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Kharadron-Themed Cards


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I've noticed 3 or 4 Kharadron themed cards in the deck-builder today (http://prntscr.com/mojprb). Have they been up there the whole time? Don't think I've seen an unreleased warband portrayed on a card before. Hoping they are coming after the Sylvaneth. That looks like a Khemist...? What do you think the warband's focus will be? Since the Sylv-themed cards are up too, one could hope that two bands are gonna drop at the same time :D

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14 hours ago, Groomy said:

Don't think I've seen an unreleased warband portrayed on a card before

Other depictions of the KO team exist that have been in as far back as the Eyes of the Nine / Zarbag's release. Check out Extreme Flank, Solid Gains, and Tactical Supremacy 1-4 for example ;)

We got a video very early on in Nightvault's life cycle which revealed the artwork used for each Nightvault team, so none of the cards have been much of a spoiler. You can see the art for the KO in that video here:


Shadespire did similar things with splashing in art of warbands before release (or even being announced!), which made for some fun speculation. With the release of Sepulcheral Guard and Ironskull's boyz we technically had seen every warband represented in card art in one way or another, despite the last 4 not even being announced yet. 

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Two different attack profiles for his weapon would seem fitting, given how much control I'd expect a khemist to have over what they're shooting. Though really that would probably just boil down to having standard fare high damage attack and then either a cleave or knockback lower damage attack.

Inspiration triggers and unique actions on fighter cards is where they get really creative. Knowing the KO hunger for profit and glory in the fluff I wouldn't be too surprised if their inspiration mechanic is something like spend a glory to inspire a model or inspire one model every time you get a glory.

Perhaps the volley gun armed arkanaut will allow multiple attacks at once if he doesn't charge, etc. With so many different weapon/model types in the warband, I'd imagine we're going to see a lot of variety in profiles and unique rules/actions on fighter cards.

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