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  1. Welcome to TGA, fantastic that you had such a great experience I hope you have many more.
  2. Welcome to the forums, good luck with your painting improvement journey.
  3. Hello and welcome to the TGA. Not played either of those systems, but they have some sweet models. See you around!
  4. Good luck. Its not a loss if lessons are learnt!
  5. This is pretty cool, you might even say ice cold baby! Are you going intentionally for a winter theme? Awesome if so, I've only seen mostly Spring/Summer/Autumn themes for Sylvaneth.
  6. Cool dude, welcome back. I'm going to check out your plog.
  7. Hear hear! Please do share with us.
  8. Welcome back - the painting system has improved a lot (though admittedly) I am a Vallejo fan. The only thing that hasn't improved is the pots, they are a pile of rubbish! Bring back Goblin Green! 😂
  9. Welcome Mike - we all have our reasons for playing what we do, as long as you're enjoying the hobby then great! See you around the forum.
  10. Thanks for that, that's what I figured, I had no intention of buying the Seraphon Battletome, but only because it is super dated now. I was referring specifically to the Malign Sorcery book in that comment which contains the realm artefacts suggested by Wilhelm - i.e. gryph feather charm.
  11. Well technically I don't have the book, so if my opponent was so inclined as to ask what the rules were or wanted to confirm I couldn't provide it? So I thought maybe best to stick to something I can produce?
  12. Nope this is my first AOS army, I used to play WFB but I played Dark Elves back then. Just wanted to have a cohesive 1000pt list to work towards when building my models, I've gone for Boltspitters because I envisage combing all the Skinks into one unit when I move up to 2000pts. What you've detailed is what I was kind of expecting - I don't suspect my opponent will have multiple game changing units on the board at 1000pts so I'll use my Rippers to deal with the biggest threat and soften the target up with the rest of the army at range. I would like a Gryph-Feather Charm but I don't have Malign Sorcery expansion - so figured next best thing was Incandescent Retrices. I'm basically running off GHB18, Azyr App & Downloadable rules for now.
  13. Greetings filthy rat man! Welcome to the forum friend, great to hear that you enjoy painting it's such a big part of the hobby it's worth enjoying it. Long way from Paris but I wish you luck in finding an opponent.
  14. So I managed to find a Starclaw Strikehost at a discount so I ordered it with an additional box of Skinks. I'm looking at running the below list... LEADER Skink Starpriest (General) Command Trait: Master of Star Rituals Artefact: Incandescent Retrices BATTLELINE Skinks (#10) Equipment: Boltspitter & Star-buckler Skinks (#10) Equipment: Boltspitter & Star-buckler Skinks (#10) Equipment: Boltspitter & Star-buckler BEHEMOTH Bastiladon - Solar Engine OTHER Ripperdactyl Riders (#6) WARSCROLL BATTALION Shadowstrike Starhost Total Points 1000/1000 - Valid Matched Play Army
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