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  1. They were great. It was treated in a pretty standard fashion: Everyone determines their dagger/shield/hammer Draw a terrain card Roll a d3 to determine which of the 3-player deployments we use instead of drawing a card Draw a victory condition (we needed to redraw a couple times as some just don't play nicely with 3 players) Draw a twist Start killing each other The first victory condition we settled on was bloodmarked, which simply meant everybody picks a model from their first wave and if that model dies, they lose. We also opted to allow the first player to "lose" to stay in the game and continue playing until the end. Since we were using Deployment 3, Bloodmarked models were generally in a really scary position by turn 3. The arrival of daggers on the flanks of your initial starting positions put the two remaining bloodmarked models in very dangerous positions. The second victory condition I can't recall the name of, but it was if you lose half or more of your warband, you lose. Same deal as the first game, the first player to get knocked out still gets to continue fighting until the game is over. This one I imagine could become unfun if you have a player who refuses to leave a "corner" so to speak so they don't lose models excessively or get ganged up on, but we were all sporting about it and picking fights with each other. Nobody camped a corner and everybody was happy.
  2. @pseudonyme To be fair, the 9.3" doesn't stand out as so egregious when things like 8.6" and 2.3" are in these deployments too . I definitely contemplated fudging the labels to simply round down or up as needed (9", 8.5", 2.5"). In the grand scheme of things this isn't cutting edge matched play stuff anyways and differences of .3 of an inch at most are hardly much to worry about. Much to my delight I actually ended up playing some three player games this weekend without even planning to do so, so I actually got to use these. I've also got to throw some thanks/credit right back to you since I wouldn't have had anything to make pretty if you hadn't put in the initial legwork to draft up 3 player deployments in the first place. 👍
  3. You may want to try a hurricane in the place of a longstrike. Given that they have a minimum range of 3 you can shoot after a full 3" disengage which means they're much tougher to die down than a longstrike. Rapid Fire on a high triple also edges out onslaught, which can give a use for your triples. I've definitely 1-rounded several leaders with a hurricane who uses Rapid fire for 6 shots on his first action, then follows up with another 3 shots on his second action.
  4. All three finished, now with 50% less silly placeholder titles and 100% more accurate shields in the first deployment.
  5. One person is all I needed! I'll work on the other two. Also just realized my measurements for the center Shield deployments on that one are inaccurate. I'll make corrections to it and post an updated version of it once I have the others finished.
  6. Think this is pretty close to the real thing. Lacks the fancy trim / correct font / textures / and 1-to-1 symbols they use on the real cards. Also had no idea what dramatic name to call it, so it got a placeholder. Edit: Whoops, forgot to mention this is for the first deployment only. If folks are interested in having the others mocked up like this I can do it.
  7. I won't be able to produce something quite as nice as the cards themselves, but I'll give this a shot for the hell of it and see if folks like it.
  8. Well I was going to reply earlier today and then realized the updated BAR makes it all a wash anyways. Back to the drawing board on loads of cards in my Thundrik deck as well.
  9. Chosen Axes into Mollog is a rough match up given that the duardin generally need a turn to pick up steam and get those solid combat stats onto the field (Inspiration Strikes and Blazing Soul are your best friends). Playing objectives on top of that isn't going to make your life any easier, unfortunately. The profiteers however are a decent match up against Mollog in my experience. Some movement ploys + the 3 hex range of the profiteers means it's time to hunt some squigs with anyone who can Faneway Crystal, Hidden Paths, or even Spectral Wings into the backfield. Feast on them for some easy score immediately objectives then feed the upgrades + inspirations back to whoever you plan to anchor with. I also can't help but think that if it took all 12 activations in the game to bring him down then something had to be going very wrong. I've been able to kill Mollog with fairly regular consistency, but typically it relies on knocking him down only 1 or 2 life and then stalling until major spike damage is lined up. Fighter's Ferocity, Gloryseeker, Trap, Pit Trap, and Toxic Gasses are all very powerful tools that you can utilize to lay the pain on him whilst maintaining spacing and making it harder for him to capitalize on cards such as Aggressive Defense (which is damn well near an auto include if the Mollog player isn't being cheeky and running tomes).
  10. I do think that the risk of Denial clogging up your other cards is pretty notable, even outside of the opening hand. Drawing it in turn 1 or 2 isn't just frustrating for lack of pulling something you can't utilize yet, but also because it will hurt Victory After Victory and Combination strike. I'd lean on putting something more low-risk in it's place, though it will lower the overall glory potential of your objective deck. Shining Example or Master of War come to mind as low risk examples that don't force you to land deathblows. Another small bonus is that they can also contribute to VaV during any end phase rather than Denial only playing nicely with VaV in the third. Overall though I like the look of it. You've got extra redundancies on all of your riskiest conditional objectives (Get Thee Hence, Cover Ground, Shortcut) and the rest of the gear/gambit selection looks good. Ancestral Might is iffy for me since it might as well be a Drakkskewer specific upgrade, but I can see your deck leaning on him making plays given all the movement shenanigans that you're packing.
  11. The reaction would take precedence and happen before the attack. Charging is explicitly both a move and attack action which happen in sequence (albeit in a single activation). This is why a card like quick thinker before it was banned could move you away from an opponent's charge, since the move portion activated the card before the attack.
  12. Well that's among one of the last things I would have expected. Guess I'll be getting in way more games of Underworlds than I ever have been before once this gets up and running! Time to hop on the discord and eagerly await the early access.
  13. Now there's a team that wants to inspire to really get the most out of their stats. 3 Range firepower across the entire team and some potent cleave on shooting for Lund and Inspired Thundrik. Really liking the objectives they showed off too. Headshot might have you cursing the dice gods, but the odds of landing a crit before the action phase is over should be pretty good. Focus Fire should also be pretty reliable unless you're exclusively shooting 2 wound fighters and never missing. The one gear they showed off appears underwhelming. Fighter specific upgrades usually have to be pretty damn great and/or for a linchpin fighter in order to be worth it. I don't think Rapid Reload is going to make the cut in most decks. The gambits are a mixed bag. Timed Charge being saddled with a dice roll knocks it way down in usefulness. Toxic Gases looks like it aligns well with the warband. I can definitely see adding it in alongside Distraction. Protect The Boss feels tough to justify. I feel like in a lot of cases I'd rather just have sidestep, but maybe it'll prove more useful in practice. Overall I'm expecting this to be another team that is hungry for Trap / Pit Trap and probably encroaching shadows. Anything that adds to the chipping away at fighters from the safety of range.
  14. Missed this earlier! It's got some big potential as a high risk high reward play. Get into adjacency with two fighters, swing it twice, land two kills in the best case. I'm eyeing Nullstone Spear as a more mild yet reliable/safe alternative. Two range will make the reaction effect more likely to go off and a damage upgrade layered on top could get pretty mean (though this is starting to enter combo territory where the odds of drawing all the right cards is lower and lower).
  15. Mesmerizing gaze feels worth messing around with, though I am skeptical about it. You'll only take it if you're already taking transfixing gaze and you'll probably want at least 1 push card in the deck to try and mitigate the adjacent requirement. At that point though your gambits are going to be getting very strained in a team that looks downright hungry for gambits since you need to splash in heals for inspiration (Healing pulse is a great call out as an avenue for inspiration).
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