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Greetings from Oxfordshire


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Hello everyone. 

I'm new AoS player who has fallen hard for the Delusion of the Carrion King. I used to play WHFB way back when but have mainly been playing smaller tabletop  in recent years. When ever I start playing a new game i always look for a good community to join, learn from and share experiences with.  

GW really suckered me in with the Carrion Empire box  which a I split two copies of with a friend.  I also have 2 FEC SC boxes on the way as well as the Throne and a box of Ghouls (Lots of painting ahead for me).  I regularly attend a local club and there is another gaming store 10 mins away so I'm hopeful to pick up games easily.  Now to start assembling my Court and master the mind maze of building an army under AoS ruleset.

Any tips for a new player would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Gaming


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