon This should add up to 1980 pts with the new Fyreslayer battletome. The big changes from my old 2k list is updated allies, removal of the Endrinmaster (replaced with the Grimwrath basically), splitting my Thunderers into 2 units, and changing one of my Companies to Skyhooks and boosting them to 20.
  3. I'll have to think about that. And yeah, over in the Fyreslayers topic I asked about changing up my allies and got suggested 10 HB and a Grimwrath or Battlesmith for support.
  4. Planning ahead. My 2k army idea had a big blob of 20 Thunderers in it. Originally I was thinking of going with the special weapons if only cause of the variety of looks and the potential to get those combo bonuses. But looking at the scroll again, I lose a good 6 inches of range if I go that route. From those more experienced, would I be better off going all rifles just for the boost from 12" to 18"? Honestly at this point I'm more concerned about the range than the reliable damage. 😜 Also, is a 20 unit block better than a pair of 10s? Just kinda refreshing myself on these things. And one more thing, the new group of Fyreslayers I was going to ally in thanks to the updates includes a hero. It seems a bit over kill to bring 4 heroes in a 2k army. So I was thinking about swapping out my Endrinmaster (there's only the one boat in this particular list anyway) for something else. Any suggestions? I had a 6 model Riggers unit. I could boost that up to 9. Or maybe I could beef up one of the Arkanaut Companies.
  5. Sounds good, @Azamar, thanks for the input! I think I'll go with the 10 Hearthguard idea. I'm assuming you mean the Berzerkers in this case. I'll see if I can tweak some points to decide between the Grimwrath or Battlesmith. Hoping that Battlescribe and/or Warscroll Builder update their points values soon to make it easier to build and check my points on the fly.
  6. Alright so, my planned 2k army list for KO included a 30x Vulkite Berserkers unit to act as a meatshield/melee platform at 360 points total. With the big changes to Fyreslayers, I could use some help in updating this. So what'd be a good fit for this slot? Doesn't have to be Vulkites since I don't have any of the models yet. But what'd fit the role at about the same point value of 360?
  7. Boat! And a big shot of my completed units so far. Just need it to stop raining so I can prime the next company.
  8. I just checked out the updated scrolls for the Fyreslayers. I'm gonna have to adjust my 2k plan to account for the beefier slayers!
  9. It's been nice painting a bigger model for once. XD The purple areas will be a slightly different shade cause I need to touch up some areas I spilled over. I think it's Xerus Purple. But I think it's coming out good so far! Just this set and one more Company (already assembled) and my 1k army will be ready. After that I might focus on my 1k Sons army for a bit before starting up on my 2k KO army~
  10. Here's progress on my Frigate! I'm really happy with how it's turning out. I just need to work on some more details and the crew. But it's nearly there.
  11. I was already planning on having some slayer allies in my 2k list, so this is good news to me! Btw, I'll try to get an in progress pic of my Frigate tonight. It's about half way done.
  12. *whispers* Make all the weird conversions
  13. Anyone who's seen my Kharadron will know how much I love purple. And though the Dark Irons are awesome (I gotta give my DI shadow priestess some love), if you're looking to avoid reds, then going the Duergar route is probably where you want to go.
  14. I was tinkering on the Warscroll builder coming up with a possible alternate 1k build I want to try that wouldn't require too many new kits. Khemist, 2x10 Arkanauts, 1x6 Riggers, 1x10 Thunderers, Gunhauler. Not remotely an ideal build, but I might give it a shot down the road if I wanted to try something different. I've already got a Gunhauler and 5 Thunderers so I'd just need one more box to field it.
  15. I've signed up on Bolt and Chainsword. Just waiting for them to validate my account, then I can start annoying them with questions. Thanks again, folks~
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