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  1. So having played around on Azyr I’ve dropped the spells in favour of Ghoul Patrol for the low drop and extra mount trait/artefact/ cp. This will give me 2 extra CP for GK summons turn 1 and the opportunity to deploy in response with the Ghouls depending on opponents deployment/ first turn. Would welcome any critique positive or negative. Realm of Battle: SHYISH. Abhorrant Archregent - General Artefact: The Dermal Robe Command Trait: Dark Wizardry Spell: Blood Feast General Specific Trait: The Feast Day Abhorrant Ghoul King on TG Artefact: Ethereal Amulet Spell: Miasmal Shroud Mount Trait: Gruesome Bite Abhorrant Ghoul King on TG Spell: Miasmal Shroud Mount Trait: Gruesome Bite Crypt Ghast Courtier 3x Crypt Ghouls Quantity: 10 Battalions Ghoul Patrol Role: Battalion Total 1540pts
  2. This changes things, I thought that the woods block line of sight so anything inside is untouchable until either you go in (risking mw) or you lure them out. Am I right in saying that I prioritise his big boys with the gkotg? Then once they’re taken care off mop up the rest. Thank you both for the feedback. I guess I’ll stick with my original list (2x Gkotg) and see how it goes. The summons will give me access to knights and the archregent can summon either ghouls for area denial or varghulf to support the knights.
  3. Apologies if this is a repeat for those on Facebook but I'm after some advice on how to build a 1600 point army to face Sylvaneth. It will be my second game with our Grand courts (and AoS). I have the following models at my disposal. 2 Terrorgheist/Zombie Dragons with or without GK 2 Ghoul Kings (if not mounted) 2 Archregents 1 Varghulf 1 Crypt Haunter 1 Crypt Infernal 1 Crypt Ghast 12 Flayers 12 Horrors 100 Ghouls As you can see I'm not limited by choices, just can't get my head round best options against the woodies. My initial thoughts are to go feast day delusion with 2x mounted ghoul kings (1 TG and 1 ZD), 1 archregent, 1 Crypt Ghast, 3 10x Ghouls for battleline and then perhaps cogs and the chalice spells. However I now understand that the Sylvaneth do not like MW so Flayers sound like they would be a good choice.
  4. I didnt want to add another list to this thread so have posted separately on the forums, i would really appreciate any advice or criticism on the lists that I posted here....
  5. I've theory crafted a couple of lists however next Wednesday I have my first ever game of AoS and FEC. We have agreed on 1500 points (using the 1000 pt min/max limits) other than that I have no idea what my opponent will be bringing to the table. Having theorised a lot, the battletome as so many great combinations and synergies, I think I have settled on two options and would appreciate some cc on the lists. List 1: Grand Court Blisterskin General: AGKoRTG - Lore of madness: Blood Feast. - Mount Trait: Gruesome Bite - Artefact: The Grim Garland Archregent - Lore of madness: Deranged Transformation. - Artefact: Eye of Hysh Varghulf 3x Flayers 3x Horrors 20 Ghouls Battalion - Royal Mordants Endless Spells - Chalice of Ushoran Total 1450pts 2cp 73 wounds Summons would most likely be a either another Varghulf or 20 more ghouls dependent on the objectives and another unit of Flayers. List 2: Grand Court Blisterskin General: AGKoRTG - Lore of madness: Blood Feast. - Mount Trait: Gruesome Bite - Artefact: The Grim Garland Archregent - Lore of madness: Deranged Transformation. - Artefact: Eye of Hysh 12 Flayers 10 Ghouls Endless Spells - Chalice of Ushoran, Cadaverous Barricade. Total 1450pts 1cp 79 wounds Summons, again, will be either the Varghulf or 20 Ghouls and a unit of Horrors (I only have 12 Flayers). The first list is all about speed, getting to objectives or combat quickly using the bonus hero phase move from the Battalion, my concern is whether everything is diluted at 1500 points, ideally I'd like a larger unit of Flayers or Horrors. The idea behind List 2 is low drops for turn 1 and a hard hitting Flayer Bus with buffs from the spellcasters and depending on my opponent's list I'd try and run my wings together so the Flayer Scream benefits from Grim Garland. I've taken the Barricade to try and keep the ghouls around a bit longer on the objectives while the big hitters remove the threats. Have I missed a trick? Is there a better option? Help my delusional court feast well on the 20th.....
  6. Really!!!! I had seen some Qs regarding it only triggering the first time a unit fought in the game but didn't realise it had got to the point of needing a clarification. Do you think, RAW, that Deadwatch unit can now benefit from Feeding Frenzy even if it had previously fought in the Hero phase? I'm interested as I'm taking a Deadwatch batallion to my first game on Wednesday and want to make sure I'm understanding the rules correctly.
  7. Page 55 – Feeding Frenzy Change the first sentence of the rule to: ‘You can use this command ability in the combat phase after a friendly Flesh-eater Courts unit has fought for the first time in that phase and is wholly within 12" of a friendly Flesh-eater Courts Hero, or wholly within 18" of a friendly Flesh-eater Courts Hero that is a general.’ Does this change simply clarify/confirm that Deadwatch can use Feeding Frenzy even if they have fought in the Hero phase? I can't see any relevant other changes to the text.
  8. Thanks, did you find that you had to weight the base to counterbalance it or was the weight of the rod and greenstuff enough?
  9. Looks great, very inspiring will come back to this for inspiration when i get my next flying beast.
  10. Amazing! How does the threaded rod attach to the Dragon?
  11. So this is my first go at an army in AoS (completely new player), I've gone for a fast alpha strike list that allows my Knights to get into combat quickly with the Court and Battalion ability . I can use the Lords of Burning sky to support whichever Knights i need to with the Varghulf, or to move the GK to a point of advantage. I will probably use the AA to summon a second Varghulf to support the other knights, or bring in another 20 ghouls dependent on the mission. Not sure on whether to save the 100pts for CPs or bump the Ghouls up to 30/ take a group of 10 though. Allegiance: Flesh Eater Courts. - Grand Court: Blisterkin LEADERS Crypt Haunter Courtier (120) - General - Command Trait : Hellish Orator - Artefact : Medal of Madness Abhorrant Archregent (200) - Artefact : Eye of Hysh - Lore of Madness : Spectral Host Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist (400) - Lore of Madness : Bonestorm - Mount Trait : Gruesome Bite Varghulf Courtier (160) BATTLELINE 6 x Crypt Flayers (340) 6 x Crypt Horrors (320) 20 x Crypt Ghouls (200) BATTALIONS Royal Mordants (120) ENDLESS SPELLS Chalice of Ushoran (40) TOTAL: 1900/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 3 WOUNDS: 103
  12. Hello everyone. I'm new AoS player who has fallen hard for the Delusion of the Carrion King. I used to play WHFB way back when but have mainly been playing smaller tabletop in recent years. When ever I start playing a new game i always look for a good community to join, learn from and share experiences with. GW really suckered me in with the Carrion Empire box which a I split two copies of with a friend. I also have 2 FEC SC boxes on the way as well as the Throne and a box of Ghouls (Lots of painting ahead for me). I regularly attend a local club and there is another gaming store 10 mins away so I'm hopeful to pick up games easily. Now to start assembling my Court and master the mind maze of building an army under AoS ruleset. Any tips for a new player would be greatly appreciated. Happy Gaming
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