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So I like that when in the Rules Questions section its possible to rank posts so that answers can be high ranked to the top and those which are missleading or wrong can be low ranked to the bottom. The problem is that this pulls the thread apart. It works if its a very simple single question and single answer; but once you get any kind of debate or discussion going; or if the answer isn't clear to the OP (or another) and they start to seek clarification - then the thread fast ends up tricky to read. Low ranked replies end up near the bottom; high ranked ones at the top and one has to start looking at the time posted to try and work out what's been asked, answered and what hasn't. 


I wonder if its possible to mark the posts another way to preserve the chain of conversation. Perhaps a colour code of 4 or so colours so that all +1 ranks get one colour then the highest (ideally that will be the one that answers the original question best) gets a unique colour; then the low ranked ones are another colour with the lowest being, again, marked out differently. 


Whilst this would mean scrolling to see answers the colour coding would at least highlight the answer(s) although it might mess with the post highlighting that is currently used for subscription/donation members. 


Another option might be to only highlight the highest ranked and instead of them being moved to the top; have the software copy the highest ranked at the top. That way the answers are shown at the top, but the chain of conversation below it remains the same.



Note I accept that both these suggestions sound logical ,but might not be possible with the site software (or at least not without coding something unique). IT might also be there are other methods that could be used to highlight/promote answers and retain the chain of conversation. 

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